EU sets up ‘Support Group’ for Ukraine

Youth Guarantee 'doesn't bring quality jobs'

Youth unemployment

Ukrainian minister: ‘Gas can stop flowing at any moment’

Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev

Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia referendum

Merkel's CDU plans 'business as usual' for EU elections

Chancellor Angela Merkel is the face of the CDU's European election campaign. Photo: August 2005 [Simon Müller/Flickr]


Martin Schoenberg, Head of Policy, Climate Change Capital
Baskut Tuncak, Chemicals Program Attorney, Center for International Environmental Law
Erik Bjørsted, Chief Economist, Economic Council of the Labour Movement
Hosuk Lee-Makiyama and Bert Verschelde, Director and Research Associate, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) in Brussels
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