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Commission admission: energy independence has a price

People: Guenther Oettinger

Enlargement 16-08-2016

Give us EU visa freedom in October or abandon migrant deal, Turkey says

Turkey could walk away from its promise to stem the flow of illegal migrants to Europe if the EU fails to grant Turks visa-free travel to the bloc in October, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a German newspaper.
Global Europe 18-07-2016

Erdogan says coup was ‘gift from God’ to reshape country, punish enemies

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Friday’s failed coup (15 July) was a “gift from God”, giving him the chance to re-shape the country, and purge the country’s elite from enemies, who accuse him of creeping Islamisation in the traditionally secular state.
Digital 26-05-2016

Parliament asks Commission to renegotiate Privacy Shield

The European Parliament has asked the Commission to reopen negotiations with the United States and shore up gaps in the Privacy Shield agreement.
Digital 09-06-2015

MEP Reda: Commission is too cautious on geo-blocking and copyright law

The European Commission is aiming to tear down “regulatory walls” for digital products and services and turn 28 national markets into a single digital market. But plans on geo-blocking and copyright law are too cautious, says MEP Julia Reda from the Pirate Party in an interview with EurActiv Germany.
NewsSpecial Report
Digital 04-03-2015

Commission talks up 5G as member states wilt on telecoms

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is seeking a leadership role in developing new generation telecom networks using 5G technology. But its efforts were thwarted as EU national ministers met in Brussels Tuesday (3 March) to dilute telecoms reforms vital to the idea.
Digital 17-02-2015

Oettinger: IT sector needs new 'generation of Shakespeares'

A meeting in Berlin between representatives from European startups and EU decision-makers stirred ignited debate over EU digital policies, with Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger speaking in support of net neutrality and tech-startups, while Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip called for other forms of IT promotion. EurActiv Germany reports.
EU Priorities 2020 11-09-2014

German politicians condemn ‘wrong’ Commission appointments for France, UK

Giving the UK's oversight of financial stability, and a Frenchman the economic affairs portfolio, triggered harsh criticism in Berlin. EurActiv Germany reports.
Europe's East 28-08-2014

Gazprom monopoly broken in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova has broken Moscow-backed Gazprom’s gas monopoly after completing the first phase of a new pipeline connecting it to the EU energy market.
Europe's East 27-08-2014

Yatsenyuk: Russia plans to cut gas to Europe this winter

Europe faces the increasing threat of a disruption to gas supplies from its main provider Russia this winter due to the crisis in Ukraine, through which almost half of supplies flow.
Europe's East 24-07-2014

Oettinger: EU may not help Russia develop Arctic oil, gas

The European Union should not give Russia technical help to develop Arctic oil and gas fields if Moscow fails to help to defuse the Ukraine crisis, EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said yesterday (23 July).
Global Europe 24-07-2014

EU seeks to ‘balance the pain’ from Russia sanctions

European Union ambassadors will debate proposals today (24 July) on restricting Russian access to Europe's capital markets and defence and energy technology, but are not expected to make a quick decision. A package of measures is designed to ‘balance the pain’ from the effect of sanctions to the individual EU countries.
Europe's East 24-07-2014

Ukraine complains about reduced reverse flows from EU

Ukraine said yesterday (23 July) it was receiving less gas via reverse flows from the European Union, which Energy Minister Yuri Prodan blamed on reluctance by firms within the EU to antagonise Russian gas producer Gazprom, a heavy critic of the flows.
Energy 23-07-2014

Can Europe 'copy paste' an energy union?

A European energy union is increasingly on the agenda, as tensions with Russia rise and the EU is confronted with its energy dependence on Russian gas. But replicating the model of the banking union is a naive approach, Ivana Jemelkova and Hans Hack write.
Europe's East 26-06-2014

Füle: Bulgaria and Romania’s accession questioned the credibility of EU enlargement

Member states and candidate countries have grown tired of the pace of the enlargement process, above all, the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, which raised a lot of questions about the credibility of the process, Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle told EurActiv Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.
Energy 25-06-2014

Germany's top EU official in Brussels wins backing for second term

Günther Oettinger has secured a second term in office as Germany’s EU Commissioner in Brussels after winning support from the German coalition government on Monday (23 June). It is unclear yet whether he will remain Energy Commissioner. EurActiv Germany reports.
Europe's East 20-06-2014

Ukraine says it will 'remove need' for South Stream pipeline

Ukraine's parliament agreed yesterday (19 June) to discuss a bill to allow gas transit facilities to be leased on a joint venture basis with participation from firms in the European Union or United States.
Energy 17-06-2014

Conflicting energy policies to be adopted at Ypres summit

EXCLUSIVE/ The draft conclusions of the 26-27 June EU summit to be held partly at the World War I battlefield of Ypres make no concrete mention of South Stream. In fact, one of the texts could even be interpreted in favour of the Gazprom-sponsored gas pipeline, EurActiv has learned.
Europe's East 16-06-2014

Oettinger: We have sufficient amount of gas for Europe

The European Union has dismissed fears that Europe will not have sufficient gas in winter, after Russia decided to halt gas supplies to Ukraine following a row over gas pricing.
Europe's East 11-06-2014

Ukraine energy minister: Russia blocks gas price talks to promote South Stream

Following trilateral talks on gas pricing involving Russia and Ukraine and hosted today (11 June) by the European Commission, Yuri Prodan, the Ukrainian energy minister, told EurActiv that Russia obstructed progress on purpose, as it wanted to convince its EU partners about the advantages of the Gazprom-favoured South Stream pipeline, which is intended to bypass Ukraine.
Energy 10-06-2014

Bulgaria’s government to collapse over South Stream

Bulgaria’s government will be the first in the European Union to fall after the EU elections, against the background of the unfolding controversy over the Gazprom-supported South Stream gas pipeline.
Energy 03-06-2014

Bulgaria to build South Steam despite Commission warnings

The European Commission asked the Bulgarian government to suspend work on Gazprom's South Stream gas pipeline, pending a decision on its conforming with EU law, it was announced today (3 June). But the Bulgarian Socialist Party, which is the senior partner in the country’s minority government, was quick to reply that its construction will continue as planned.
Europe's East 03-06-2014

Russia and Ukraine achieve progress in gas talks

Russia and Ukraine agreed yesterday (2 June) to examine a payment plan to settle Kyiv's multi-billion gas debts and fix a price for supplies until June 2015, offering the promise of averting an energy crisis over the crucial winter period.
Energy 02-06-2014

Oettinger: EU help in resolving South Stream’s legal problems is conditional

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said the Commission-mediated talks to solve legal issues over the Gazprom-favoured South Stream gas pipeline could continue only if Russia adheres to international law in the context of the Ukraine crisis.
Energy 28-05-2014

Commission admission: energy independence has a price

One year after EU leaders adopted measures aimed at bringing down energy prices, the European Commission tabled another blueprint aimed at reducing energy dependence on Russia. But Commission experts admitted that reducing energy dependence would further raise prices.