EU summit wrap-up: Europe responds to Ukrainian crisis


EU heads of state gathered in Brussels on 20 and 21 March for their last summit before the EU elections in May, reaching an agreement on a European response to the crisis in Ukraine, energy and climate targets and more. Read our wrap-up of the European Council, below.



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Arayik Sargsyan: Armenia's position on the referendum in the Crimea:
Armenia does not recognize the results of the referendum in Crimea.
Official position of the Armenian authorities on the referendum in the Crimea. Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said : "Armenia does not recognize the results of the referendum in the Crimea. Armenia supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the framework of the UN." This statement is made with the approval of the President of Armenia . It should be noted that the Armenian Foreign Minister Frank- Mason is a member of the Masonic Lodge Grand Orient de France , has French citizenship . to the last time he was at the same time and FMs of Armenia and Armenian Ambassador to Israel! Original text here is the link : Pictured: Foreign Minister of Armenia .

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Putin should be killed as Gadafi and Sadam.

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How to de-escalate the Ukrainian crisis:

1) EU should loudly support (main TV news) and push a new Ukrainian law which recognises Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian as regional languages. Those people are just as much Ukrainian as the ones from Kiev.

2) EU should also push for unity between Western and Eastern Ukraine by encouraging the Federalisation of the country. For the moment, they are polarising the situation by association Eastern Ukrainians to Pro-Russian vs Western Ukrainians as Pro-EU.

3) EU should take a balanced approach when talking about Putin rather than letting through the idea that he is just a macho dictator and that Russians are poor stupid people who don't understand all his manipulations.

All this is just pure and simple logic. I can understand some Ukrainians hating Russians for the moment, but I can't see why the EU isn't doing anything to stop this sentiment...

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I hope that this comment help People understand that while all conflict situations are serious, there are some conflicts that are more serious than others.

I am not saying that Most Americans who comment on Ukraine are aware that they are being Deceived, but they need listen to Unbiased News Sources.

There is a saying that for some things that, People should be careful for what they wish for, because they just might get it.

The People of the World, which includes the People of America, do not want WW 3, and that means that they do not want their Politicians and the Mainstream Journalists to risk enabling that.

While some Gullible Americans will believe whatever their Mainstream Media says, we need to know that in this day of the Internet and of private researchers and proper Investigative Journalists, that you Cannot fool all of the People All of the time, and one good Accurate News Website is the Activist Post Website at , and another is the Global Research Website at .

While Americans may remain calm over some situations, there just Could be enough Americans that will do a Preemptive Strike on American Federal Politicians and some Mainstream American Journalists to Prevent WW 3.

I am not encouraging any Human to do a Preemptive Strike on American Federal Politicians and some Mainstream American Journalists.

We know that it is impossible in a Democracy to have 100 % agreement on anything, and so I just say that there just Could be enough Americans that will do a Preemptive Strike on American Federal Politicians and some Mainstream American Journalists to Prevent WW 3.

It is Never a time for Partisanship, and it is Never a time for some Perverted Sense of Patriotism, when it comes to WW 3.

If we look at Euro-American History after the collapse of the Soviet Union, then we will see that America led NATO has been surrounding Russia, and the Intention is to try to break Russia up or risk WW 3.

If Russia looks like it is going to be broken up, then there might not be any way to account for half of Russia’s nuclear weapons, which might be given to Euro-America’s enemies, and they can fit in a suitcase.

We know that drugs are easily smuggled in suitcases, and who knows if the Soviet Union left nuclear weapons in Eastern European Cities that were in the Soviet Union, in case they are ever needed as a last resort in Defense of Russia if NATO causes WW 3.

If we look at what has happened in Ukraine, then it was a Deliberate Scheme by Euro-America to cause a Coup, using Ethnic Ukrainian Neo Nazis as the European Version of Al Qaeda, which is America’s Ally in the Middle East and in places like Libya.

America may suffer Economically, and in Terms of Trade, because the World is seeing the Insanity of the Anglo-American Politicians, and they do not like the Instability and Uncertainty that the Evil Schemes of Anglo-America are causing in Europe.

America has broken every Democratic Principle, and Violated International Law, and told Numerous Lies regarding Russia and Ukraine, and if America keeps out of this, then the Russia, Ukraine, and the European Union may be able to come up with an acceptable compromise.