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What is Fondation EurActiv PoliTech ?

Fondation EurActiv PoliTech: is a public service foundation under Belgian law and acts primarily to bring together individuals and organisations seeking to shape European Union policies. It shares its mission ‘faciliter l’efficacité et la transparence de la Communauté des Acteurs Européens’ with, the media. It does not lobby, except to promote online media independence, and is not aligned to any political faction or faith group.

What does Fondation do?

  • Supporting media independence •Fondation aids the communication and dissemination of factual information from civil society, to promote debates for the creation of a European democracy for the common good. Fondation supports the growth of cross-border co-operation between media as a pillar of democracy.

    In 2013, examples of such activities included providing input and feedback on the setting-up and running of the EU Community project's Advisory Council (see below); debates with other media-related organisations seeking to improve local media access to the EU 'Brussels bubble'  and better coverage in local media of EU policy initiatives; some members also sat on an international jury to select 13 young journalists from outside the EurActiv Network for the EU Journalism Fellowship.

  • EU Journalism Fellowship and Training • Training is provided to EurActiv Network team members as well as to journalists from across Europe. Since 2011, 38 young journalists selected from third-party media and coming from a dozen different EU countries received an induction and on-the-job training on EU reporting, a programme realised with the generous support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung (since 2011), Open Society in 2012 and Fondation Hippocrène (in 2013).

  • EU Community & Social Media • includes the political technologies (e-Politics, e-Participation, e-Democracy, e-Diplomacy, e-Citizenship, e-Governance and e-Government) ofFondation EurActiv PoliTech and the EurActiv Network.  It also manages the European affairs blogging platform, Social Media, and the EU Community project. EU Community is the most recent innovation: to help develop the next era of policy-making  (see link). 

How is Fondation organised?

Organigram: view our organisation structure here (PDF).




What is Fondation planning to do ?

Fondation EurActiv is keen to expand and develop its activities in all 3 areas of media independence, EU Journalism training and EU Community and social media.

Fondation plans to publish a position paper on "How to improve pan-European media communications" in advance of the start of the in-coming European Commission's 2014-19 mandate in November 2014.

Fondation EurActiv PoliTech is an active partner and member of Steering and Scientific Committees in prominent international events such as: 



How is Fondation managed?

Fondation is guided by an Orientation Committee and an Advisory Council composed of some 40 to 50 experts, and by a smaller management board of 5 people, the majority are non-executive directors otherwise unrelated to EurActiv, the media.

List of Orientation Committee members, as at 1 December 2013: link (PDF).

List of Advisory Council members, as at 1 December 2013: link (PDF).


Fondation Finances

How is it financed and where do funds go?

Fondation EurActiv is primarily a grant-seeker, for the time being, eventually it has aspirations to become a grant-maker and already considers activities such as promoting greater media independence among online media and supporting efforts to promote trusted journalism as public service activities.

Fondation has two main sources of income:

  1. Funds awarded by grant-making organisations, e.g. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, OIF, & Robert Bosch Foundation; in addition there are  grants made by the public sector, such as the EU institutions for communication and demonstration projects, e.g. Open Discovery SpaceCitadel… on the Move and STYLE.
  2. Payments (for services provided) to media organisations, notably members of the EurActiv Network and in particular.

NB apart from re-imbursement of services invoiced and provided, neither nor any other partner receives money from grants awarded to Fondation.

In 2013 grants were received from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), Robert Bosch Stiftung and the European Commission, amounting to over €347,000.

The main costs include salaries and associated charges, rent, depreciation and utility charges, communications and other routine office administration expenses.

2013 Annual Accounts: summary since 2009 link PDF

The complete annual accounts of Fondation are filed with the Belgian Central Bank, as required under Fondation statutes.


How to contact Fondation?

Fondation operates from the International Press Centre Building, 1 Boulevard Charlemagne, 1041, close to the main EU institutional headquarters, in the heart of the Brussels European quarter.

You can contact Fondation EurActiv PoliTech using this contact form and selecting the Fondation category, or by an email to SecGen[at]