The EU Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health (SCVPH) confirmed that the use of hormones as growth promoters in cattle poses a potential health risk to consumers, following a review of 17 studies and other recent scientific data.

17 studies were launched by the European Commission, after the WTO questioned the scientific basis of the EU's ban on meat and products treated with growth-promoting hormones. The studies addressed toxicological aspects, potential abuse and control problems, as well as environmental aspects of six hormones.

Following the completion these studies, the SCVPH was asked to review its previous opinions on the potential risks to human health from hormone residues in bovine meat and meat products. The Committee confirmed the validity of its previous opinions stating that "no amendments to those opinions are justified". This opinion was not only based on a re-appraisal of the 17 studies but also took into account the scientific evidence available from other relevant sources.