Commission says ‘pedagogical work’ needed before signing Ukraine pact


Indicating that it is not in a hurry to sing a landmark association agreement with Ukraine, the European Commission said today (28 February) that “pedagogical work” was needed first, to counter the campaigns that had been conducted in the country to denigrate the pact in the recent past.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian ambassador to the EU Kostiantyn Yelisieiev told EurActiv that such a move would bolster his country's strength in the face of Moscow, which is putting greater pressure on Kyiv’s new authorities.  

European Commission spokesperson Olivier Bailly appeared to indicate that the EU was not in a hurry to sign the Association Agreement (AA), whose signature had been mooted for the 20-21 March EU summit.

Bailly explained that the agreement was “on the table”, and that the EU was ready to sign it with a “fully legitimate government”. He added that the Ukrainian authorities had to make the request to sign it and propose a date for the signature, and that the EU countries would then consider such a request.

In particular, Bailly said that “pedagogical work” to counter the campaigns that had been conducted in this country to denigrate the pact.

The Commission’s motivation for insisting on such a new step ahead of the signature of the AA remained unclear. Ukrainian sources told EurActiv that a slander campaign had been conducted against the AA and the accompanying Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), but that now the vast majority of Ukrainians were aware that it was propaganda.

Some of the reports during the slander campaign contained false quotes from the AA, such as that Ukraine had committed to change its rails, which are wider than the EU standard, which would cost billions to the impoverished country. In fact, the AA contains no such requirement.

Asked if the agreement could be signed under the current interim government, or if it would be necessary to wait until the presidential elections on 25 May, he said that the Commission “took note” that the interim cabinet had been endorsed with a constitutional majority by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s Parliament, and it was therefore considering it “an interlocutor at this stage”. The Ukrainian interim government passed the vote in parliament yesterday.

Asked three times if “an interlocutor” was an equivalent of “a legitimate government”, Bailly finally said that it was “up to the Ukrainian authorities, with the Parliament” to make a proposal for the signature of the AA. Asked if a vote of the Ukrainian parliament was needed for the Commission to consider the request, Bailly said he was not familiar with the Ukrainian constitution, but that the procedure should be sovereign and respect the country’s constitutional requirements.

Bailly added that the EU needed to assess the situation on the ground in Crimea before he it could release a statement.

In the meantime, Ukraine has requested an emergency UN Security Council to discuss the escalating crisis in the country. Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council and holds the right of veto.

Russia has also been exceedingly careful in making statements on the situation in Ukraine. The Kremlin said in a statement today that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the government "to conduct consultations with foreign partners, including the International Monetary Fund, on the provision of financial aid to Ukraine".

However, it is highly unlikely that Russia will disburse any funds from the promised $15-billion (€11 billion) bailout for Ukraine, seen as a reward for the then President Viktor Yanukovich's decision to reject the signing of the AA in favour of closer ties with Moscow.

Yanukovich, who fled Kyiv during the crisis, has appeared in public in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. 

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The pedagogue was responsible for every aspect of the child's upbringing from correcting grammar and diction to controlling his or her sexual morals.

Sounds like group think to me.

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EU provokes civil war in Ukraine.
Arayik Sargsyan , Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics , Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia. According to media reports on the Ukrainian revolution , the U.S. government has allocated $ 3.4 billion through USAID listed in Kiev and Lviv. If you add the cost of Germany, Poland , France, the UK and Sweden , the amount to revolution easily overstep the mark of $ 5 billion. Many are active three months of protest actions , as are leaders Evromaydana V.Klichko , A.Yatsenyuk and O.Tyagnibok and opposition fighters who have made a small business during seasonal outage . In the big geopolitical game started strategists in London and Washington main goal - Russian and Crimean Tatars in the event of hostilities will only bargaining chip , cannon fodder Turkey and NATO. Probably soon lead the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of the West and hirelings hold shift operation Yanukovich and holding new presidential elections , which would be provided to one of the opposition leaders. Such a turn finally split Ukraine apart, but this is what the henchmen seek EU and the U.S., whose money is now actively involved in the Ukrainian revolution. In this rather strange that voices can not be heard to release Tymoshenko . It would seem that the slogan "Freedom to Yulia! " Should be raised at the barricades of Kiev from the first days of confrontation. But no, it did not happen . Why ? Because Tymoshenko is a huge political counterweight Schuler Klitschko - Yatsenyuk - Tyahnibok that do not represent anything. Leaving today Tymoshenko to freedom , the revolution would have taken an entirely different scenario , where the presidential - parliamentary form of government changed to a parliamentary and regions would get more freedom in economic development than it is today . But as luck would Viktor Yanukovych Tymoshenko keeps under lock and key , not letting it change the course of history, and it is very strange. The fact that the President of Ukraine in the near future will be forced to leave his post , apparently for many obvious to him. Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych as often and effectively consult with representatives of the EU , which rudely pulls U.S. Deputy Secretary V.Nulland . Has the right ! According to the principle of colonial Europe's dependence on the U.S. and UK , whose Marshall Plan still brings hard cash in the coffers U.S. and UK.

That consolidation policy Brussels , Yanukovich and Klitschko - Yatsenuk - Tyagniboka was planned in advance in Washington and London, no doubt , because it destroys their finances today Ukraine. But the Anglo-Saxon hawks could not imagine that the European establishment lead his game for American money by creating your own from Ukraine , and not American , the colony . That's why V.Nulland profanity gone a long journey of European politicians , without the possibility of returning . That's why A.Yatsenyuk still not headed Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers .

As if there was not , the U.S. and Britain still selling your script Ukrainian events, but against them already beginning to work time and the eastern regions of Ukraine. So , February 12, 2014 Coordinating Council "For the Federation ! " Donbass NGOs addressed the Yanukovich , which states :

"In this bleak hour test on behalf of the Russian South -Eastern Ukraine urge you to avoid the worst - of increasing violence and chaos in our country! Neo-Nazis and the followers of Bandera , located on the so-called " Evromaydane " want to plunge our country into the maelstrom of civil war , lawlessness , violence, nationalism and racism , distorting the bright image of our people before the international community . These people took control of the Maidan, giving itself the right to speak on behalf of the citizens of Ukraine. The only solution in this situation may be federalization . That " Bandera " want to instill all residents of Ukraine its hateful ideology is not true. Self-sufficient South East does not intend to continue to feed Galicia. Russian regions during the 23 years of independence of Ukraine have suffered and have earned the right to autonomy , the right to dispose of their income and not give them to the glorification of the Companions of the Nazis. "

Yes, the federalization of Ukraine in the current environment is the best way out of this situation and, above all , for Russia . Obviously, the western regions of Ukraine will not just be evrointegrirovany , but can become part of Poland . Then for whom is the right to possession of Central, part of Kiev Ukraine? And what to do with the Transcarpathian Rusyns ? Russia can not wait for the weather by the sea , you can not transfer money to Viktor Yanukovych , in the expectation that the rest all by itself . Not rest , will not disappear ! Americans and Brussels are faster and bolder , so Russia should as soon as possible to indicate their influence in Ukraine , primarily in the eastern regions and in Crimea . Axis Kharkiv - Sevastopol today should be annexed emphasis Russia , it is worth investing money here , are capable of creating great Russia , as opposed to European and Middle Eastern expansion in London and Washington . Even if you need to spend a cooling of relations between Putin and Viktor Yanukovych , you can go for it , all good here , we are talking about the security of Russia.

That is why European politicians have begun to Ukraine by selecting rams like themselves Klitschko - Yatsenuk - Tyagniboka , intending to spend a blitzkrieg Ukrainian destruction to , perfected the technology to collapse all his strength on Russia . Export of revolution , after the Olympic Games in Sochi , Russia should spill over , which is why today need tirelessly to create Russian foothold in Ukraine federalizuya Eastern region centered in Kharkov and Crimea, not forgetting the Ruthenians able to create a real Russian enclave in the underbelly of the Western Region .

With the development of a geo-political situation in the Ukraine before the explosive civil war , its western region can quickly demand secession from Ukraine and in response to the demands of Kiev on the termination of separatism , ask for protection in Europe. In this case, NATO troops immediately occupied the entire western part of making the board Yanukovich so elusive that he will immediately appoint a new presidential elections and a new constitution , which will be attached to the federal guidelines . But the principles of the conquerors - NATO and not free will of citizens of Ukraine. This is a very big difference! What Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin agreed on February 7 in Sochi is not known , but Russia , through its president could require speedy federalization and continue to allocate money for it. Not one thing is clear : with whom to negotiate ? Since Viktor Yanukovych was late with Brussels pointless! Should meet with regional leaders of public organizations of Ukraine , it is necessary to send emissaries with greater powers to consolidate the interests of Russia in the decaying Ruthenia . We must confront his own money money the West, but they do not give Yanukovich and Ruthenians , Kharkiv, Sevastopol and do it as soon as possible , just yesterday .

So the only way to save Russia from the expansion of the revolution Brussels - London - Washington , creating a buffer between Russia and opposing the West. Buffer from the Russian people ready sparing their own forces to defend what unites Little Russia and Great Russia . Therefore, the Russian leadership should protect every scrap of the Russian land , wherever it was : the Ukraine , Kazakhstan, the Baltic States and Finland . Understand it in the Kremlin - well, do not understand - a revolution tomorrow knocks in Moscow and its Maidan arise in Moscow barricades with burning police and the collapse of the country , for the federalization of Russia will not save us . Now , while the whole world put my case for the Olympics in Sochi , we must tirelessly to create in Ukraine Russian security zone protecting everyone from the European Revolution Reich.

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It is said that Ukrainia has 85 US $ Billion of state debts.
Its major wealth is land and its engineers at low cost.

So,the EUSSR and ex-USSR will come to terms.
Each will take the land of Ukrainia to get their money back.
Russia will get the land of Crimea.
EUssr will get everlasting rights and licences for private big business corporations.

The Ukrainian people have no say in this, except some foolish who believe in democratic processes and life.

Ukrainia cannot be like Swiss or Norway.
A "buffer land" ? Has it got the means for ? No.
Its fate is slavery as it has been the case for centuries.

UKrainia will be treated worse than Greece, and the kleptocrats of each side will get richer.

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Anna why not join ruthenia up with Slovakia like it used to be when they were part of Czechoslovakia or in some sort of federation between the two of them.