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Agriculture & Food 27-03-2012

Researcher: How to make food supplies secure and sustainable

SPECIAL REPORT / Proper crop nutrition and sharing of knowledge and technology between developing and developed countries can help address the food needs of the planet’s growing population, says a top researcher for the Oslo-based fertiliser company Yara.
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Agriculture & Food 20-09-2012

Cypriot minister: Fate of 'green' CAP hinges on budget talks

SPECIAL REPORT / The Common Agricultural Policy, now in its 50th year, is due to get a greener makeover as it enters a new decade. But much hinges on the fate of the EU’s 2014-2020 budget, says Sofoclis Aletraris, the Cypriot agriculture minister whose country holds the rotating EU presidency.
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Agriculture & Food 30-03-2012

Pesticides chief: 'We were not really listening to societal concerns'

SPECIAL REPORT / After years of trying to persuade consumers that their products present no health or environmental risk, the pesticides industry has now recognised its failure to address wider society concerns. Friedhelm Schmider of industry group ECPA promises "a huge change of mindset" in engaging with consumers and farmers.
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Agriculture & Food 06-11-2012

No more blank cheques for agriculture

SPECIAL REPORT / The next phase of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) looks likely to be the continuation of the blank cheques of long-standing agriculture subsidies, an outcome that will be completely incomprehensible to the public, argue six European conservation, farm and rural groups.
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Agriculture & Food 20-07-2011

End of potash import ban good news for EU farmers

SPECIAL REPORT / A recent decision to end an EU ban on potash imports should improve the bloc's food security and boost the competitiveness of its farms, writes potash importer John Scollay in an exclusive op-ed for EurActiv.
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Agriculture & Food 02-10-2012

Creating opportunity through agricultural cooperatives

SPECIAL REPORT / Agricultural cooperatives empower their members economically and socially through better access to markets and create sustainable rural employment, argues Ertharin Cousin, executive director of the World Food Programme.
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Agriculture & Food 22-07-2011

Intensive farming: Ecologically sustainable?

SPECIAL REPORT / As demand for food rises along with the world's population, policymakers are looking at ways of intensifying crop production while reducing the negative impact of farming on the environment.
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Agriculture & Food 28-02-2012

Food matters: Setting the table for a greener future

SPECIAL REPORT / Humans ought to change their eating habits to successfully meet the 2050 targets set out in the European Commission's resource efficiency roadmap, writes Oliver Smith.
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CAP reform 24-01-2013

CAP reform far from a done deal

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Parliament’s agricultural committee began adopting dozens of amendments to the EU’s future farm policy on Wednesday (23 January), but approval remains far from certain when the full Parliament considers compromise proposals in March.
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Agriculture & Food 13-03-2013

Reform of the CAP: Extracts from the statements by EU's Dacian Ciolo?

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Parliament votes today (13 March) on a future agricultural policy that, if approved as proposed, would step back from a generation of liberalisation moves and ease the European Commission’s plan to set new environmental standards for farming. 
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Agriculture & Food 30-04-2013

Green NGOs hail 'historic' victory in pesticides vote

SPECIAL REPORT / A majority of EU countries have supported a European Commission proposal to temporarily ban three pesticides suspected of harming bees in a vote on Monday (29 April).
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Agriculture & Food 24-05-2013

Outcry forces EU reversal on olive oil bottles

SPECIAL REPORT / Battered by criticism and widespread ridicule, the European Commission on Thursday (23 May) reversed its decision to ban refillable bottles of olive oil from restaurants. Europe's leading farm groups, however, swiftly denounced the change as a defeat for consumers.
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Agriculture & Food 28-01-2013

Brussels resumes negotiations on EU fish quotas

SPECIAL REPORT / EU fishery ministers on Monday met in Brussels to resume talks on annual fish quotas. As one of the main priorities of the Irish presidency, ministers hope to reach an agreement on the amount of fish members states can catch before the end of the presidency. “If this schedule is going trough then at the end of the Irish Presidency we can have an agreement on a new fisheries policy which can be sustainable but also profitable for our sector creating more growth and jobs”, said EU commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki.
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Trade & Society 23-11-2012

Scientists eye nanotechnologies to boost crop yields

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Nanotechnologies that deliver fertilisers to plants offer promising ways of improving farm productivity while reducing the risk of water contamination. But the scientists behind a new Swiss-funded study caution that while the technology is still evolving, potential risks must be considered.
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Feeding the world: A green headache for policymakers

SPECIAL REPORT / With upwards of two billion extra mouths to feed in the coming decades, food security has become a mantra in debates about Europe’s farm-support programme and the UN’s sustainable development agenda.
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Central Europe 25-10-2013

Bulgaria backtracks on moratorium banning land purchase

SPECIAL REPORT / Bulgaria's Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski and other main political players said yesterday (24 October) that a bill extending a moratorium on arable land purchases by foreigners, which the country’s parliament passed on Tuesday,  would be reconsidered. 
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Agriculture & Food 30-03-2012

Pesticide makers walk fine line over public concerns

SPECIAL REPORT / Manufacturers have recognised their failure to address concerns over the environmental and health risks of pesticides, promising "a huge change of mindset" in engaging with society while sticking to their traditional argument that their products are safe to use.
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Without Dalli, GMO foes hope for tougher EU policy

SPECIAL REPORT / Environmental groups frustrated by Commissioner John Dalli’s outward support of the genetically modified food industry are hoping his successor will take a tougher line.
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UK & Europe 11-02-2013

Cameron warns restive Scots they could lose EU membership

SPECIAL REPORT / The British government on Monday (11 February) intensified its campaign to stop Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, publishing a legal opinion suggesting it would forfeit its membership in the European Union, NATO and United Nations if it chose independence.
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Agriculture & Food 19-11-2012

EU’s food imports pose ‘tricky balance’ for hungry Africans

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / East Africa was hit by its worst drought in half a century last year, leaving millions of people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia hungry and triggering an outpouring of emergency aid from the European Union and other major donors.
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Agriculture & Food 22-11-2012

Farmers locked in food production vs. pollution trade-off

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Agriculture remains a major threat to water quality in Europe, according to the latest report by the European Union’s environmental agency. But farmers and EU policymakers are also quick to highlight the trade-off between conservation objectives and pressure to increase food production.
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Looming shortage of key crop nutrient pushes call for conservation

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Stepped-up farm production to feed a growing world could lead to shortages of a vital crop nutrient, phosphorus, prompting European officials to consider conservation and recycling measures to protect supplies.
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Agriculture & Food 20-11-2012

Green farming agenda faces EU budget axe

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Some EU national governments and lawmakers are pushing to weaken proposals intended to create natural defences against pesticides and fertilisers in crop fields. But they should reconsider their opposition to buffer strips and other natural areas, green advocates say.
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Agriculture & Food 29-03-2012

EU looks at technology to make farms greener

SPECIAL REPORT / One way of meeting the European Union's goal of ensuring sustainability and competitiveness of the farming sector is through green technologies, says Janez Poto?nik, the EU’s environment commissioner.
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Agriculture & Food 11-10-2013

Pour une Europe sans OGM

SPECIAL REPORT / Oui à la biodiversité, non aux OGM!   Refuser les OGM, c’est aussi contribuer au développement d’une agriculture de proximité, saine et respectueuse de l’environnement. C’est aider les agriculteurs à regagner une vraie...
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Agriculture & Food 18-10-2013

The Hospitality Sector in Europe

SPECIAL REPORT / The Hospitality Sector in Europe - An assessment of the economic contribution of the hospitality sector across 31 countries.   A new Europe-wide study by EY, released Tuesday, shows the hospitality sector plays a critical role in fighting youth unemployment and is essential for jobs and growth and the health of other sectors.
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Agriculture & Food 10-01-2014

Beer Serves Europe: Jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s 4,500 brewers can play a strong role in fighting youth unemployment and boosting the EU economy with the right government policies, according to a new EY report and panel discussion held on 4 December, at The Brewers of Europe’s annual gala.
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Agriculture & Food 27-02-2014

UN Global Compact: Consultation on the Food and Agriculture Business Principles, Brussels

SPECIAL REPORT / The Consultation on the Food and Agriculture Business Principles (FAB Principles) was hosted by Paolo De Castro, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, in Brussels on 11 February 2014.    To advance the positive impact that business can have on sustainable agriculture, the UN Global Compact is facilitating the development of voluntary FAB Principles in collaboration with the private sector, key civil society organizations and experts.   The FAB Principles will art
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Agriculture & Food 12-06-2012

Food Waste: Cutting losses along the supply chain

SPECIAL REPORT / In response to the European Commission's study that estimated annual food waste in the EU at approximately 179kg per person, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in January 2012 on how to avoid food waste. The resolution is aimed at identifying a series of strategies for a more efficient food chain in the EU. Among these strategies, the design of new packaging that will increase longevity of goods plays an important role. How achievable is the 50% reduction of food waste by 2025? What measures should be taken to reach this objective?
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Sustainable Dev. 19-02-2014

Paris wants national permits for GM maize

SPECIAL REPORT / France is trying to modify EU legislation on the authorisation of GMOs, but the process is all but smooth.

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