EU, Georgia launch talks on energy ties


The European Commission launched negotiations on Thursday to strengthen energy links with Georgia as part of efforts to bind the former Soviet state closer to the European Union and weaken its bonds with Russia.

Despite the dramatic refusal of Ukraine, another former Soviet state, to enter into an association agreement with the European Union, Georgia has said it is determined to sign an EU accord on trade and broader cooperation.

It is also increasing its ties with the 28-country bloc's energy market by joining the EU energy community.

"Joining the energy community will attract investments into Georgia and bring Georgian citizens and businesses closer to the other members of the energy community and the European Union," EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said following the start of talks in Tbilisi.

A second set of talks will be held in Brussels on March 19.

Apart from seeking to complete its own internal energy market, the Commission - the EU executive - is working on closer energy integration with EU neighbours.

The energy community so far includes the EU and eight nations from southeast Europe and the Black Sea region. The aim is to create a more joined-up energy market across the region with greater cross-border trade.

Members include Ukraine, which in late November stunned the European Union by spurning the EU trade deal and instead winning a $15 billion (€11bn) bailout deal from Russia.

As part of Ukraine's membership of the energy community, the Commission had been seeking to convert Ukraine from a gas transit nation almost totally dependent on Russian gas into an energy hub producing its own fuel, developing storage and importing gas from the European Union as well as from Russia.



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EU provokes civil war in Ukraine.
Arayik Sargsyan , Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics , Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia. According to media reports on the Ukrainian revolution , the U.S. government has allocated $ 3.4 billion through USAID listed in Kiev and Lviv. If you add the cost of Germany, Poland , France, the UK and Sweden , the amount to revolution easily overstep the mark of $ 5 billion. Many are active three months of protest actions , as are leaders Evromaydana V.Klichko , A.Yatsenyuk and O.Tyagnibok and opposition fighters who have made a small business during seasonal outage . In the big geopolitical game started strategists in London and Washington main goal - Russian and Crimean Tatars in the event of hostilities will only bargaining chip , cannon fodder Turkey and NATO. Probably soon lead the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of the West and hirelings hold shift operation Yanukovich and holding new presidential elections , which would be provided to one of the opposition leaders. Such a turn finally split Ukraine apart, but this is what the henchmen seek EU and the U.S., whose money is now actively involved in the Ukrainian revolution. In this rather strange that voices can not be heard to release Tymoshenko . It would seem that the slogan "Freedom to Yulia! " Should be raised at the barricades of Kiev from the first days of confrontation. But no, it did not happen . Why ? Because Tymoshenko is a huge political counterweight Schuler Klitschko - Yatsenyuk - Tyahnibok that do not represent anything. Leaving today Tymoshenko to freedom , the revolution would have taken an entirely different scenario , where the presidential - parliamentary form of government changed to a parliamentary and regions would get more freedom in economic development than it is today . But as luck would Viktor Yanukovych Tymoshenko keeps under lock and key , not letting it change the course of history, and it is very strange. The fact that the President of Ukraine in the near future will be forced to leave his post , apparently for many obvious to him. Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych as often and effectively consult with representatives of the EU , which rudely pulls U.S. Deputy Secretary V.Nulland . Has the right !

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Now we as the EU and the Poodles for American CIA and their fall guys are provoking another incident similar to that in the UKraine which will spill over as a Civil War.

For goodness sake stop interfering.

We do not want Georgia in the EU just as we did not want the UKraine or now as we have see the Romania. No doubt the CIA will ask to get the other states Moldavia and Byelorussia to join in the same way so that there will be another Cold War established. It has always been the case that the USA could not exist unless it made huge quantities of arma for the Military sales. This is the same perpetuation of a flawed international policy that has made the Western Nationa pariahs and meddlers in international affairs. Do not expect the Russian Federation to sit back.