Press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' on green computers vote, say clean energy groups


MEPs will vote tomorrow (28 February) on proposals for binding energy efficiency standards for computers and servers, but clean energy groups say that without more ambitious targets the whole exercise could be a "waste of time".

The proposed legislation sets energy consumption goals for 2014 that the Commission argues will save at least 15TWh (terawatt hours) of energy per year by 2020 - the yearly electricity consumption of nine million people, equivalent to about six million tonnes of CO2.

But the Coolproducts association says the bar has been set so low that most home computers are already beneath it.

“Looking at current data, it is clear that Europe can and should boost the ambition of energy efficiency requirements for computers,” said Stephane Arditi from the Coolproducts campaign.

“The proposed targets from the European Commission will hardly make any impact because most manufacturers already overtook the targets last year.”

If generous energy consumption allowances for graphics cards are not voted out of the proposal tomorrow, the consumer group warns that it could actually cause an energy price rise.

Instead, an NGO alliance the group has formed with the European Environment Bureau and Ecos is proposing a raft of alternative measures, including:

  • A general tightening of technology requirements on computers by between 20-50%
  • More focus on resource efficiency and reducing toxic computer components
  • Provisions for extending computer lifespans
  • Reducing ‘sleep mode’ limits to 2.5W for desktop PCs and 1.5W for notebooks
  • Minimum requirements for computer and plastics recycling, extension of computer lifespans, early disassembly, hazardous content, lifecycle assessments, and standardization of batteries

The vote is taking place under the Ecodesign initiative which is meant to turn the tap on wasteful energy and resource use.

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