How does the EU’s reformed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) contribute to job creation, economic growth and the Digital Agenda’s goals, and how does it tackle the challenges linked to price volatility, trade relations, regional and global markets?

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. All publications and activities reflect the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
  • This project is designed to generate informed debate, raise awareness and exchange best practices around the Challenges facing the CAP using the EURACTIV media platform and network;
  • The target audience is European and national stakeholders: rural actors, industry, NGOs, specialized media, institutions, academics, researchers and their multipliers;
  • The geographical scope includes Brussels and 4 key Member States which are among the largest recipients of CAP payments and where agriculture is important to the economy: Germany, France, Spain and the UK;
  • We focus our activities on topics which emphasize the relevance of the CAP to aspects of everyday life and are inter-related, so as to provide higher interest amongst our readers as well as a positive spillover in other media;
  • To the broad challenges faced by the CAP in the light of the Commission´s priorities – job creation and growth, the Digital Agenda and modernization – we add price volatility, supply chain, trade and the regional perspective;
  • We shall deliberately feature controversial topics for debate and coverage, in the belief that these issues will attract maximum interest and should be brought to the fore as early in the implementation process as possible;
  • The information measure is deliberately both European and national in scope to maximize multi-level, cross-border and cross-lingual communication between Brussels and EU Member States. It uses the multi-lingual websites of EURACTIV to generate original, independent editorial content which can be localized, translated and re-published from one country to another;
  • Content will be translated from and into 4 working languages: English, German, French and Spanish and shared with our media content partners EFE and EFEAGRO, La Tribune, The Guardian and Der Tagesspiegel, thereby extending  outreach to the general public;
  • By sharing best practices, but also challenges, in implementing the reformed CAP, we enable rural actors and their stakeholders to learn from each other;
  • We also gather valuable feedback for policymakers on the impact of their policymaking, to provide input to the policy review and inform future policy actions;
  • EURACTIV combines communication tools – stakeholder workshops, video, infographics, social media – with external activities and events to create sustained editorial content – but also new tools such as a ranking of the “Top 40 Agri Influencers” to create greater impact.
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