Wrap up:EU summit on energy union,Ukraine and Greece

Energy Union,and the ongoing tensions with Russia over Ukraine,dominated EU leaders’talks in Brussels this week(19-20 March).Follow our live coverage below.

European heads of state and government gathered at the Council building in central Brussels starting from 15.00 pm on Thursday.

Discussions started again on Friday,wrapping up the EU Summit by early afternoon.

The agenda is as follows:

  • The Commission’sEnergy Unionpitch wasup for discussion.Final conclusions hint at an upcoming turf war between European and national policy-makers over who sets the terms on members states’s energy mix.Read our coveragehere.
  • Theconflict in Ukraineand the tensions with Russia were another key issue.Leaders will ask Federica Mogherini,the EU’s foreign affairs chief,to draft a planto counter Russian “disinformation campaigns”.
  • EU leaders debated theeconomic situation in Greecefollowingrecent tensionsbetween the Southern European country and EU member states,notably Germany.
  • A joint Europeansecurity mission in Libyais alsoup for discussion.


  • 19-20 March: EU leaders gather in Brussels for the European Council meeting

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