Top Media work with EurActiv

Today, media moves within a global village. Sharing content across borders has become part of our daily news consumption. EurActiv has internalised this concept from the very start, and is now expanding its outreach to mainstream media. These agreements are an important part of our strategy to deliver the best EU journalism possible. We are committed to expanding the breadth and depth of our coverage even further with similar deals – so watch this space.

Germany’s Tagesspiegel and France’s La Tribune entered into partnership with EurActiv in April 2015, joining a list of national media with which EurActiv exchanges content on a regular basis. And more recently, EFE, the leading Spanish news agency and El País, Spain's highest-circulation daily newspaper, joined the list in respectively June and September 2015.

EurActiv Network

The EurActiv Network of both independent and integrated offices provides 12 EU capitals with free localised EU policy news in 12 languages, reaching almost 800.000 readers across Europe and beyond, every month.

The co-branded partner publications produce content in Brussels (Belgium), Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain – reaching over 80% of EU citizens in their mother tongue.

The EurActiv Network partners complement the ‘Brussels perspective’ on EU news and policy debates with national angles and localise the coverage to the interests and needs of our readers.

“Certificated Readership”

794,992 average monthly unique visitors across EurActiv websites (source: Google Analytics January 2015 – December 2015).

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Communicate via the media network, with coverage from up to 12 EU capitals

Cross-Lingual and trans-national co-operation involving both and its partners proves the success of the Network in communicating Europe to policy professionals, especially to national administrators, opinion makers and other multipliers.

The EurActiv Media Network offers wide communication and campaigning possibilities for all those wishing to strengthen their media presence in the EU. To learn about the partnership possibilities, go to: