Commission preparing swift revolution for CAP [april joke]

According to some well-informed sources in
Brussels, the Commission is preparing a dramatic and swift
revolution of the EU’s agricultural policy (CAP). The
unprecedented move by the Commission seems to have been
negotiated with the UK and Germany, but France was left out of

EURACTIV could not get more details on the exact proposals,
but one major element was revealed by a Commission
spokesperson. Nearly 85 percent of the current CAP would be
renationalised. “This revolution of the CAP is an absolute
necessity, since continuing with the current system would
have blocked the current accession negotiations with
possible candidate countries, who were expecting the same
direct payments as the current 15”, said the Commission’s
spokesperson. The proposal is also said to include specific
legislation to protect consumers from new food crises.

The Commission will officialy present
its proposal next week, but stakeholders can already get in
touch with a special task force within DG Agriculture, set
up to calm down possible fears for farmers’ reactions. From
this afternoon, this new service can be reached via a
special hotline. The number of this hotline will be
announced by DG agriculture later today.