EURACTIV launches 3 new mobile-friendly websites

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed a few discreet changes to your favourite EU news and policy website. Or maybe you haven’t… Actually, our intention was to completely rebuild without touching its familiar graphical style.

Under the boot, however, things have changed dramatically. So let us briefly take you through a couple of those changes:

  • MOBILE & TABLET FRIENDLY: This is the biggest difference you will see. now automatically adjusts to the size of your screen, regardless of the device you use – smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.  Depending on your screen size, will display on one, two, three or four columns. Web designers call this “responsive design”. Try in the browser on your tablet or smartphone and tell us what you think.
  • EURACTIV.DE & EURACTIV.FR: Our locally-published German- and French-language versions are now fully integrated with our flagship English-language website, But fear not, our coverage from Berlin and Paris remains unchanged and the archives are still fully accessible, free of charge.
  • USER LOG-IN: We’re introducing user accounts for a better, tailored experience. Create your personal log-in and password to place a comment below EURACTIV articles and interact with other readers.

We hope you enjoy these improved EURACTIV features and promise more are to come.


We look forward to reading your comments below