Biomass Action Plan


Bioenergies are derived from wood, waste and agricultural crops for transport uses (biofuels). Currently, the EU meets about 4% of its energy needs from biomass. The main objective of the Biomass Action Plan, put forward in December 2005, is to double this share by 2010. The plan would reduce oil imports by 8%, prevent greenhouse gas emissions worth 209 million tons CO2-equivalent per year and create up to 300,000 new jobs in the agricultural and forestry sector.

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The Commission sees multiple benefits from doubling the share of biomass energy:

  • the share of fossil fuels in the EU's energy mix would decrease from 80% to 75% and 8% less crude oil would have to be imported. This would also have a beneficial effect on oil prices;
  • greenhouse gas emissions would be 209 million tons CO2-equivalent lower per year;
  • 250.000 to 300.000 jobs could be created in the agriculture and forestry sector.

Three EU member states (the NetherlandsGermany and the UK) already have or are preparing national biomass action plans.