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ICT seen as a key to rural development, small-scale farming

Marc Hall

Development Policy 25-07-2014

Over half of Yemenis may need humanitarian aid, UN says

About 14.7 million people in Yemen may be in need of some form of humanitarian assistance, as outbreaks of violence continue, according to the United Nations.
Energy 23-07-2014

Germany, UK have most polluting coal plants

Germany and the United Kingdom have 18 of the 30 most polluting energy plants in the European Union, according to a study by green NGOs, funded by the European Union.
Sustainable Dev. 18-07-2014

Shift taxes from labour to environment, EEA tells ministers

Hans Bruyninckx, the director of the European Environment Agency, has urged ministers to carry out fiscal reforms, such as moving tax from labour to activities that damage the environment.
Sustainable Dev. 11-07-2014

EEA urges for ‘systemic’ approach to environment, health concerns

Governments need to study the connections between health and environmental concerns, which could save them money and improve societal well-being over the longer term, according to the European Environment Agency.
Sustainable Dev. 11-07-2014

UN report: economic growth and decarbonisation ‘two sides of same coin'

The deep decarbonisation of developed economies, such as the EU, can go along with economic growth, according to a report published by the United Nations this week.
Sustainable Dev. 03-07-2014

EU tables ‘circular economy’ package with zero-landfill goal

The European Commission issued proposals yesterday (2 July) to increase recycling and phase out landfilling, with a series of legally-binding measures aimed at nudging the EU towards a lean "circular economy".
Sustainable Dev. 30-06-2014

Europeans test energy cooperatives to boost independence

EU officials look at Belgium as an example for cooperative energy projects, as the 28-country bloc looks to de-carbonise and gain more energy independence.
Development Policy 25-06-2014

South Sudan situation ‘heartbreaking’: UN official

Well over a million people have been forced from their homes, and many more face severe hunger, due to continued violence in South Sudan, according to a senior UN official.
Agriculture & Food 18-06-2014

EU, US face food labelling spat in TTIP talks

The EU and the US are far from an agreement on food in the TTIP talks, with geographical indications still proving to be a sticking point.
Sustainable Dev. 17-06-2014

Biofuels debate continues, despite EU agreement

The debate over biofuels risks dragging on, despite EU energy ministers reaching an agreement on the controversial crop-based fuels last week.
NewsSpecial Report
Sustainable Dev. 06-06-2014

Fitting e-waste into the circular economy

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Phones, computers, washing machines - integrating a few core principles, such as the waste hierarchy, into the manufacturing of these products can reduce their environmental impact and allow for a functioning circular economy, according to analysts.
Sustainable Dev. 02-06-2014

EU tables proposals to tackle ‘intertwined’ challenges in Europe, developing world

The European Commission tabled proposals on Monday (2 June) for tackling the “intertwined challenges of eliminating poverty” and “ensuring progress is sustainable”, in the EU's contribution to the post-2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Energy 30-05-2014

EU diplomats agree to 7% biofuels cap

EU ambassadors have agreed to a 7% cap on biofuels made from food crops in transport fuel, in a move environmentalists say is a “timid step” in the right direction.
UK & Europe 22-05-2014

MEP tells Farage 'to face his fears' and visit Romania

Romania’s leading Liberal member of the European Parliament has sent a letter to Nigel Farage inviting him to visit her country, after the UKIP MEP made disparaging remarks about Romanian immigrants in the UK.
Sustainable Dev. 14-05-2014

Citizens not to blame for rising consumption, scholars say

Academics say there are limits to blaming European citizens for their high levels of consumption, arguing that a societal shift is necessary for the continent to achieve a sustainable ecological footprint.
Sustainable Dev. 14-05-2014

Netherlands, Sweden call for review of ‘best before’ labels

The governments of the Netherlands and Sweden have asked for an EU debate on ‘best before’ labels, citing the role they play in food wastage.
Development Policy 02-05-2014

EU pledges further work on ‘resilience’ to climate change

The EU commissioners dealing with development cooperation and humanitarian aid have pledged more work on “resilience”, defined as the ability of individuals and communities to recover from shocks and stresses.
NewsSpecial Report
Sustainable Dev. 02-05-2014

EU must end landfilling, says top environment official

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / The European Union's lead civil servant for the environment has called for a ban on landfilling and warned that separate collection is not enough if the EU is to improve its environmental performance.
NewsSpecial Report
Sustainable Dev. 28-04-2014

Plastics industry ‘on right track’ to eliminate landfilling, EU says

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / As the European Commission prepares to review the EU’s waste targets, the plastics industry, a symbol of the EU’s ‘throw-away society’, is one of the focal points in discussions on resource efficiency.
NewsSpecial Report
Sustainable Dev. 25-03-2014

Belgium takes out the trash

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Belgium’s waste disposal system - in which residents leave coloured bin bags in the streets for collection - has drawn criticism for being unsightly. But critics may not be aware that the country is considered relative disposal “paradise” amongst experts.
Agriculture & Food 12-03-2014

UN rapporteur emphasises North’s responsibility in food challenge

Countries in the Global North need to take greater responsibility in managing their food systems and conducting trade negotiations with the developing world, says a UN rapporteur’s final report on food security.
Agriculture & Food 04-03-2014

Majority of EU countries in favour of GMO compromise

A majority of EU member countries backed a compromise agreement on GMO authorisation which maintains an EU-wide approval scheme but allows national cultivation bans.
Sustainable Dev. 28-02-2014

Top EU maritime official warns against ocean ‘gold rush’

The European commissioner for maritime affairs, Maria Damanaki, has called at the World Ocean Summit for businesses to see the oceans as an economic resource but has warned against a “frenzied gold rush”.
Agriculture & Food 21-02-2014

ICT seen as a key to rural development, small-scale farming

The development of rural areas, including services such as an internet connection, is necessary to stop the decline of small-holder family farming, which experts see as vital for youth employment and food security.