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Ex-Commissioner Dacian Ciolos to be Romania’s next PM


Ex-Commissioner Dacian Ciolos to be Romania’s next PM

Der ehemalige Kommissar Dacian Ciolo? gilt als unabhängiger Politiker

EXCLUSIVE/ Dacian Ciolo?, the former Commissioner for Agriculture in the executive led by José Manuel Barroso, will be Romania’s new premier, two credible sources told EurActiv today (5 October).

As protests in Romania continue, despite the resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, it has become clear that Ciolo? will take over as prime minister until elections are held in December 2016.

Having the former Commissioner in charge seems like a good idea. Not only will it be seen well in Brussels, but Ciolo? is one of the rare public figures in Romania who is not perceived as corrupt.

Indeed, Ciolo? didn’t spend much time in public office in Romania. Before becoming Commissioner in 2009, he worked for the European Commission’s delegation to Romania, and before that, as a scholar on internships in France. His wife Valérie is French.

Ciolo? briefly worked as Agriculture Minister from October 2007 to December 2008 in the cabinet of C?lin Popescu-T?riceanu, a liberal politician.

The former Commissioner is perceived as politically independent, although in the Barroso Commission, he was considered to be affiliated with the centre-right European Peoples’ Party (EPP). The reason is that he was nominated by Romania’s then-President, Traian B?sescu, an EPP-affiliated politician.

Ciolo? has been perceived as being influenced by France, and many called him “the second French Commissioner” in the Barroso team. This wasn’t harmful domestically, as Romania nourishes strong sympathies for France.

Despite his good credentials, Ciolo? did not have a second term as commissioner, because the then Prime Minister Victor Ponta wanted to have a fellow social-democrat in the EU executive, and Corina Cre?u got the job.

EurActiv has also learned that Ciolo? will lead something that might be called a “government of national salvation”, because the situation in the country is considered very worrying.

In the meantime, Iohannis chose today Sorin Campeanu, up to now Education Minister, as interim PM. According to practice, an interim leader is to handle administrative work until a new government is voted in by parliament. Campeanu’s “term” is not expected to last more than a couple of days.