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EurActiv Readership

EurActiv Readership

Target audience: community of EU Actors is fully dedicated to EU affairs, providing free in-depth information to the Community of EU Actors. It complements existing EU media and institutional websites by:

  • Efficiency with quick access to EU-policy news, dossiers and stakeholder positions and
  • Transparency by highlighting the different positions before decisions

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(*source: Google Analytics January 2015 – December 2015)

EurActiv opens and facilitates EU-policy debates not only in Brussels, but also at national level! We address 80% of our readership in their own language. EurActiv has a steadily increasing readership (currently 794,992 unique visitors per month), a Europe-wide network and a modern technological platform.
It is well positioned to help the EU:

  • Develop better-informed policy proposals
  • Bring these policy debates to the national capital


EurActiv has become a point of reference for key EU decision-makers and an important source of information for thousands of journalists.

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