Energy, competitiveness and the environment


A group of top regulators and industry executives operates at EU level to advise the Commission on policy initiatives related to energy, competitiveness and the environment. The need for massive new energy infrastructure investments and shortcomings in EU gas and electricity markets feature among the topics being dealt with by the group. The EU emissions trading scheme is also being reviewed to make sure it does not put European industries at a disadvantage to international competitors.

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At their spring summit in March 2006, EU heads of state singled out "high and volatile energy prices", import dependency and global warming as major issues facing the EU. In response, the Commission forwarded new plans, which were endorsed during the March 2007 European Council and which have been presented as an ambitious new EU climate change and energy policy (see our LinksDossier). 

In order to realise the commitments made in March, the EU is trying to find the correct 'balance' between the three potentially conflicting objectives: security of supplycompetitiveness and environmental sustainability.

high-level group of regulators, business leaders and civil society organisations was set up by the Commission in February 2006 and is providing advice for addressing this challenge. Its main goal is to foster closer coordination between policy and legislative initiatives and the development of an integrated approach as well as to contribute to creating a more stable and predictable regulatory framework.