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Global Europe 08-03-2013

Cybersecurity offers commercial opportunity, but also stokes trade tensions

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission wants new cybersecurity rules to spur industrial growth by turning Europe into a showcase for lucrative security products, but the use of cybersecurity as a proxy for protectionism is also stymieing trade.
cybersecurity 07-03-2013

Cybersecurity directive faces uncertain fate in Parliament

SPECIAL REPORT / EU attempts to introduce comprehensive new cybersecurity rules risk failure in the European Parliament, where senior administrators doubt the package will pass before the legislature's mandate expires, EurActiv has learned.
Digital 04-03-2013

Firms see smartphones as weak link in cybersecurity

SPECIAL REPORT / The explosion in smartphone use is leaving businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks since almost half of their employees' mobile phones can become a target, according to new research.
Digital 24-07-2014

ECB website hacked, data stolen

The European Central Bank (ECB) said on Thursday its website had been hacked and some email addresses and other contact information stolen but insisted no market-sensitive data were affected.
Security 02-10-2012

Cybersecurity in the EU: What's at stake?

Cyberspace is a new and unfamiliar domain that has gradually become the 'nervous system' through which society operates. In a world where over 87% of the population are mobile users , the stark reality is that cyber security is a growing global challenge demanding rational and universal solutions. As governments, enterprises and consumers have become increasingly reliant on ICT solutions that integrate inputs designed, developed, coded and manufactured by multiple suppliers around the world, the scale of the cyber security challenge has grown exponentially.
cybersecurity 05-03-2013

EU, US go separate ways on cybersecurity

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe and the United States look set to implement different approaches to cybersecurity, with Washington adopting voluntary reporting mechanisms against Brussels' compulsory measures. The different approaches threaten to create problems for companies across the two major trade blocs.
Digital 30-10-2014

Europe under massive virtual cyber attack

More than 200 organisations from 25 EU member states are under virtual cyber-attack today  (30 October), as part of the continent’s largest and most complex ever cyber security exercise.
Digital 06-03-2013

Security reports say EU needs more 'honeypots' to lure cyberattackers

SPECIAL REPORT / European computer emergency response teams, which are being beefed up as part of the EU’s cybersecurity strategy, need to set more ‘honeypot’ traps to snare cyber attackers, according to reports.