The Competitiveness Council has unanimously voted in favour of a ban on certain chemicals used in toys for young children. Industry representatives have already stated they were considering legal action.

EU ministers unanimously voted on 24 September in favour of a ban
on toxic chemicals (phtalates) used as plastic softeners in
children's toys.

The ban will be applicable to phtalates DEHP, DBP and BBP when
their concentrations are greater than 0.1% for all toys and
childcare articles, irrespective of the age group they are intended
for. The use of three more phtalates (DINP, DIDP and DNOP) will be
forbidden for toys intended for children under three years only
when concentrations are greater than 0.1% and if they can be placed
in child's mouth.

In a statement, the ministers said they took their decision
based on the precautionary principle and could therefore review it
"in the light of new scientific data". They were meeting in the EU
Competitiveness Council which gathers ministers responsible for
industry, research and the internal market.