• Unions across Europe want a Brexit deal to work for working people

    Brexit 12-12-2017

    This week’s European Council summit looks certain to give the green light to the EU to open negotiations on a new relationship with the UK. Frances O’Grady and Luca Visentini explain what trade unions in the EU and the UK want from the future deal.

  • Room for hope at Macron’s One Planet Summit

    Climate change 12-12-2017

    French President Emmanuel Macron will this week welcome over 50 leaders from around the world, two years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Leaders and international financial institutions must seize this opportunity to ramp up their ambition and end support for fossil fuels, writes Maeve McLynn.

  • Combat digestive diseases with tighter controls on the alcohol and food industry

    Diabetes, Cancer, Hepatitis 12-12-2017

    You are what you eat, the saying goes, but what about what we drink? Dietary regulations across Europe need to be stricter if digestive disease rates are to fall, writes Thierry Ponchon.

  • Back to the future: An agricultural conundrum

    Agrifood 12-12-2017

    A drive through the rural areas of the EU is an adventure in landscapes, cuisine, culture and history. The countryside has also been a driver of economic and societal development in the EU since its foundation. With almost 40% of the EU budget going towards the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), its significance cannot be underestimated, writes Fiona Lally.

  • A yearly haggling over the North-East Atlantic quotas

    Agrifood 12-12-2017

    Europe is fast approaching a 2020 deadline by when fishing at sustainable levels will become the rule. In the EU alone, restoring stocks, would result in an estimated 2 million tonnes increase in catches per year, contributing €5 billion more per year to EU economies, explains Lasse Gustavsson.

  • Drugs incentives have saved lives in Europe

    Promoted content | Health 12-12-2017

    Without strong incentives to spur continued investment in medical innovation, we cannot hope to ensure the sustainability of European healthcare systems and fulfil the promise of our great union, writes Jan Fischer.

  • European Solidarity Corps caught in contradictions

    Economy & Jobs 11-12-2017

    In September 2016, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker unexpectedly announced the creation of a European Solidarity Corps. A welcome proposal, but it has been hijacked for enhancing employability instead of focusing on personal development, writes Florian Sanden.

  • Building renovation can become ‘Europe’s biggest jobs programme’

    Energy 11-12-2017

    The EU’s next long-term budget for 2021-2027 offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the tangible benefits that EU policies and funding can deliver to citizens on the ground, argues Adrian Joyce.

  • Deepening the EMU, but not at the expense of regions

    Economy & Jobs 11-12-2017

    In its package on deepening the EMU unveiled on 6 December, the Commission proposed to amend the Common Provisions Regulation. It's a piece of legislation that sets a single framework of rules for all the Structural and Investment Funds, whose main recipients are the European regions - write Francesco Molica and Nikos Lampropoulos.

  • Tories sleepwalk towards soft Brexit

    Brexit 08-12-2017

    The UK government was deluded when it thought reaching a deal would be easy. It is deluded now in underestimating the concession it has made, writes Conor Quinn.

  • Brexit set to dominate UK politics for years ahead

    Brexit 08-12-2017

    In March, Michel Barnier told me he had offered the UK a two-year transition period after April 2019 in which Britain could trade freely without tariffs or duties, provided London accepted existing EU rules and laws on social protection, environment and rights of EU citizens. Denis MacShane explains.

  • A European education area: How to make it work for Europe

    Economy & Jobs 08-12-2017

    In line with Emmanuel Macron's speech and discussions at the recent Social Summit in Gothenburg, let's puts education at the heart of a more social and prosperous Europe, argue Michael Gaebel and Thomas Jorgensen.