Will the US and the EU be able to stop the war in Europe?

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Renat Kuzmin

Under its present authorities, Ukraine is turning into a country of absolute unlawfulness, writes Renat Kuzmin.

Renat Kuzmin, PhD, is a Ukrainian presidential candidate, and former prosecutor during the presidency of Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych.

The ideologists of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact can be regarded differently, but the effectiveness of their plan cannot be denied. Many appropriate the authorship of this idea and the laurels of the winners in the geopolitical fight of giants. But the real protagonists, as a rule, do not like boasting and bragging about the results of their work. Others do this for them. Even dozens of years later.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the US statesmen who changed the map of the modern world, is still an active participant in the political life of the world’s leading countries. And the current events in Ukraine haven’t escaped his attention.

The frankly deplorable policy of the current Ukrainian authorities has led not only to the secession of the Crimea from Ukraine. The country is on the edge of civil war, which will undoubtedly move to Europe. Maidans with burning tires in the Champs Elysees or near the Brandenburg Gate may quite likely become a reality. As well as extremists wearing masks and carrying guns with slogans, “Europe for Ukrainians!” traveling in European cities! And it is not a joke!

Violence has swept Ukraine. Ukraine is turning into a country of absolute unlawfulness. As soon as they occupied government offices, the new authorities immediately declared their aspiration towards the European Union and the NATO, and their readiness to take part in the implementation of the European defense missile system of the US. Their declaration, about terminating the contract of the Black Sea fleet base of the Russian Federation in the Crimea, provoked Moscow’s predictable reaction. The real face of the incumbent Ukrainian authorities turned out to be absolutely not peaceful.

Southeast Ukraine rebelled against the governance methods of the new Ukrainian leadership. The government used the army against their own people, violating the Geneva agreement of 17 April 2014. Having participated in the protests, residents of the southeast are subject to repression and mass arrests as “terrorists”. However, the insurgents, having taken part in the armed seizure of power in Kyiv, are being presented to the world as heroes. As a result, separatist sentiment increasingly covers the representatives of the Donbas. And the bloodless liberation from the pro-Western authorities in the Crimea has demonstrated the real mechanism of the fight against the governmental policy. Ukraine’s disintegration into several new countries seems inevitable.

But this is exactly what Zbigniew Brzezinski warned about many years ago! It seems again the geopolitical card is played according to his plan.

Brzezinski as usual “keeps abreast”: the US has to guarantee Russia that Ukraine will lead a neutral policy. It means good neighbourly relations with Russia and the European Union, where Ukraine refrains from joining any military alliances which Russia might consider hostile. Europe, in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s opinion, has to assume responsibility for the support of the US efforts to stabilize the relations between Ukraine and Russia. “Germany and the UK have to lead this movement…every EU country has to make some sacrifice, trying to avoid a potentially disastrous Ukrainian economic collapse.” He also recommends the Ukrainian oligarchs to sacrifice 1 billion dollars each for the financial recovery of Ukraine’s economy. “Yanukovych’s fabulously rich dentist son has to contribute 10 billion dollars more…” This would allow for the US and the EU not only to save on economic aid to, Ukraine but also to achieve the compliance with the rule of the allocation of resources.

Geopolitics requires a specific mentality, knowledge and experience and, most importantly, the strategic vision of global problems. It is not enough to see Ukraine’s place on the world’s map. You have to be able to act.”

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