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People: Francois Hollande

Elections 12-02-2016

Hollande reshuffles cabinet, names Ayrault as foreign minister

French President François Hollande reshuffled his cabinet yesterday (11 February), naming Jean-Marc Ayrault foreign minister and adding several ecologists to government as he seeks to widen his political base ahead of a presidential poll in 2017.

Juncker reveals his secret weapon

In his traditionally humorous style, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told an audience in Brussels on Thursday (11 February) about his competitive edge over French and German leaders.
Euro & Finance 11-02-2016

Merkel and Hollande devise a plan for the future of the eurozone

The two leaders are expected to unveil a joint proposal on the future of the eurozone by the end of 2016, once they have set aside their own differences over how to pursue integration. EurActiv France reports
Central Europe 09-02-2016

In-work benefits emerge as main stumbling block ahead of Brexit summit

Most of the Union’s members have reservations with regard to the possible limitations of in-work benefits for EU workers in the UK, contained in the proposals from Brussels to address David Cameron’s demands ahead of the Brexit referendum. The EurActiv network reports.

Hollande, Merkel discuss the EU’s overlapping crises

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande met yesterday (7 February) to discuss the EU’s overlapping crises, the rise of populism, and the package to avoid Brexit.
UK & Europe 04-02-2016

France: No 'new' negotiations at Brexit summit

French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday said there should be no further changes to proposed reforms to keep Britain in the EU when the plan is discussed at a summit in Brussels in two weeks.

Welcoming Rouhani ignores human rights

Europe’s rapprochement with Iran will only prove damaging, as European leaders welcome the head of a regime that is guilty of violating basic human rights, writes Alejo Vidal-Quadras.
Development Policy 01-02-2016

Raul Castro on historic visit to France

Cuba's President Raul Castro began an official state visit to France today (1 February), his first ever to Europe, which is being seen as a key step in rebuilding his island nation's ties with the West.

Jean-Michel de Waele: ‘The European project needs to be re-established’

“The European model is dead,” Jean-Michel de Waele told EurActiv in an exclusive interview. Our future model should be based on a core of six or seven countries that are capable of real political union.
Global Europe 06-01-2016

Mogherini slams 'dangerous behaviour' after North Korea nuke test

The EU has strongly condemned the “grave violation” of UN resolutions by North Korea, after the secretive dictatorship claimed to have carried out a nuclear test.
EU Priorities 2020 18-12-2015

Summit achieves minor progress on banking union deposit scheme

German chancellor Angela Merkel reluctantly accepted on Friday (18 December) giving a green light to start discussions on the European deposit insurance scheme, the remaining part of the banking union.

Dutch Presidency to take over task of shaping EU’s border force

Unable to decide on establishing a “European Border and Coast Guard”, EU leaders on Thursday (18 December) tasked the incoming Dutch Presidency to move forward with the divisive issue.
UK & Europe 18-12-2015

Brexit: Cameron and EU agree to disagree until February

David Cameron gave the 27 other EU leaders a 40-minute speech on the case for a UK’s renegotiation of its membership on Thursday night (17 December) – but walked away from the first night of the summit empty-handed.

Taking the Paris Agreement home to Europe

The EU played a key role in making the unexpectedly strong Paris agreement on climate change happen.  It must now walk the walk and deliver increased climate ambition through its own energy union, argue Nick Mabey and Sandrine Dixson-Declève. 
Development Policy 16-12-2015

French 2016 budget exposes empty promises on development

France's numerous promises of aid for the Global South do not feature in the government's 2016 budget bill, which will finally be adopted today (16 December). EurActiv France reports

Where does the road from Paris lead?

The Paris climate deal is a tremendous, historic achievement. For the first time since the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the world has been able to agree on a common path to fight climate change, writes Jim Currie.

Sketch: COP21 circus ends with love letters to Paris

“It’s like a European Council summit on drugs that goes on for weeks,” one flustered delegate at the UN Climate Change Conference told your reporter last week.

COP21 celebrations, but governments must mind the emissions gap

World governments today (12 December) agreed a historic international agreement to fight global warming at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris.

The Lima-Paris Action Agenda: A questionable melting pot

The Lima-Paris Action Agenda is packed with initiatives which could stimulate hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, but it also gives a platform to some actors with questionable intentions. EurActiv France reports
Elections 08-12-2015

French parties scramble to halt National Front in second round of polling

France's mainstream political parties were scrambling for a way to stop the rise of the far-right National Front (FN) after its historic first-round lead in the first round of the regional elections on 6 December, before the run-offs on 13 December.

Future carbon market: The Far East

SPECIAL REPORT / While the price of carbon remains low, support for pricing schemes is growing. Asia will soon overtake Europe as the home of the world’s biggest carbon markets. EurActiv France reports

700 cities promise renewable energy transition by 2050

While national negotiators struggle to agree on climate action at the COP21, the mayors of 700 cities have committed to generating 100% of their energy from renewable sources by 2050. EurActiv France reports
Elections 07-12-2015

Far-right National Front leads in first round of French regional elections

France's far-right National Front pulled off a historic win yesterday (6 December), topping the vote in the first round of regional elections, in a breakthrough that shakes up the country's political landscape before 2017 presidential elections.
Development Policy 03-12-2015

France targets African renewables projects for climate finance

African countries are among the world's smallest emitters of CO2, but are on the front line of climate change. France has pledged additional funding for climate adaptation, amid accusations of recycling old money. EurActiv France reports