Russia accuses EU of ‘aggressively promoting’ homosexuality


Russia, caught in a pre-Sochi Olympic uproar over gay rights, accuses the European Union in a new report of trying to enforce "an alien view" of homosexuality on other countries.

The accusation is contained in a 153-page "Report on the human rights situation in the European Union", in which Moscow hits back at human rights criticism it regularly faces from the West by listing what it sees as rights failings in EU nations.

The report, presented in Brussels yesterday (23 January) by Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian foreign ministry's human rights commissioner, said the EU and its 28 member states saw it as a priority to disseminate their "neo-liberal values as a universal lifestyle for all other members of the international community".

This is the second report of such a type. Last year’s report, citing xenophobia, racism, violent nationalism, police abuse and neo-Nazism among others, was tabled ahead of a EU-Russia summit (see background). Russian President Vladimir Putin comes to Brussels for the 32nd EU-Russia summit on 28 January.

"This is particularly evident in their aggressive promotion of the sexual minorities' rights. Attempts have been made to enforce on other countries an alien view of homosexuality and same-sex marriages as a norm of life and some kind of a natural social phenomenon that deserves support at the state level," the English version of the new report says.

"Such an approach encounters resistance not only in the countries upholding traditional values, but also in those countries which have always taken a liberal attitude towards queers," it said.

It gave as an example the opposition of many French people to the legalisation of same-sex marriage last year.

Russia, preparing to host the Winter Olympics in Sochi next month, has come under fire from human rights activists over a law banning the dissemination of "gay propaganda" among minors.

Activists say the law is part of a crackdown on freedoms under President Vladimir Putin, who travels to Brussels next Tuesday for a summit with EU leaders.


Pop singer Elton John spoke out on Wednesday against the Russian law, saying it legitimised homophobia and provided legal cover to extremists.

US President Barack Obama has included three openly gay athletes in the official US delegation to the Sochi Olympics in a move he made clear was intended to send a pointed message to Russia about gay rights.

Former tennis star Billie Jean King, Olympic figure skating champion Brian Boitano and Olympic ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow were among a group of prominent Americans named to represent the United States at the Games' ceremonies.

Dolgov warned athletes not to use the Olympics as a podium to campaign against the Russian law.

"If a skater is planning to come as a member of the Olympic team not to compete, but to fight against a law in the host country, it is very bad. It means that this particular skater does not respect Olympic principles, principles of the Olympic movement," he said at a news conference, without saying who he had in mind.

The Russian report said the most pressing human rights issues in the EU included a steady growth of xenophobia, racism, violent nationalism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism.

Grave violations of the rights of minorities, refugees and migrants were increasing in EU countries, and social rights of citizens were being infringed, the report said.

"No country is immune to human rights issues and problems. Nobody's record is perfect," Dolgov said.


AT&T was the first major US corporation to make a public statement condemning the anti-LGBT Russian law outlawing “homosexual propaganda.

"Since the passage of the law last June, the Russian LGBT community has been targeted with violence, harassment, bomb threats, and limitations on its freedom of speech and assembly. Human Rights Campaign called on corporate sponsors of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to condemn the dangerous law.  In spite of the fact that it is not an IOC corporate sponsor, AT&T heeded HRC’s call to stand with LGBT Russians and equality supporters all over the world," reads a statement by AT&T.

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As i am from holland i cannot speak about the rest of europe, but i can concur that there are positive rewards to being a homosexual in my country such as:
Better legal presentation(as in beating(or even cursing at) a homo gives you more jail time)).
Having their national holiday where they party semi-naked on television
the social ban on saying anything anti-gay(because according to the "elite", it is impossible to by gay and irritating at the same time).

So is europe agressively promoting homosexuality, i don't know.
but it's almost illogical for russia not to think so.

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EurActiv reserves its right to remove comments regarded as offensive, racist, or homophobic as well as hate-speech in general. Spamming or posts with an obvious commercial character will be removed as well. Thank you for your understanding.

haha didn't read that, even you guys are homophobic-phobic

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But if the nature gave you the opposite mind for you whole life ! Why discriminating these people then ??!!!
Those who are guilty is the non-understanding!
In the U.S. some states allows gay marriage !
Why don't Russia accuses the U.S.A as well !
Some kind of restricted freedom's for them (because their situations are already complicated enough) have to be repected (which putin digracefully calls a promotin' homosexuality).

United Alliance's picture

Of course some President unlike some other have a short sighted vision about "Elton John"

"153-page "Report on the human rights situation in the European Union", in which Moscow hits back at human rights criticism it regularly faces from the West.."

If Putin has any "issue" with it , well then smell it!