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Joel Schalit 19/05/201709:08

Can you blame them? The new French president was the main topic of conversation among visibly excited MEPs in Strasbourg this week. But the French themselves were among the least enthusiastic.

Joel Schalit 19/05/201709:07

When Western intervention works. A three-month standoff that had blocked progress on reforms to Albania’s government ended on Thursday, as the ruling parties and the opposition reached agreement on how to resolve their conflict.

Joel Schalit 19/05/201709:03

Communication breakdown. The chief of UNMIK, the UN mission in Kosovo, Zahir Tanin warned of rising tensions in Kosovo and weakening trust between Belgrade and Pristina during Tuesday’s UN Security Council session.

Joel Schalit 19/05/201709:01

Romanian humanitarian values. Hassan was in Kirkuk when a bomb exploded in a nearby building. He was with some friends. They entered to see if they can help. A machine gun opened fire on them. His companions died. He is now 18 and calls Romania his home.

Joel Schalit 18/05/201714:21

Romanian family values. 33 MEPs have written to the Romanian parliament, urging legislators not to vote in favour of a referendum on amending the definition of a marriage in the constitution from “between spouses” to between a man and a woman. If passed by the Senate and supported by voters, it would make same-sex marriages all but impossible in the country.