Guide aims to overhaul EU science communication

Detailed explanation of the communication process, visual and written communication tips and a scientists’ checklist for interviews – a ‘hands-on’ guide aims to change attitudes towards science communication in Europe.

The Hands-On Guide for Science Communicators: A Step-by-Step Approach to Public Outreach, published by Springer, is a book on practical science communication written mainly for professional researchers who need to detail results to science managers and policymakers.

The author of the guide, Lars Lindberg Christensen from the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre, moves with humour from an overview of the science- communication production chain to advice on how to draft press releases, plan websites, shoot videos and “go commercial”. 

This extremely practical manual aims to facilitate professional science communicators’ work and, eventually, convert those in Europe who still neglect this aspect of science and research. 

The guide complements a recently published book, Communicating European Research 2005 (Springer), which offers insight into the current European debates on the various aspects of science communication as such.

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