Communication & advocacy services to interest groups

You are:

  • Federations
  • Consultancies
  • NGOs
  • Political Parties
  • Regions

You want to:

  • Communicate your message to EU legislators
  • Gain visibility in Brussels EU circles
  • Promote your positions and events

We provide communication tools

  • Targeted banner & newsletter advertising
  • Visibility of press releases
  • Distribution of video
  • Promotion of events
  • Invitations to EurActiv Event
  • Distribution of infographics

Reputation Building

  • Logo with link in EurActor Membership list
  • Name with link in one policy section of choice
  • Twitter Box”
  • You can tweet directly into 1 section twitter box: your tweet will automatically show up on the EurActiv section page of your choice within minutes of you tweeting it.
  • Facilitation of contact with EurActiv editorial
  • team
  • Open invitation to all EurActiv’s Stakeholder Workshops
  • Invitation to EurActiv Yellow Academy

Communication Tools

  • Communication campaigns

- banners

- newsletter ads

  • Video Services

- distribution

- video statement

  • Infographics

- Distribution of your infographics through EurActiv channels

(policy section and newsletters)

  • Use of communication tools

- publication of a press release

- publication of a job ad

- publication of an event in EurActiv’s Agenda

EurActor Brussels Membership: 12 months

Over 100 EurActors are trusting our services: see the list here

To learn more about the EurActor prices and services download the EurActor Brochure or contact:

Kristina Lecloux +32 (0)2 788 36 91