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Live: EU begins to talk life after UK

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Live: EU begins to talk life after UK

The EU27 has met, informally, without the UK. It is likely to be the first of many such meetings.


The negotiations haven’t even started yet, with the now infamous Article 50 yet to be triggered by Theresa May’s government. Things are starting to take shape and the news will come thick and fast. Follow EurActiv’s live feed for all the latest developments and talking points.

  • 23 June United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union;
  • 24 June Prime Minister David Cameron announces intention to resign;
  • 13 July Theresa May officially takes over at 10 Downing Street;
  • 4 September UK sounds out other countries over post-Brexit trade deals at G20;
  • 8 September Theresa May reportedly tells European Council President Donald Tusk that the UK will invoke Article 50 “by January or February”;
  • 16 September Informal meeting of EU27 held in Bratislava, without UK;
  • 20 September May tells UN that UK will ratify COP21 climate deal by end of year.
Samuel Morgan 26/09/201615:23

More than 25% of UK aid budget will be spent by other ministries by 2020

More than a quarter of UK overseas aid will be spent by ministries other than the Department for International Development (DfiD) by 2019/20 – according to figures that have sparked renewed concern about changes to Britain’s aid policy.

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201613:15

Preventing Brexit is still possible: Here’s how

The only realistic solution to avoid a UK exit from the European Union would be to go back to the British people after the conclusion of the UK-EU negotiations in 2019 and argue that they should have the final say on the deal, argues Fraser Cameron.

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201611:49

Julian King, the UK’s new Commissioner, is up and running it seems; he even has the obligatory “EU” Twitter handle

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