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Concept & Objectives

Concept & Objectives

EurActiv is the leading online media dedicated to EU policies, providing free in-depth information to the Community of EU Actors. It provides:

  • Efficiency : quick access to EU-policy news and stakeholder positions
  • Transparency : highlight the different positions before decisions

The EurActiv Network is present in 12 EU capitals, publishes free EU news and facilitates EU policy debates for policy professionals in 12 languages. With 2,3 million page views and 794,992 ‘unique visitors’ per month, EurActiv is the leading online media on EU affairs. We address 80% of our readers in their own language.

EurActiv expands its brand footprint to 1.4 million monthly readers, also through content exchanges with a growing network of established national media partners.

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EurActiv has an original business model, based on five elements (corporate sponsoring, EurActor membership, advertising, EU projects, and content syndication). It is well funded and the content usage is free.

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The EurActiv websites in 12 languages are the favourite online platform for Brussels and national professionals in EU policies. They bring together journalistic independence with transparency and practical efficiency, complementing the existing EU media and institutional websites.

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EurActiv enjoys extensive political, NGO and press support. It is at the heart of the ‘Community of EU Actors’. This ‘Community’ includes several thousand European organisations and companies, many of which are currently using EurActiv’s services.

EurActiv’s coverage of EU affairs concentrates on policy positions by EU Actors trying to influence policies already in the pre-legislative phase, before a Commission proposal.

By providing links to the full text of these positions, EurActiv brings more visibility to the processes of influencing EU policies. We thereby open the EU policy debate.

Our aim is to deepen these debates, both within and outside the institutions as well as upstream of decisions. This is done in a transparent and effective way: fact-based, constructive and professional.

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EurActiv cooperates with a number of national media, innovation companies and groups of readers to support transformations in the media sector on four fronts: Data Journalism (EurActory & PolicyLine), Translated Syndication, Media Policies (#Media4EU) and Media Networks.

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