Opinion: Criteria, structure and examples for external contributions


Definition and criteria for inclusion

  • An opinion (op-ed) is an external contribution, which looks at a particular European policy development or issue from a more detached point of view. When more analytical, they may also be called Analysis, but are published in the same place on EurActiv.com

  • In general, these external contributions come from think tanks or researchers, but also from leading opinion makers, commissioners, ministers or members of the parliament.
  • Contributions which mainly seek to influence on behalf of a single interest (lobbying pieces), or which self-promote an organisation should not be published as an Opinion. Therefore, when in doubt, editor’s approval is needed when publishing Opinion.

  • Contributions received which do not meet one of these criteria are assumed agreed for publication in blogs on Blogactiv.eu, if they respect the relevant standards. Authors may also react directly as comments under featured articles.
  • Opinions maybe provided in English, French or German. Titles and abstract may be translated by EurActiv in the other language versions. Opinions in further European languages are welcome by most members of the EurActiv Network.



  • Opinions are preferably published in extenso (if EurActiv has the author’s or organisation’s explicit approval) and if relevant, then hyperlinked to the original publishing website (Project Syndicate, think-tanks and NGO’s such as EurActiv’s content partners etc.) or the author’s organisation website.

  • Submitted pieces should be grammatically well-written and should not be longer than 1000 words (preference: 500-800 words). EurActiv may rarely edit, but does not commit to doing so.

  • The opinion will display a profile pictures of the author(s). Please attach this to your submitted piece, taking into account the following dimensions: 1,200 pixels x 800 pixels.

  • The title and abstract of the opinion reflect the EurActiv’s choice in underlining the relevance of the piece submitted. The title is kept the same as the original if it does fit EurActiv’s criteria, ie. short, easy to understand and snappy. The abstract is a summary in maximum 60 words, connecting with current EU policy debates.


Examples and languages

All contributors are invited to read how other contributors have structured their Opinions here. It will help.

Here are some good examples:


Whenever needed, the liaison contact is opinion@euractiv.com.
EurActiv does not need to justify its choices, but will usually reply within 3 working days.