The EU health strategy 2008-2013 focuses on fostering good health among older people and the workforce, protecting citizens from emerging threats and supporting innovation towards more efficient and sustainable healthcare systems.

The Commission adopted, on 23 October 2007, a new strategy Together for Health: A Strategic Approach for the EU 2008-2013

The new strategy focus at EU level is backed by an impact assessment accompanying the document. According to the assessment, the EU can provide important added value in helping to overcome inequities in health, action on current and emerging health threats, supporting the sustainability of health systems and addressing global health issues.

The proposed strategy focuses on three strategic themes. These are: 

  • Fostering good health in an ageing Europe, for example, measures to promote the health of older people and the workforce, and actions on tobacco, nutrition, alcohol, mental health;
  • protecting citizens from health threats, for example, strengthening mechanisms for surveillance and response to health threats such as pandemics or bioterrorism and preparing for emerging threats linked to climate change; and; 
  • dynamic health systems and new technologies, for example, a Community framework for safe, high quality and efficient health services, co-operation on innovation on genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and the implementation of e-health solutions.

The Commission says the strategy is based on shared values of universality, equity and solidarity and on the recognition of the fact that 'health is wealth'. It also emphasises the need to integrate health into all policies and strengthen the EU's voice in global health.