As the leading EU online media EurActiv is well qualified to provide moderators, speakers of faculty for EU conferences, events or workshops. EurActiv regularly receives invitations to moderate conferences and events or to speak on radio and TV. EurActiv welcomes such invitations and can often provide a qualified person, subject to a few days notice and availability of suitable persons. In general, EurActiv is unable to provide journalists to write for other organisations as our editorial resources are fully stretched in providing daily coverage for

In recent years, EurActiv has provided people to speak or moderate at many EU events. Notably, as a knowledge partner, EurActiv has provided moderators for sessions at the annual European Business Summit, EBS, attended by over 2,000 professionals. EurActiv also organises up to 25 Stakeholder Workshops a year which mostly include representatives from the EU institutions as well as leading experts from a cross-section of stakeholder perspectives. These workshops are normally chaired and moderated by two different EurActiv team members.

You may also want to check out this comprehensive 24-point Checklist to Conference Moderation that EurActiv's Founder Christophe Leclercq has put together.

Fondation EurActiv PoliTech provides extensive training for both EurActiv team members as well as for young journalists from third party organisations – for more details see Training. Clients and potential clients can be assured that any speaker or moderator nominated by EurActiv is well-trained in state of the art communications.



If you wish to find a dynamic speaker or moderator for your next event please contact:

Any of the above can provide further details and terms and conditions.


External Events where EurActiv team members have spoken, moderated or contributed include:

In European Parliament

  • World Food Security, 2010

  • Future of Renewable Energy, 2011

  • European elections : This time it's different - Seminar for journalists, 2014

For European Commission

  • Open Days for DG REGIO, 2010

  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, for DG ENTR, 2010

  • European Employment Forum, for DG EMPL, 2011

  • Job Days, 2008 – 2011, inclusive

For other EU stakeholders

  • European Business Summit moderations, 2006-12 inclusive

  • CES: Economic Ideas Conference, Dublin, 2012

  • ECPA Inside Brussels, 2009-11 inclusive

  • PES Group: A Fair Growth Model for Europe, Brussels, 2011

  • European Business Press, Istanbul, 2010

  • Agora Kyev, Ukraine 2009

  • Economic Forum, Krynica, Poland, 2010, 2011& 2012

  • 50th anniversary of EC Stagiaires, Brussels, 2011

  • How does the European press corps regard communicators?, Brussels, 2009

  • The Effectiveness of EU Business Associations, Brussels, 2010

  • Aerospace & Education: the key for Europe’s innovation, Brussels, 2011

For other Media

  • France 24

  • Al-Jazeera

  • Le Monde Diplomatique

  • Wall Street Journal Europe

  • The Guardian

  • Danish Broadcasting Corporation

  • Standard, Bulgaria