EurActiv.com PLC was set up in 1999. It now involves circa 35 persons at the European level, plus subcontractors and partners' staff elsewhere in Europe. Together with this extended team, ca 100 people contribute to the EurActiv brand, of whom almost 50 are journalists.

The team

EurActiv brings together the skills of professionals with experience in EU affairs, journalism, information and communication as well as Internet technology. For its content, EurActiv relies not only on its own editorial team but also on numerous content partnerships, as well as links to the national press and the EU institutions.

EurActiv is independent. It is not another website of the EU institutions but complements websites like Europa by focusing on non-institutional EU Actors and views at national level. In order to provide free services and ensure independence, EurActiv's services are financed from four sources (corporate sponsoring, EurActor membership, online advertising and EU projects).

The EurActiv ‘family’

In addition to EurActiv.com, the UK registered media company, there is a network of media partners, operating in 12 languages from 12 EU capitals. Altogether EurActiv has a total of 660,524 monthly Unique Visitors, thus being the leading online media dedicated to EU policies.

Fondation EurActiv PoliTech, is a public service foundation, registered in Belgium but also operating across Europe.

The following infiormation refers only to EurActiv.com, publishing in English and French. For other partners in the EurActiv ‘family’ please see :

The shareholders

EurActiv.com is a UK Public Limited Company, subject to independent external auditing and good corporate governance. A long term venture capital company holds just under 20% of the shares but the majority of shares in EurActiv.com PLC are held by team members.

Sales Revenues

EurActiv.com PLC Sales figures 2009-2014

Sales revenues in 2014 were grouped into five main streams:

  • Corporate sponsors: 34% of total sales, no single sponsor accounts for more than 10% of sales.
  • EurActor™ members: 19% of total sales. Communication package for 100+ consultancies, associations, federations, NGOs and political parties & groups.
  • Online advertising: 6% of total sales.
  • Public projects: 16% of total sales, never more than 35% of total sales.
  • Events and Videos (new) : 13% of total sales.

None of the revenue streams represent more than 50% of total sales. This mix of public and private revenues, with most contracts for one year or more supports our editorial independence.