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Archives: Countdown to Brexit referendum

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Archives: Countdown to Brexit referendum

The all-important 23 June date is fast approaching.


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Samuel Morgan 16/06/201614:50

Juncker: Brexit won’t be the death of the EU

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today (16 July) said that the European Union would survive a Brexit – the UK voting to leave the bloc in the referendum to be held in one week’s time.

Samuel Morgan 16/06/201612:37

Samuel Morgan 16/06/201612:31

Samuel Morgan 16/06/201612:31

Samuel Morgan 16/06/201611:27

An unnecessary referendum with devastating consequences

The Euro-poison that has infected the British political system will not be eradicated after 23 June referendum on the UK’s EU membership, as polls suggest neither side will obtain a clear victory, writes Fraser Cameron.

Samuel Morgan 16/06/201608:50

Brexit stirs up Euroscepticism in the French right

Nominally a supporter of the European project, Nicolas Sarkozy’s Republican party has made increasingly frequent attacks on the European Commission, which it accuses of “pushing out the UK and letting Turkey in”. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201617:01

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201616:31

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201616:29

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201616:28

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201616:28

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201615:34

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201615:34

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201615:28

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201615:24

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201614:48

The natural environment is an area in which British citizens have shown a lot of faith in the EU over the years. This latest development could play a part in swaying undecided voters come next week.

Commission research shows Nature Directives don't need 'better regulation'

EXCLUSIVE/ EU rules to protect birdlife and habitats – under threat from a review driven by the European Commission’s ‘better regulation’ strategy – are fit for purpose, according to leaked research that fuelled demands to leave the laws alone.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201613:28

As UK moves to leave EU, Greenland might come knocking

Three decades after Greenland exited what is now the EU, some of its politicians and business leaders say the vast Arctic territory should consider rejoining because of its slowness to diversify the economy away from fish.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201613:27

Europeans fear ISIS and refugees, oppose increased military budgets

A wide-ranging survey carried out across Europe has highlighted that most EU citizens believe that Islamic State is the biggest threat to security. However, a majority of respondents opposed bigger military spending as a solution. EurActiv’s partner WirtschaftsWoche reports.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201613:27

Leinen: Shock of Brexit would draw EU closer together

As the UK’s vote on its EU membership looms on the horizon, EurActiv Germany spoke to Jo Leinen MEP about what might happen if Brexit happened and what kind of relationship the UK could expect with the EU.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201612:00

Professor Michael Grubb believes the UK has a massive role to play in the EU’s future energy security.

Build a new Energy Union

Energy is the lifeblood of society, but it has become yet another negative punch bag in the UK referendum campaign, with claims and counterclaims about costs. But there is a simple and very positive story to be told, writes Michael Grubb.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201611:24

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201611:12

Handy survival guide for a post-Brexit world.

Samuel Morgan 15/06/201601:15

Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad this morning, quoting The Communards hit for its front page. The part below roughly translates as “These Brits may sometimes be a pain, but we want them and can’t do without them”.

Incidentally, Reverend Richard Coles is a former member of the band.

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201617:14

Extremely good breakdown by the FT on who is currently backing Leave and Remain.

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201615:58

J.K. has also provided an answer to her poll….

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201615:39

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201612:21

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201612:13

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201612:06

Dutch Minister for Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem has commented on the upcoming vote.

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201612:03

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201612:01

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201611:16

Today’s front page of The Sun, Defining political event of this generation,

Better make a bad pun.

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201611:09

So many polls, so little time…

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201611:08

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201610:36

Leaving the EU: moving forward into isolation

Recent global events attest to impending political isolationism. Donald Trump would build walls and restrict Muslim immigration. British isolationists would vote to separate Britain from the EU, while their Scottish counterparts would vote to separate from what would be left of Britain, writes Leon Trakman

Samuel Morgan 14/06/201610:35

EU court to interfere in Brexit debate with child benefit ruling

The European Union’s top court will rule today (14 June) on whether Britain can deny family allowances to foreign workers with children living abroad, one of the hot-button issues in Britain’s looming  referendum on EU membership.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201618:19

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201617:07

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201616:59

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201616:36

Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan also condemned the Leave campaign’s use of the Orlando shootings in a tweet they later deleted.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201616:06

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Monday admitted a referendum called by Eurosceptic groups on whether to back closer ties between Ukraine and the EU had been “disastrous” after voters soundly rejected the pact.

“I’m totally against referenda, and I’m totally, totally, totally against referenda on multilateral agreements, because it makes no sense as we have seen with the Dutch referendum,” Rutte told a conference of European MPs.

The Netherlands, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU, is the only country in the 28-nation bloc which has still not ratified the deal.

Rutte has been a strong advocate for Britain to stay within the EU, and warned in an interview with the BBC earlier this month that any vote to leave “would be very bad news” for Britain, the Netherlands and the EU.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201614:46

The Leave camp nearly waited 24 hours before trying to capitalise on the Orlando shootings; they quickly deleted the tweet, but here it is in all its misguided glory.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:58

It’s a big part of the TTIP debate and has also cropped up when the IN and OUT camps have argued about trade.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:12

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:09

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:09

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:08

Boris' dad: I respect Brexiteers but will vote Remain

EXCLUSIVE / Stanley Johnson – father of Brexiteer Boris Johnson – has warned that the EU must dump the euro and control immigration, if the UK votes to stay in the bloc in the 23 June referendum.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:08

Cameron: UK authority in Europe will rise after 'in' vote

Britain’s influence in the European Union will be stronger if it votes to remain in the bloc in a June 23 referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday (12 June) with the latest polls showing Britons almost evenly split over whether to stay or go.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:08

Brexit could destroy the UK as we know it

The implications for the imminent referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union are huge and wide-ranging – they really couldn’t be any greater, writes Sajjad Karim.

Samuel Morgan 13/06/201611:08

Stanley Johnson: there is no majority in UK parliament to deliver Brexit

Stanley Johnson, father of Brexiteer-in-chief Boris, has said that there is no majority in the UK parliament to deliver Brexit after a Leave vote in the referendum.

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201616:39

European Parliament plans extraordinary session in case of Brexit vote

As the European Parliament’s last session before the UK referendum drew to a close in Strasbourg, some MEPs openly expressed concerns over Brexit, while others chose to hide their heads in the sand. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201616:37

Schäuble: Brexit would see UK leave single market

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble warned on Friday (10 June) that a UK vote to leave the European Union would see Britain shut out of the single market.

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201614:13

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones has clarified that he will be voting for the UK to remain.

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201612:30

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201612:20

Powerful words from Germany’s Finance Minister.

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201610:38

Well-known filmmaker Michael Moore labels the UK as “toxic”

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201610:22

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201610:19

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201610:19

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201610:16

Ireland, Malta and Cyprus most concerned about Brexit

European countries relying on finance as a source of revenue are becoming increasingly concerned about Brexit, according to search data from Google. And with good reason: rating agency S&P has highlighted just how sensitive their economies are to the UK. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 10/06/201610:16

Rivals let rip in Brexit TV debate

The rival camps in Britain’s EU membership referendum tore into each other Thursday in an ill-tempered first television debate dominated by accusations of lies and scaremongering.

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201617:06

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201615:43

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201615:42

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201615:41

Brexit camp threatens legal action over EU vote extension

Brexit campaigners accused the government of trying to rig the EU referendum and threatened legal action on Thursday (9 June) as former London mayor Boris Johnson squared up for the campaign’s first TV debate.

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201611:59

Interesting event for anyone in Brussels on the 15 June. Follow the link to find out more info.

Brexit MEPs debate: In or Out – what next for young people?

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201609:40

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201609:01

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201609:00

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201608:59

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201608:55

British PM David Cameron welcomed the defection of one of his pro-Leave party members to the Remain camp last night.

Samuel Morgan 09/06/201608:51

Visegrad Four urges referendum voters to keep UK in EU

The four eastern EU states from the so-called Visegrad Group yesterday (8 June) said they needed Britain to stay in the bloc, two weeks before the landmark UK referendum on membership.

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201617:54

Good news for anyone that hasn’t registered to vote on June 23 as Westminster announced that the midnight-Tuesday deadline would be extended by 48 hours. The registration website crashed yesterday, leaving many voters dismayed that they would not be able to sign up in time.

The Vote Leave camp naturally cried foul, with its chief executive saying that “Whitehall will do anything to stop this country taking back control from the EU”.

Click here to sign up before midnight on Thursday (9 June).

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201616:43

Actress Isabella Rossellini, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and world-renowned chef Raymond Blanc have all made impassioned pleas to UK voters to decide to remain in the EU, via the new Europeans.

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201615:11

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201614:06

Former Conservative leader William Hague today (8 June) said that leaving the EU would be “downright irresponsible” and that it is “total fantasy” to think that it would not damage the British economy. He also criticised the Leave campaign’s “bland assurances” that the UK would be able to secure a satisfactory deal with the EU following Brexit.

Hague, who also previously served as Foreign Secretary, acknowledged that he has made numerous Eurosceptic comments in the past, adding that his critical attitude towards the EU and its institutions has not changed, but that he is, nevertheless, firmly against leaving the bloc.

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201611:51

Cameron in TV debate: I don't think British people are quitters

David Cameron argued yesterday (7 June) that remaining part of the EU was the “British thing to do” as he faced senior Eurosceptic Nigel Farage in a TV grilling two weeks before a knife-edge referendum.

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201611:51

Brexit or not, Europe's voters are cooler on EU, survey reveals

Whether or not Britons vote this month to quit the European Union, fellow voters across the continent are increasingly sceptical of the benefits of staying in the bloc.

Samuel Morgan 08/06/201611:51

MasterCard international chief: ‘Brexit wouldn’t be a significant change for us’

Blockchain is expected to have a larger impact on our business than a potential Brexit, suggests MasterCard’s deputy boss, Ann Cairns. In her view, the technology behind virtual currencies like bitcoin is “a good thing for the future”, she told

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201616:54

Spain suggest joint sovereignty over Gibraltar in case of Brexit

Spain’s foreign minister today (7 June) revived the idea of sharing sovereignty over Gibraltar with Britain if Brexit happens, saying it would allow the Rock to maintain access to the European Union.

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201609:15

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201609:15

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201609:14

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201609:10

The internet is dark and full of inaccuracies…

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201609:08

Samuel Morgan 07/06/201609:06

NATO chief warns of Brexit 'instability'

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday (6 June) that both the alliance and the EU were stronger with Britain inside, and warned that a Brexit could cause instability.

Samuel Morgan 06/06/201617:47

Brexit nudges ahead in polls with three weeks to go

The UK ‘leave’ campaign moved into a lead in the polls Monday for the first time in weeks, putting pressure on the pound and raising pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of Britain’s EU referendum.

Samuel Morgan 06/06/201616:11

'Germany will always be the Hun that wants to subjugate Europe'

The gap between the denizens of the United Kingdom and the EU can be explained by a historic feeling of superiority over the mainland and Brussels bureaucracy’s poor correlation with the British sense of democracy. EurActiv’s partner WirtschaftsWoche reports.

Samuel Morgan 06/06/201612:35

German MEP: Brexit won't be the end of 'Project Europe'

A British exit from the European Union would not end the idea of a unified Europe and should not be seen as a “horror scenario”, European Parliament Vice President Alexander Lambsdorff said in a German radio interview.

Samuel Morgan 06/06/201612:33

John Major condemns 'deceitful' Brexit campaign claims

Former British Prime Minister John Major launched a blistering attack on Sunday (5 June) on fellow Conservatives campaigning for a Brexit, as rivals traded economic claims in an increasingly tight race for the 23 June vote.

Samuel Morgan 06/06/201612:33

Investors add ‘money-back Brexit clause’ to UK property deals

Commercial property investors are writing clauses into contracts giving buyers the right to walk away from real estate deals if Britain votes to leave the European Union this month, as a way to unfreeze a sector stalled by uncertainty over Brexit.

Samuel Morgan 06/06/201612:31

Sustainable Development Agenda is an opportunity to revive the EU

As a wide-ranging group of NGOs calls on President Juncker to draw up a high-level strategy for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Geneviève Pons argues that this is how the EU can revitalise its relevance.

Samuel Morgan 03/06/201611:00

Cameron admits: 'Sometimes this organisation drives me crazy'

Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday (2 June) he would take Britain into the European Union under the “special status” it now enjoys  if it was not already a member, even if he admitted the EU “sometimes drives me crazy”.

Samuel Morgan 02/06/201615:27

Samuel Morgan 02/06/201615:26

Samuel Morgan 02/06/201615:25

Samuel Morgan 02/06/201615:23

Samuel Morgan 02/06/201610:18

Member states use Brexit referendum to delay visa waivers

European Union states held off agreeing to ease travel rules for Georgia yesterday (1 June). Turkey, Ukraine and Kosovo should also expect more delays in visa liberalisation, as the bloc turns more cautious amid immigration fears, EU delegation sources said.

Samuel Morgan 02/06/201610:17

Sterling hits two-week low on renewed Brexit worries

Sterling slipped to a two-week low on Wednesday (1 June), while the cost of hedging against volatility over the next month rose to its highest since 2009, on worries that the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union was gaining the upper hand.

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201615:05

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201611:40

It’s the go-to scenario for advocates of the Leave campaign, but the “Norway model” may not be well-suited to the United Kingdom.

Don't look to Norway, Brexiteers!

Many Brexit-proponents, including Richard Tice, the co-chairman of the campaign, have pointed to Norway’s success as an example for Britain to leave the EU. But its fortunes have not come because of it remaining outside the EU, writes Paal Frisvold.

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201611:22

In a wide-ranging article, the London School of Economic’s Nicholas Barr explains why he will be voting for the UK to stay in the EU. “Letter to friends: this is why I will vote Remain in the referendum

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201609:29

Brexit: an opportunity to be exploited

As the referendum looms large on the horizon, there are two ways of facing the threat of Brexit: despondency or trying to make something positive out of the situation, writes Robert Cox.

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201609:19

A post-referendum agenda for Britain – published by Project Syndicate

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201608:44

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201608:40

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201608:37

Samuel Morgan 01/06/201608:35

Looks like you won’t even be able to escape the referendum debate down your local watering hole.

Samuel Morgan 31/05/201616:12

Incompetent political leaders and the media are destroying Europe

It has become trendy among politicians and the media to portray the EU as a faceless horrifying monster which has caused the crisis that Europe currently faces. Nothing could be further from the truth, writes Marlene Wind.

Samuel Morgan 31/05/201616:10

Samuel Morgan 31/05/201614:03

Brexit: Paris stock exchange to ‘assert its strength’

The Paris stock exchange plans to “assert its strength” to attract international businesses, taking advantage of the potential damage Brexit could do to the City of London, French sources said on Monday (30 May).

Samuel Morgan 31/05/201612:30

Daniela Vincenti 31/05/201611:30

Samuel Morgan 31/05/201610:19

UK pharma sector braced for regulatory shake-up after Brexit

The UK’s pharmaceutical regulator would lose influence over the European Medicines Agency (EMA) if Britons vote to leave the EU in a June referendum. As a result, it could well consider aligning itself with its US equivalent, sector advisors have told

Samuel Morgan 31/05/201610:19

Brexit: Environment and development case needs to be heard

UK environmental NGOs should be leading the Remain camp in order to protect the interests they believe in, writes Tony Long. However, they are failing to do so.

Samuel Morgan 30/05/201616:36

Brexit: a French perspective by EurActiv France’s Editor-in-Chief, @AlineRobert_

French uncertainty over Brexit gives way to fear of the status quo

Paris fears that if the British vote to stay in the EU, the United Kingdom’s power to disrupt the European project would grow stronger. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 30/05/201615:51

Samuel Morgan 30/05/201611:38

Samuel Morgan 30/05/201609:54

Coverage of an aspect of the referendum that has so far not been reported on much, by @MattTempest

Wall of silence from development NGOs on Brexit threat

EXCLUSIVE / Actors, scientists and now even historians have put their names forward to argue for Britain to stay in the EU. But with less than four weeks to go to the UK referendum, there has been a resounding wall of silence from key development NGOs on the dangers – or even opportunities – posed by a Brexit.

Samuel Morgan 30/05/201609:53

David Mitchell, of Peep Show fame, with an interesting take on Brexit.”I’m not just sorry he’s prime minister – I’m sorry he gets a vote.”

Samuel Morgan 30/05/201609:51

Give our latest interview a watch: reporting by @JamesCrisp6 and AV work by @EvanLamos.

Gibraltar's chief minister on Brexit… and monkey Viagra?

Gibraltarian politicians are campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU in next month’s referendum, but Gibraltar’s First Minister Fabian Picardo said the outcome won’t affect the territory’s relationship to Britain.

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201621:53

Our new partner @WiWo with some analysis of what could lie ahead for the UK.

Brexit's big three arguments – fact-checked

Pro-Brexit campaigners want to leave the EU in order to do away with tiresome legislation and control immigration better. But how watertight are their arguments? EurActiv’s partner WirtschaftsWoche has done some fact checking.

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201617:07

EU to unveil military cooperation plan…after Brexit vote

The European Union said Friday (27 May) it will unveil plans for closer military cooperation after Britain’s referendum on whether to leave the bloc, but denied they were secret proposals for an EU army.

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201615:10

EXCLUSIVE opinion piece co-authored by Leave campaigner Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley.

EU nature directives: The trust of millions in Juncker's hands

The European Commission’s decision on the future of the EU Nature Directives is not just a test of trust in the EU’s protection of our nature. it is also a test of President Juncker’s commitment to maintaining unity and solidarity, write Stanley Johnson and Olaf Tschimpke in an exclusive op-ed for

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201615:04

Brexit came up in an interview EurActiv Poland did with the Slovak Ambassador.

Slovak ambassador: We’ll firm up our EU Presidency priorities after Brexit vote

Slovakia’s agenda for its first EU Council Presidency will be adopted at the last moment, says Dušan Krištofík, the Slovak Ambassador to Poland. The reason is the British referendum on EU membership, which “will have a major impact on the Union” whichever way it goes, he told EurActiv Poland.

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201614:29

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201614:29

Alan Sugar “the most belligerent boss in the country” unwilling to say “You’re fired” to Juncker et al.

Samuel Morgan 27/05/201614:28

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201616:20

Leave campaigner Boris Johnson has responded to Jean-Claude Juncker, whose comments you can read about in a story we published this morning.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201616:17

London’s new mayor Mayor Sadiq Khan has told AFP he is pushing a “positive case” for staying in the EU rather than simply predicting doom if the UK votes out.

He said a victory for Remain campaigners in the June 23 referendum would help boost workers’ rights, improve air quality and support the battle against climate change while keeping Britain safe.

“So far the debate has largely been dominated by the potential risks on either side, with one side saying if we leave, the world as we know it will end. The other side saying if we stay, it will be the end of times,” Khan said in a speech.

“Frankly, neither is right. We would survive outside the EU but we’ll be diminished as a country as a result.”

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday (23 May) warned that “fear-based” tactics in the EU referendum campaign could backfire.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201615:56

Timmermans: We must convince Europe the era of meddlesome EU rules is over

The European Commission must convince people and businesses that the era of meddlesome EU regulation is over, Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans admitted today (26 May), before warning that would take “some time”.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201614:21
Samuel Morgan 26/05/201614:20

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201614:19

Brexit from a linguistic point of view.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201612:45

Interesting opinion piece by @AndrewDuffEU on what the most likely course after Brexit would be.

How to leave the European Union properly

After a raucous post-Brexit weekend, one assumes that the prime minister will make an apologetic statement to the House of Commons. Then, as bags are packed at Number 10, David will make his last appearance at the Council, writes Andrew Duff.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201612:18

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201612:15

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201611:44

A month to go, more shots fired. Reporting by @JamesCrisp6

European Commission declares war on Brexiteer Johnson

Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, and his head of cabinet, Martin Selmayr, attacked Boris Johnson on Thursday (26 May), a leader of the campaign to convince UK referendum voters to leave the EU.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201610:37

Read this great interview by @MattTempest

UKIP MEP: Vote me out of my job

UK Independence Party MEP Patrick O’Flynn is a poacher-turned-gamekeeper, a former political journalist for the Daily Express, turned MEP for UKIP.

Samuel Morgan 26/05/201610:35

As ever, the issue of voter turnout is rearing its head. For comparison, Scotland’s referendum on independence saw nearly 85% of registered voters go to the polls.

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201618:05

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201617:53

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201617:52

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201617:29

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201614:13

Simple, factual comparison of the UK and EU systems, put together by EurActiv’s old mate, Captain Europe. You can watch our interview with the masked avenger below as well.

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201614:08

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201613:38

Great reporting by @JamesCrisp6 on what Gordon Brown had to say today.

Gordon Brown calls for EU migration cash to sway undecided Brexit voters

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown today (25 May) called for European cash for towns and cities struggling to cope with the refugee crisis, in a bid to convince 14 million undecided Brexit referendum voters to back staying in the EU.

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201609:42

If the answer to this is ‘yes’ then it might be more a case of ‘blame Napoleon’, not ‘blame the EU’.

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201609:41

With a month to go, here’s another roundup of what we know so far.

Brexit: A last testament

To remain or to leave, that is the question. Before answering, try and distil what we have learned, Michael Emerson suggests.

Samuel Morgan 25/05/201609:40

Clear, accurate, simple breakdown of some Brexit facts.

Britain and the EU: Key facts on money, immigration

Money is at the heart of many a battle and the referendum on whether Britain should stay in the European Union or quit is no exception.

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201616:56

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201615:50

Despite most students believing the referendum will affect their lives significantly and a majority supporting the UK’s membership, a significant number were unable to name the date or even the month of the vote when asked.

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201612:16

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201611:28

If you’re in London tomorrow, remember to check out this event at UCL on how Brexit could affect the country’s energy prospects.

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201610:05

Staying with the subject of the environment, here’s a starkly different take on the subject, where it is the EU that should be taking a leaf out of the UK’s book when it comes to green policy, not the other way around.

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201610:01

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201609:47

Next, reporting by @JamesCrisp6 on the Leave camp’s links to climate-change denial.

Brexit campaign leadership dominated by climate-sceptics

INVESTIGATION/ Leading figures in the Vote Leave referendum campaign to take Britain out of the EU have links to a controversial climate-sceptic think tank and question the science behind global warming.

Samuel Morgan 24/05/201609:47

Kicking things off today with Brexit and the environment. First up, an opinion piece on the referendum’s potential green implications.

What would Brexit mean for the environment?

With only a month to go before the UK referendum, a narrow range of issues has dominated the debate, leaving many others, including working conditions, international development and the environment firmly in the shadows, write Viviane Gravey and Andrew Jordan.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201618:59

@JamesCrisp6 reports on another high-profile figure’s joining of the Brexit debate.

UK Commissioner wades into Brexit debate

UK Commissioner Jonathan Hill has warned that Britain’s ‘Brexit’ from the EU would put London’s status as the bloc’s pre-eminent financial hub at risk.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201618:20

As 49.7% of Austrian voters sit down to dinner disappointed at the narrow defeat inflicted upon Norbert Hofer, perhaps now is a good time to see how far-right politics differs across the EU and what kind of pattern is being observed in the UK, exactly a month before the all-important date of 23 June.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201615:46

@SarantisMich reports more on how Brexit is seen by another country questioning its role in the European project: Greece.

Poll: Majority of Greeks against a Brexit

A majority of Greeks want the UK to remain in the EU ahead of the 23rd June referendum, according to a new poll.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201612:05

Interesting development when it comes to another kind of European ‘-exit’.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201611:56

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201611:51

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201610:07

@europressos with an interview highlighting investment and Brexit issues

Investors warn UK referendum 'already causing a short-term effect’

According to Global Infrastructure Investor Association head Andy Rose, members of his organisation, including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, see Europe as an attractive place to invest. But, he warned, the upcoming Brexit  referendum is causing negative “short-term effects”.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201609:29
Samuel Morgan 23/05/201609:29

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201609:27

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201609:24

The UK has benefited from over €100 billion thanks to its special relationship with the EU, reports @GeorgiGotev

UK reimbursed in excess of €111 billion by EU since 1985

Thanks to the “UK rebate” won by Margaret Thatcher, over the last three decades, the United Kingdom has been reimbursed more than €111 billion from the EU budget, has learned.

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201609:23

Britain's Loach rages against EU austerity after Cannes win

British director Ken Loach launched a withering attack on austerity economics which he said had led the European Union to “near catastrophe”, after winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival Sunday (22 May).

Samuel Morgan 23/05/201609:22

Brexit row turns to Turkey's possible EU accession

Chief ‘In’ campaigner Prime Minister David Cameron clashed with members of his own party on
Sunday (22 May) over the impending referendum on Britain’s European Union membership, dismissing claims that he would be powerless to stop Turkey joining the EU.

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Wide-ranging interview here with the co-director of the Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action (IECAH), including on what a “brutal blow” Brexit would be to the EU.

Conflict analyst: EU would have 'second most powerful military on Earth'

The EU would have “the second most powerful military” in the world if its members pooled its resources, insisted the co-director of the Institute of Studies on Conflict and Humanitarian Action in an interview with EurActiv Spain.

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‘Deserters’ won’t be welcomed back with open arms, Juncker warns Britain

“Deserters” from the European Union will not be welcomed back with open arms, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has warned as Britain prepares to vote in a referendum on whether to stay in the bloc.

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Brexit prospect stokes dream of independent Scotland

Sitting in a Dundee park, two students discuss their hopes and dreams and, while they fear the prospect of Britain leaving the EU, they relish what it could bring — a second chance at Scottish independence.

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The Brexit camp didn’t appreciate this offer so much and have subsequently reported the airline for allegedly breaking the UK’s 2010 Bribery Act.

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Sherlock comes out in favour of Remain

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Funny animation about a post-Brexit world

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Queen's speech overshadowed by EU sovereignty row

Queen Elizabeth unveiled plans by British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday (18 May) to overhaul prisons and help the poor under a social reform agenda he hopes to press after a referendum on European Union membership.

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Just days after he compared the EU to Adolf Hitler, Boris Johnson has penned an offensive limerick about Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. His scribblings, which won the Spectator magazine’s offensive limerick contest, were partly the former London mayor’s reaction to the ongoing case in Germany, where a comedian faces criminal proceedings after also offending Erdoğan. The limerick, which uses colourful language to say the least, was published by the Spectator, a publication which Johnson used to be the editor of.

“There was a young fellow from Ankara.

“Who was a terrific w**kerer

“Till he sowed his wild oats

“With the help of a goat

“But he didn’t even stop to thankera.”

Samuel Morgan 18/05/201614:55

More on that The Sun story, reporting by @MattTempest

Watchdog condemns Sun’s misleading ‘Queen Backs Brexit’ headline

Britain’s press regulator ruled Wednesday (18 May) that The Sun newspaper was “misleading” in suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II backs leaving the EU in next month’s referendum – although the tabloid stood by its story.

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Opinion piece by Dr Melanie Sully

Brexit-Brexin: Two leaps in the dark

The referendum debate on the UK and EU has mutated to a classic David and Goliath battle with a public sceptical of both sides, writes Dr Melanie Sully.

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Molly Scott Cato MEP has slammed Cornish MP and Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, for making a ‘fishy case’ for voting to leave the EU. The Green MEP challenged Eustice after he repeated a claim that, “from the point of view of the fishing industry, the case for leaving the EU is overwhelming”.

Molly said: “By arguing that Brexit will protect our fishing industry, the Fisheries Minister is swimming against the tide. The Marine Conservation Society has said it believes our EU membership has on the whole been very good for marine conservation and that it has serious concerns about the impacts of leaving the EU.”

Molly also points to the fact that Eustice has admitted that even if the UK were to leave the EU, there would still need to be a quota system because quotas, “are the only system that works in a shared fishery with mobile species”.

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The Vote Leave campaign has kicked things up a notch, releasing “Brexit: The Movie”. An entertaining watch, regardless of how you’re going to vote in June

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Reporting by @JamesCrisp6

Tusk blasts 'absurd' Boris Johnson after Brexiteer's Hitler comments

European Council President Donald Tusk today (17 May) launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, a leading figure in the campaign to take the UK out of the EU, after the former London mayor compared the EU to Adolf Hitler.

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France’s Total launches major offshore gas project near Shetland Islands

France’s Total officially launched a mammoth new gas project in Britain’s remote Shetland Islands yesterday (16 May), hailed by London as a “vote of confidence” in the flagging North Sea oil and gas industry.

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What would 'Brexit' mean for Development?

On June 23rd Britain will go to the polls to make a momentous decision: whether to remain in or leave the EU, writes Linda McAvan MEP.

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One of the UK’s richest men has said that Brexit could be his country’s chance to “be like Singapore”.

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Brexit campaigners pull ahead in race to raise cash

Groups campaigning to take Britain out of the European Union have secured £8.2 million (€10.3m) in recent weeks from leading businessmen in the financial services industries.

Samuel Morgan 12/05/201609:44

Hammond: Brexit would 'impair' UK’s ability to defend Gibraltar

Britain leaving the EU would “seriously impair” London’s ability to stand up for Gibraltar, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, said yesterday (11 May) on his first official visit to the contested UK territory on Spain’s southern tip.

Samuel Morgan 11/05/201616:57

Could Brexit lead to mainland Europe asking for even more of its cultural heritage and artworks back?

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@MattTempest here, with an interview with Scotland’s former First Minister, Alex Salmond.

Salmond predicts Scotland could be independent ‘within 2 years’ of Brexit

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond predicted on Monday (9 May) that Scotland could be independent within two years of a Brexit vote.

Samuel Morgan 10/05/201611:03

A @WiWo article translated for EurActiv.

EasyJet CEO: Impact of Brexit ‘shouldn't be overestimated’

Budget airline EasyJet’s chief-exec Carolyn McCall told EurActiv’s partner WirtschaftsWoche why she’s looking forward to fuel price increases and shared her thoughts on Brexit.

Samuel Morgan 10/05/201611:03

Cameron is right to raise Brexit security fear

The real risk is that a UK exit could lead to the departure of other member states, writes Paul James Cardwell.

Samuel Morgan 10/05/201611:03

The English Premier League’s new champions, Leicester, should be thanking the EU for their title, it seems… (kind of…)

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James Crisp 09/05/201618:56

Sweden’s former prime minister Carl Bildt has called Boris Johnson a “Putin apologist”, after the ex London Mayor appeared to blame the EU for the Ukraine crisis.

James Crisp 09/05/201618:56

James Crisp 09/05/201618:54

Samuel Morgan 09/05/201617:03

@JamesCrisp6 reports on new research published on Brexit today

Chatham House: Brexit will actually reduce British sovereignty

Despite Great Britain sacrificing some sovereignty to the European Union, its parliament is still responsible for more than 98% of public spending, and has the final say on the majority of policy that voters care about, research published today (9 May) has found.

Samuel Morgan 09/05/201611:40

(AFP) – Prime Minister David Cameron warned today (9 May) that a British exit from the EU would threaten peace on the continent, as the campaign for next month’s crucial referendum got into full swing after regional elections. “Isolationism has never served this country well,” he said in a speech at the British Museum in London.

“We’ve always had to go back in, and always at a much higher cost.” Cameron said that while Europe had largely been at peace since the end of World War II, it was barely two decades since the Bosnian war, while the continent was facing a “newly belligerent Russia”. “The serried rows of white headstones in lovingly-tended Commonwealth war cemeteries stand as silent testament to the price this country has paid to help restore peace and order in Europe,” he said. “Can we be so sure that peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt?” Is that a risk worth taking? “I would never be so rash as to make that assumption.”

The Remain and Leave camps are neck-and-neck on 50%, according to the What UK Thinks website’s average of the last six opinion polls. Later today, Cameron’s fellow Conservative Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who is a key figure in the Leave campaign, will also make a speech. The referendum campaign is picking up speed again after regional and local elections last Thursday (5 May) which saw Labour’s Sadiq Khan elected as London’s new mayor, and pro-independence nationalists returned to power in Scotland, albeit without a majority.

Labour was beaten into third place in Scotland, once a Labour stronghold, as the Conservatives became the official opposition to the nationalists. Critics said Labour should have performed better against a Conservative government that has lost support over welfare reforms and is deeply divided ahead of the referendum.

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Juncker says Brexit would have 'unforeseeable consequences'

A British exit from the EU would have “unforeseeable consequences” for European cooperation, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker has warned in an interview with German media.

Samuel Morgan 09/05/201610:58

EurActiv led a session at the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs Annual in Blackpool, here’s a write-up penned by EurActiv UK’s director, Ian Hall.

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Poll: Nearly half of Europeans want own votes on EU, like UK

Nearly half of voters in eight big European Union countries want to be able to vote on whether to remain members of the bloc, just as Britons will in a referendum next month, according to an opinion poll published on Monday (9 May).

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More on Donald Trump’s endorsement of Brexit here

Trump says UK would be better off without EU

Republican candidate Donald Trump said yesterday (5 May) he thought Britain would be better off out of the European Union.

Samuel Morgan 06/05/201611:04

Were the UK to vote Leave, anyone thinking it would be an overnight job to break ties with the EU should take a look at a pretty solid precedent.

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Samuel Morgan 06/05/201611:00

Samuel Morgan 06/05/201610:59

Donald Trump giving his two cents on Brexit here, just a short time after criticising Barack Obama for doing the very same thing.

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201616:04

Legal limbo for 2m Brits living in EU after Brexit, report warns

The 2 million UK citizens currently living abroad in the EU would face years of legal limbo over their futures, a report by senior British politicians warned today (4 May.)

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201611:53

Just a reminder that this DOES exist.

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201609:58

Brexit may have more disastrous consequences than anyone could have imagined. The struggle is real.

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201609:50

The latest economic policy uncertainty index, which analyses content from leading UK newspapers, shows that Brexit is currently generating more anxiety than the September 11th attacks, the failure of Lehman Brothers and the eurozone crisis.

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201609:40

Good graphic breaking down how the UK’s regions benefit from EU funding in various guises.

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201609:37

Former British PM Tony Blair insists the UK will do the “sensible thing” come 23 June.

Samuel Morgan 04/05/201609:36

UK shouldn’t follow Swiss or Norwegian model

There is no doubt that UK manufacturing and wider business is best served by being in the EU and by continuing to be influential in defining the future direction of the framework conditions for manufacturing companies in the bloc, writes Adrian Harris.

Samuel Morgan 03/05/201612:26

The seeds for this were planted when Terry Wogan died.

Samuel Morgan 03/05/201612:20

Brussels, May 3, 2016 (AFP) – The EU warned on Tuesday that uncertainty over Britain’s referendum on membership of the 28-member bloc in June poses a “considerable” risk to the European economic outlook.

“Risks associated with domestic EU developments remain considerable, as for instance… the uncertainty ahead of the UK’s EU referendum,” it said in its spring economic forecast.

Britain’s own economy also faces risks from the issue. “Overall, risks to the outlook are tilted to the downside, reflecting less favourable external demand and uncertainty in the lead-up to the June referendum,” the forecast said.

Britain votes on June 23 in an in-out referendum on whether to stay in the EU. The EU cut its forecasts for the British economy, saying that “growth is expected to ease in 2016 and 2017”.

It projected annual growth of 1.8% in 2016 and 1.9% in 2017, compared to its earlier forecast in February of 2.1% for both years.

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Catalonia leader plans 'charm offensive' after Brexit referendum

Catalonia President Carles Puigdemont found the EU institutions’ doors closed in his first official visit to Belgium in early May, but he said that he would embark on a charm offensive after the in-or-out referendum in the United Kingdom next June.

Samuel Morgan 03/05/201611:47

Poll: UK voters fear Scottish independence more than leaving EU

Britons are more worried about the prospect of Scotland gaining independence than of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, a poll published today (3 May) found.

Samuel Morgan 03/05/201611:44

Brexit would put £250 billion in trade at risk, 'In' campaign says

A British vote to leave the European Union could put £250 billion (€318 billion) of trade at risk, both with EU member states, and with the more than 50 countries that have free-trade agreements with the bloc, campaigners to remain said yesterday (2 May).

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No more going to West Ham/ Aston Villa matches together then…

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UK energy links to Europe at risk from Brexit, analysts warn

Efforts to link the UK’s electricity grid with other European power networks would be set back if the UK decides to leave the EU, with some key projects likely to be put on hold, experts have told

Samuel Morgan 29/04/201616:58

EU flag allowed, but not the English, Scottish or Welsh? Eurovision could become another Brexit talking point at this rate.

Samuel Morgan 29/04/201614:19

Will there really be a ‘new settlement’ between Britain and Europe?

The opinion polls show a small but steady majority for Remain and the Leavers still lack a coherent prospectus for Brexit. Surely, as a Commission official told me this week, ‘things will be back to normal after 23 June’. But such wishful thinking is misplaced, writes Andrew Duff.

Samuel Morgan 29/04/201612:24

Commission delays ecodesign strategy for fear of offending UK businesses

Central to the Circular Economy Package, the 2015-2017 ecodesign strategy will not be presented by the Commission until autumn 2016. Some see this as an attempt not to upset UK businesses. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 29/04/201612:24

Pro-Brexit economists hail benefit of scrapping EU tariffs and rules

Britain would be richer if it left the European Union, a group of British economists said on Thursday (28 April), in contrast to warnings from leading global institutions of a big hit to output and living standards.

Samuel Morgan 28/04/201612:01

Lucas: ‘Worrying’ link between Leave camp and climate change denial

Energy policies would be rolled back, demand for environmental experts would drop and Britain’s voice in global climate change talks would be lost if it votes to leave the EU, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas told EurActiv’s partner in an exclusive interview.

Samuel Morgan 28/04/201611:19

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Samuel Morgan 28/04/201610:35

Pointless? Maybe. Entertaining? Most certainly.

Samuel Morgan 28/04/201610:31

An article from our media partner, @LaTribune, translated from French by @SamWhite1190

Brexit a threat to London's FinTech dominance, industry says

82% of British financial technology companies want the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union, according to recent a poll by the industry association. EurActiv’s partner La Tribune reports.

Samuel Morgan 28/04/201610:29

Obama and the European Union

European integration was an American idea. If the European Union falls apart, it is hard to see how NATO survives, even in its current state, writes George Friedman.

Samuel Morgan 27/04/201616:42

Samuel Morgan 27/04/201616:40

Samuel Morgan 27/04/201616:39

Britain would be less well off after Brexit: OECD

Britons would be less well off if they voted to leave the European Union than if they stayed, the head of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Wednesday (27 April).

Samuel Morgan 27/04/201611:03

An interesting take on the linguistic future of the EU…

Samuel Morgan 27/04/201610:59

Fear of Eastern European EU migrants fuels Brexit campaign

Curbing migration from Eastern EU countries is a key goal for many Britons who plan to vote to leave the EU in a referendum on June 23. But many small firms believe the economic cost would be large, according to a new survey.

Samuel Morgan 27/04/201610:58

Here are EurActiv Founder Christophe Leclercq’s musings on what the future could spell for the United Kingdom, in a suitably satirical (and fictional) take on what may lie ahead in 2018…

Samuel Morgan 26/04/201612:28

Samuel Morgan 26/04/201612:24

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on brexit. (€)

Samuel Morgan 26/04/201612:21

Samuel Morgan 26/04/201612:20

General Sir Mike Jackson is one of the most high-profile generals since the end of the Second World War.

Samuel Morgan 26/04/201612:14

Britain's trade options after Brexit – no easy way out

Britain’s status as a trade power has become a central issue in the build-up to its European Union membership referendum on 23 June.

Samuel Morgan 26/04/201609:52

Samuel Morgan 25/04/201617:02

The indy100 have created the following graphic. In the map, the darker the shade of blue, the more support there is in that country for the UK to remain in the EU. The scores are calculated by subtracting the percentage of people who want Britain to leave, from those who want Britain to remain.

Samuel Morgan 25/04/201616:58

It seems like the matter of wanting to leave Europe is older than any of us previously thought…

Samuel Morgan 25/04/201614:07

Following his assertion that the UK would find itself “at the back of the queue” for future trade deals, Barack Obama has met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to push the topic of transatlantic trade.

Obama, Merkel make joint pitch for EU-US trade deal

US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a joint pitch Sunday (22 April) for more transatlantic trade in the face of mounting opposition, vowing to complete a vast US-EU pact that could spur much-needed economic growth.

Samuel Morgan 25/04/201613:55

If the UK votes to leave the EU, then Brits could be forced to kiss goodbye to the bloc’s phase-out of roaming charges, @GeorgiGotev reports.

End of roaming charges in EU, but what about UK?

Roaming charges will cease to exist for the EU as of 15 June. But if on 23 June, the British people votes to leave the EU, there is a high chance that calls between the British islands and the member states could become very expensive.

Samuel Morgan 25/04/201612:30

'Vote Leave' campaign leader calls for travel ban on Marine Le Pen

The leader of the official pro-Brexit campaign has asked the British Home Secretary to ban Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front, from entering the United Kingdom. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 22/04/201614:36

Samuel Morgan 22/04/201614:31

Samuel Morgan 22/04/201614:10

Ex-UK premier makes 'patriotic' case against Brexit

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown said Thursday he was setting out a “patriotic” case for Britain to remain in the EU, in his first intervention on the looming referendum.

Samuel Morgan 22/04/201614:09

Samuel Morgan 22/04/201610:03

Barack Obama has ignored the pro-Brexit camp’s demand that he stay out of the EU membership debate and given his opinion on the issue.

Obama: EU membership magnifies Britain's world status

US President Barack Obama wasted no time in plunging into Britain’s poisonous EU membership debate today (22 April), arguing strongly against a “Brexit” as he kicked off a visit to the UK.

Dominique Ostyn 20/04/201610:49

Andrew Duff, Visiting Fellow at the European Policy Centre and UK Liberal MEP from 1999 to 2014 just published on his BlogActiv blog.

Samuel Morgan 20/04/201609:59

@GeorgiGotev reports

Will Brexit make the EU more pro-Russian?

Asked if Brexit will make the EU more pro-Russian, international experts with different backgrounds approached by EurActiv were not unanimous in their assessment. However all said that without the UK, the EU will be weaker internationally.

Samuel Morgan 20/04/201609:57

Juncker admits Europeans have lost faith in the EU

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today admitted that citizens had lost faith in the EU, during a speech at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Samuel Morgan 19/04/201614:29

Surfers and beach-combers may want to pay attention to this latest report..

Clean air and beaches listed among UK’s EU membership gains

Britain’s environmental policies on air and water pollution and biodiversity benefit from the country’s membership of the European Union, a committee of British lawmakers said in a report on Tuesday (18 April).

Samuel Morgan 19/04/201614:23

@MattTempest reports on a new study that has mapped out what a UK-free EU would look like.

Study: Brexit would leave EU more anti-nuclear, pro-financial transaction tax

A ‘Brexit’ would leave behind a more left-wing EU, keener on business regulation and a financial transaction tax and more anti-nuclear, according to research published today (19 April).

Samuel Morgan 18/04/201618:05

Much like her Welsh counterpart Carwyn Jones, Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that Scotland will not be told to leave the EU if the country does not vote to do so.

Sturgeon says Scots won’t be taken out of EU against their will

Scotland should have the right to hold a new referendum on independence if the country is takenout of the European Union “against our will”, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) said on Sunday.

Samuel Morgan 18/04/201618:04

UK Chancellor George Osborne has outlined his thoughts on brexit’s potential financial ramifications.

Osborne sees major damage for UK economy in case of Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union could see its economy shrink by six percent by 2030 and cause “permanent” economic damage, the country’s finance ministry will say in an analysis due out on Monday, according to media reports.

Samuel Morgan 14/04/201615:17

Corbyn: Britain should stay in EU 'warts and all'

Britain should stay in the EU “warts and all”, the opposition Labour leader will say today (14 April), making his first big intervention in the referendum campaign as he seeks to counter criticism he is  not doing enough to persuade his voters to back the ‘In’ campaign.

Daniela Vincenti 13/04/201618:55

Official campaigns for Brexit vote announced

Britain’s elections watchdog named the two lead campaigns for the EU referendum on Wednesday (13 April), a status that brings higher spending limits and public funds, leaving one disappointed organisation seeking legal advice.

Samuel Morgan 13/04/201612:24

Brexit-backing Tory leader's rude gesture to federalist Verhofstadt

Britain’s most senior Conservative MEP Syed Kamall was today (12 April) caught on camera making a rude gesture towards ALDE boss Guy Verhoftsadt, during the plenary debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Samuel Morgan 13/04/201612:24

Post-Brexit UK would face unpopular choices, think tank warns

Britain will need to make choices on trade, labour laws and the environment that could be unpopular with voters if it wants to offset the hit to its economy from any decision to leave the European Union, a think tank said on Wednesday (13 April).

Samuel Morgan 07/04/201612:41

MEP: The Cypriot economy will be hard hit by a Brexit

Cyprus has many reasons to worry about the economic consequences of a Brexit, MEP Takis Hadjigeorgiou told EurActiv Greece.

Samuel Morgan 07/04/201612:40

Dutch voters reject EU-Ukraine association

Dutch voters on Wednesday (6 April) rejected a European pact with Ukraine in a referendum seen as a barometer of anti-EU feeling, dealing an embarrassing blow to the government in charge of the rotating EU presidency, sending shockwaves throughout the Union.

Samuel Morgan 01/04/201612:10

What leaving the EU would really mean for British trade deals

The impact of staying in or leaving the EU for the UK’s global trade has become one of the most talked about questions of the referendum so far, writes Paul James Cardwell.

Samuel Morgan 01/04/201612:09

Brexit risks taking multi-trillion euro trading from London

If Britons vote to leave the EU, London’s financial centre faces losing one of its top money spinners – the trade in trillions of euros in derivatives – and the European Central Bank will be pushing hard for the business to move onto its patch.

Samuel Morgan 01/04/201612:09

The EU appears to have finally snapped and a leaked document shows the extent to which they are prepared to go to punish the UK should it decide to leave the bloc…

Perhaps read with a pinch of salt…!

REVEALED: Europe's secret revenge plans for Brexit

EXCLUSIVE  / Vengeful European Commission officials have drawn up a secret punishment list for the UK if it chooses to leave the EU at the 23 June referendum on its membership of the bloc.

Samuel Morgan 31/03/201617:35

TTIP is a divisive issue for countries whose EU membership is relatively secure for the coming years, so it takes on an added dimension for British voters who will determine the UK’s future in the 23 June referendum.

What will TTIP mean for the UK?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free-trade agreement between the European Union and the United States.

Samuel Morgan 31/03/201610:41

Samuel Morgan 31/03/201610:39

Senior Obama official: Nord Stream 2 and Brexit may weaken EU energy security

EXCLUSIVE / The controversial Russian-German pipeline project Nord Stream 2 will weaken the European Union’s energy security, and Brexit would set back the shared interests of the USA, UK and EU, a senior official in the Obama administration has warned.

Samuel Morgan 31/03/201610:39

Brexit campaign seeks gains from Tata Steel’s UK exit

Britain battled to save its steel industry on Wednesday (30 March) after India’s Tata Steel put its British operations up for sale, leaving thousands of jobs at risk as a result of cheap Chinese imports.

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201616:09

Brexit could create renewable energy ‘paradox’

The renewable energy industry faces a “huge paradox” in the event of Brexit, according to legal experts from a UK-based international law firm. EurActiv’s partner reports.

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201612:23

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201612:20

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201610:21

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201610:20

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201610:18

Bank of England issues new Brexit warning

Uncertainty surrounding Britain’s looming referendum on European Union membership could send the pound slumping further and boost financing costs, the Bank of England warned Tuesday (29 March).

Samuel Morgan 30/03/201610:18

‘Britain safer outside the EU? Bollocks!’, says Tory MEP

Anyone arguing that Brexit would make the UK safer and more secure after the Brussels terror attacks is talking “bollocks”, a leading Tory MEP has declared.

Samuel Morgan 29/03/201610:25

Psychoanalyst: 'Reactance' could determine Brexit

Lessons from the 2015 Greek referendum, and France’s rejection of the European Constitution in 2005, could help the EU avoid a Brexit. EurActiv Greece reports.

Samuel Morgan 25/03/201611:07

EU 'postpones' summit coinciding with British referendum

The British referendum on whether to leave the European Union has prompted Brussels officials to plan to postpone an EU summit scheduled on the same day, several EU sources told Reuters.

Samuel Morgan 24/03/201614:34

From Trump to Brexit: ripple effects of Brussels attack

As Brussels reels from an attack by Islamic State jihadists, analysts warn of a ripple effect that could further whip up populist sentiment on the continent and in the United States and push the British to vote to leave the EU.

Samuel Morgan 24/03/201611:42

Samuel Morgan 24/03/201610:25

The Economic Intelligence Unit, a global forecasting service, has given potential developments a score out of 22 and ranked them in order of the impact they could have on, among other things, the world economy.

The threat of the UK voting to leave the EU was given a score of 8 out of 22, with EIU’s analysts saying that it has a low probability, but a potentially severe impact. Brexit was 8th on the list, behind a slowdown of the Chinese economy, the emergence of a new cold war, ‘Grexit’ and Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

Samuel Morgan 24/03/201610:18

Samuel Morgan 24/03/201607:46

Minister: UK in EU diminishes risk of Russian gas blackmail

Britain’s membership of the European Union helps secure the country’s energy supply from any possible threat by Vladimir Putin’s Russia to restrict gas flows, energy minister Amber Rudd will say today (24 March).

Samuel Morgan 24/03/201607:22

Samuel Morgan 23/03/201616:30

Flight data deal is a reason for UK to stay in the EU, says Tory MEP

Timothy Kirkhope, the British MEP shepherding the controversial passenger name records (PNR) bill through the European Parliament, has named security one of the main reasons for the UK to remain in the EU.

Samuel Morgan 23/03/201616:17

The deplorable attacks that hit Brussels yesterday have done little to put the Brexit debate on the back-burner.

Schengen and security fuels Brexit debate after Brussels attacks

British campaigners and politicians on both sides of the debate over the UK’s membership of the EU today were swift to cite the Brussels terror attacks as evidence to support their points of view on the Brexit referendum.

Samuel Morgan 21/03/201616:46

Samuel Morgan 21/03/201616:44

Brexit could cost Britain £100 billion and one million jobs, CBI says

Leaving the European Union could cause a “serious shock” to Britain’s economy, with the risk of losing almost one million jobs, according to a CBI business group study released Sunday (20 March).

Samuel Morgan 21/03/201616:44

Brexit could raise online prices for UK shoppers

British consumers could be hit by a devalued Pound, and higher import taxes, if the UK leaves the EU, following the 23 June referendum, according to an international shopping website.

Samuel Morgan 18/03/201611:51

British voters who are also football fans may want to consider how Brexit might affect the country’s leagues, as issues like visas and freedom of movement inevitably come into play.

Football: Brexit risk puts Premier League on defensive

The possibility of Britain voting to leave the European Union in its 23 June referendum leaves the lucrative and globally popular English Premier League facing an uncertain future.

Joel Schalit 17/03/201612:04

INFOGRAPHIC: EPP is third largest party at EU summits

As EU leaders gather today (17 March) for yet another summit, trying to fix the migrant crisis, successive elections in member countries have dwarfed the largest political force in the EU following the 2014 European elections.

The European Peoples’ Party, who is the largest in the European Parliament with 251 MEPs out of the total of 751, is now the third force, by the number of its heads of state and government sitting at the summits. The most influential leader of the EPP is without any doubt the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Socialists and Democrats, who have 190 MEPs, are now the number one force at summits.

But perhaps more surprisingly, the liberals, who have only 70 MEPs in the European Parliament and are the fourth largest political group there, are now the second largest force at EU summits.

Samuel Morgan 17/03/201611:05

British WW2 veteran fights for vote in Brexit referendum

A British World War II veteran living in Italy launched a legal challenge on Wednesday against a rule barring long-term expatriates from voting in Britain’s European Union referendum.

Samuel Morgan 16/03/201612:41

One of the main concerns of Eurosceptics is that nothing gets done in Brussels because the institutions are hamstrung by the Lisbon Treaty and the need for many decisions to be taken with unanimity. In an interview with, MEP Elmar Brok explained that the EU still has a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to the treaty and outlined the content of a report he has co-authored, in which measures for improving the functioning of the EU are laid out.

Elmar Brok: 'The idea that the EU will not advance any further is false'

EU treaty changes are laborious and come with a great deal of uncertainty. As a result, the European Parliament is assessing an own-initiative report that intends to assess what reforms of the functioning of the EU are possible without treaty changes. EurActiv Germany reports.

Samuel Morgan 16/03/201612:37

Pound slumps as latest poll renews 'Brexit' fears

The pound slumped Tuesday (15 March) after a newspaper poll showed an edge for voters who want Britain to leave the European Union.

Samuel Morgan 16/03/201612:36

Brexit: What would it mean for UK trade?

The stakes will be high for Britain’s historic role as a free-trading nation when it holds a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union on 23 June.

Samuel Morgan 15/03/201617:15

Samuel Morgan 15/03/201614:14

The ramifications of Brexit and David Cameron’s EU deal are not just being felt by the other 27 member states, countries such as Switzerland are considering their own options ahead of the 23 June referendum.

Brexit deal on EU migrants inspires Switzerland

A February deal allowing Britain to limit the free movement of workers coming from the European Union is giving ideas to the Swiss, who would like similar exceptions applied to their own relations with the 28 member bloc.

Samuel Morgan 15/03/201611:58

Poll: edie readers oppose Brexit

A poll conducted by EurActiv’s partner has revealed that the majority of its readers will be voting to keep Britain IN the European Union when the Referendum takes place on 23 June, with more than 80% voting in support of Britain’s position as a member state.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:20

British EPP compares Brexit ballot paper to Hitler's rigged voting slips

The British arm of the European People’s Party (EPP) has compared the ballot paper for the UK referendum on EU membership to that used by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler to force the annexation of Austria.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:19

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:16

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:16

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Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:14

Obama will visit UK to campaign against Brexit, newspaper says

US President Barack Obama will head to Britain next month and make the case for the UK to stay in the European Union, a British newspaper reported yesterday (13 March).

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:14

Majority of French back holding ‘Frexit’ referendum

53% of French surveyed would like to hold a referendum on their country’s continued EU membership, a new poll has revealed, fuelling fears in Brussels that Britain’s own referendum will give others ideas and unravel the EU’s unity.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:14

Greek MEP: Deadlock on refugee crisis will fuel Brexit vote

Failure to find a common solution to the refugee crisis will only encourage Britons to vote leave in the upcoming referendum on Britain’s EU membership, a Syriza MEP told EurActiv Greece.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:13

ECR chief backs Brexit

Britain’s most senior Conservative MEP has said he will vote for the UK to leave the European Union at the 23 June referendum.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:13

'Project Fear' stalks Britain's EU referendum campaign

Prime Minister David Cameron stands accused of unleashing “Project Fear” to try and keep Britain in the EU at a June referendum — but experts say both camps are resorting to negative campaign tactics to win support.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:12

A plea to my British friends: Please stay at home, for Europe's sake

The EU might be dysfunctional but it is still Britain’s home. Kalypso Nicolaïdis makes a plea to the British people to vote to remain and try to fix the bloc from the inside.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:12

ECB questions banks over 'Brexit' preparations

Supervisors of the European Central Bank are questioning banks over their preparations for a
possible British exit from the European Union and the ensuing reaction in foreign exchange markets, Handelsblatt reported on Wednesday (9 March).

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:12

Irritated French politicians begin backing Brexit

Most French political parties officially support the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the EU. But cracks in the veneer are beginning to show, as more and more French politicians back Brexit. EurActiv France reports.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:07

AfD links to Austrian far-right 'final straw' for ECR MEPs

Alternative für Deutschland’s links to the far-right Freedom Party of Austria was the final straw for members of the EU Parliament’s European Conservatives and Reformists group, which yesterday (8 March) voted to kick out the German Eurosceptics .

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:07

INFOGRAPHIC: Who's behind bars in EU prisons?

New research published today by the Council of Europe provides a snapshot of prisoners in the EU, and where they come from.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:06

Britain is the EU’s capital of prisons

The United Kingdom jails more people and spends more money on its prisons than any other European Union country, research published today (8 March) has revealed.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:06

Sobotka speaks out against Brexit and Czexit

Speaking to, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has corrected media interpretations according to which the eventuality of Brexit could open the door to Czexit. He said he wishes for the UK to remain a member of the EU and considers any suggestion of the Czech Republic leaving the EU to be unfounded, harmful and dangerous.

Daniela Vincenti 15/03/201611:06

Head of UK business group resigns in Brexit row

The head of a major British business group resigned from his post on Sunday (6 March) after publicly backing leaving the European Union, sparking a row over whether he had stepped down due to political pressure.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:59

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:49

Boris, Brexit and better trucks

London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the UK to take back control of truck design to improve road safety, but the UK will gain nothing by leaving the EU, writes Jos Dings.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:49

France warns of Brexit costs for UK borders, finance

France would cease keeping migrants in Calais and tempt bankers to relocate from Britain if the country exits the European Union, economy minister Emmanuel Macron told the Financial Times Wednesday (2 March).

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:48

Cameron's renegotiation is nothing more than a rebranding exercise

There is nothing of substance to the United Kingdom’s renegotiation agreement, but it has been sold as a full revision of the country’s EU membership, write James Bartholomeusz and Daniel Schade.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:48

Brexit and the ‘Brussels crumbs’ Cameron brought home

Melanie Sully wonders what did David Cameron actually brought back from his late night session at the European Council.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:48

Denmark, Sweden eye post-Brexit EU drugs agency

Denmark’s pharmaceutical industry is going head-to-head with its Swedish counterpart by arguing Denmark should be the new home of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) if Britons vote to leave the European Union in a June referendum.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:47

Farage to back 'no' vote in Dutch referendum on Ukraine’s EU association

Leading British eurosceptic Nigel Farage will visit the Netherlands in April to help whip up support for a key Dutch referendum aimed at opposing an EU cooperation deal with Ukraine.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:47

EU's ban on inefficient toasters delayed to avoid pro-Brexit press attack

The EU has put plans to regulate inefficient kettles and toasters into cold storage amid fears in Brussels that they could galvanise support for the leave campaign in the UK’s 23 June referendum.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:47

Brexit will shock world economy, warns G20

A potential British exit from the European Union would be a “shock” that ranks among rising downside risks and vulnerabilities for the world economy, G20 finance ministers said Saturday (27 February) after a meeting in China.

Daniela Vincenti 03/03/201618:47

Brexit’s economic impact remains unknown

British small business owners are still undecided on how to vote in the upcoming referendum on the UK’s EU membership, according to a new poll, published as financial leaders warned that Brexit could damage the economy and scuttle Deutsche Börse’s takeover of the London Stock Exchange.

Samuel White 26/02/201617:49

Reuters reports. Sweden should become the new home of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) if Britons vote to leave the European Union in the June referendum, according to the head of the Swedish pharmaceutical association.

The agency, which approves medicines for all EU countries, has been based in London since it was founded in 1995. But a so-called Brexit would leave Europe’s equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration outside the bloc and could force a move.

Shifting to Sweden would make sense, given the country’s scientific strength and the leading role Swedish experts already play in European drug regulation, said Anders Blanck, director general of the LIF group representing research-based drug makers.

“If the referendum in the UK results in a ‘no’ to the EU, the government should immediately launch an intensive lobbying campaign to make Sweden the new host country for the EMA,” Blanck wrote in the latest newsletter of the LIF trade group.

“My advice is to already now begin planning for how such lobbying could be done. We in the pharmaceutical industry would gladly help with full force … an EMA in Sweden would be a major boost for the entire life science field.”

Sweden’s claims to eminence in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena include the fact that it is home to the Karolinska Institute, which awards the Nobel prize in medicine.

It has also seen significant investment recently by multinational groups such as AstraZeneca and GE Healthcare.

The EMA and the European Commission have both declined to comment on what would happen to the agency in the event of a Brexit, but Blanck said the medicines watchdog and its 600 staff would have no choice but to leave London.

Many pharmaceutical executives also see a move as inevitable and they fear that a British “out” vote would disrupt healthcare regulation in the world’s biggest trading bloc.

Concerns about the EMA contributed to a decision by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations this week to warn against Britain leaving the EU.

James Crisp 26/02/201612:54

Finance minister George Osborne warned Friday that the prospect of Britain leaving the EU was not a “parlour game”, adding that slowing global growth meant it was the “very worst time” to gamble on a Brexit.

Speaking to the BBC in Shanghai, where he is attending a meeting of G20 finance ministers, Osborne said leaving the European Union would deliver a “profound economic shock” to Britain. “I think the global economy is facing more risks and more uncertainty than at any point since the financial crisis in 2008 so this would be the very worst time for Britain to take the enormous economic gamble of leaving the European Union,” Osborne said.

“You’ve seen the value of the pound fall and this reminds us all that this is not some political parlour game, this is about people’s jobs and their livelihoods and their living standards. In my judgement as chancellor, leaving the EU would represent a profound economic shock for our country.”

The Financial Times newspaper reported that Osborne was pushing the G20 to come out against a Brexit and hopes the group would do so in its communique following the meeting.

James Crisp 25/02/201616:33

Reuters reports. Britain’s finance ministry is not putting together plans on how it would deal with fallout onmarkets if Britain voted to leave the European Union, a senior government official said on Thursday. Earlier this week the pound fell to multi-year lows on concern that Britons could vote to leave the EU in a referendum on membership in June. “The government policy is not to do contingency planning,” Charles Roxburgh, director general for financial services at the finance ministry. Roxburgh said this was consistent with the stance the government took when Scotland held a referendum on whether to remain part of the United Kingdom.

James Crisp 25/02/201613:35

AFP reports. Britain could face a decade of economic uncertainty if it leaves the European Union, a senior business leader has warned ahead of a membership referendum on June 23.

Simon Walker, director general of the Institute of Directors (IoD), said that Britain could experience years of job losses, higher prices and slower economic growth if it voted to leave.

A post-EU Britain could see “up to ten years of relative uncertainty — and that is a profound disincentive for many businesses,” he said.

Walker, whose organisation represents around 35,000 executives, mostly at small and medium businesses in all sectors of British industry, said the majority of the business community favoured staying in the union.

“I can’t think of any of the big FTSE companies who are actually in favour of Britain leaving the EU,” he said.

His comments came after 197 UK business leaders signed a letter to The Times on Tuesday backing a vote to stay. Walker said small and medium-sized businesses would be among the most vulnerable if Britain left because they tend to export to other European countries rather than markets such as China and India. He added that London’s tech scene, which hosts nearly 40,000 businesses employing over 250,000 people, would suffer if European start-ups could no longer move there easily. But the arguments for Brexit tend to focus on sovereignty and immigration, rather than a business logic, Walker said.

Samuel Morgan 25/02/201608:50

In an exclusive interview with EurActiv, Russian ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizov gave his thoughts on the notion of Brexit.

Chizhov: I wonder why people think Russia wants to break up EU

There are people who believe that everything that happens in the world should be attributed to the Kremlin and personally to President Vladimir Putin, but this is not the case on many occasions, the Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizov told EurActiv in an exclusive interview.

Samuel Morgan 25/02/201608:40

Should the United Kingdom vote to leave the EU later this year, then it will find itself at a crossroads in terms of what course to pursue next. Michael Emerson, an expert at the Centre for European Policy Studies, evaluates the options that will be available in the case of a ‘leave’ result.

Three plan Bs for Brexit

Three possible ‘plan Bs’ for Brexit are defined in research carried out by Michael Emerson, in a 24-page policy paper spanning a range of views, from which EurActiv publishes the Executive Summary.

Frédéric Simon 25/02/201608:18

Britain on Wednesday (25 February) registered with the United Nations the deal it struck with EU partners earlier this month outlining new terms for its European Union membership, Reuters reports.

Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said he registered the text of the deal as an official treaty at the United Nations. He said it has officially entered into force, but will only take effect if Britain votes in June to remain in the European Union.

Rycroft told reporters that registering the deal at the United Nations “puts beyond doubt the fact that the deal the prime minister agreed is legally binding and irreversible in international law.”

‘Out’ supporters have denounced the UK-EU deal for holding no legal value. Justice Secretary Michael Gove – one of five cabinet ministers campaigning for the UK to quit the EU – said the reforms were not legally binding and could be overturned by European judges.

Samuel Morgan 25/02/201606:30

EU judges could strike down migrant benefit curbs after UK referendum

The ‘emergency brake’ banning European Union migrants from claiming British in-work benefits – part of David Cameron’s deal to keep the UK in Europe – could be struck down by EU judges after the referendum, a legal expert has told EurActiv.

James Crisp 24/02/201618:13

Socialist MEPs cast doubt on UK's EU migrant benefit curbs

Members of the European Parliament today (24 February)  cast doubt on Prime Minister David Cameron’s deal to curb EU migrant benefits, raising the possibility of voting down the emergency brake after the 23 June referendum on Britain’s membership of the bloc.

Catherine Stupp 24/02/201614:47

A Brexit survey by UK startup lobby group Coadec shows that 81% of people who responded want Britain to remain in the EU. The group surveyed 175 startup employees and investors.

According to Coadec, respondents who want the UK to stay in the EU cited the single market, free movement for employees, stability and “having a seat at the table”. Those who are in favour of Brexit named overregulation and national sovereignty as reasons to leave.

Coadec executive director Guy Levin announced that the group will lobby to stay in the EU.

A survey from tech industry association techUK shows that 71% of the group’s members want to stay in the EU.

“Many techUK members will have to be compliant with key EU rules and standards whether or not the UK is a member of the EU. They want the UK at the table, making the pro-innovation case on the big decisions shaping the future of Europe’s digital economy,” said techUK CEO Julian David.

James Crisp 24/02/201612:13

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has vowed to free France from the EU in six months by coping the British renegotiation and referendum strategy.

Le Pen’s Front National party is riding high in domestic polls, as France reels from the Paris terror attacks and the ongoing migration crisis.

Her copycat strategy hinges on her election as President next year. Once elected, she will announce a referendum to take place in six months’ time.

That would lead to talks with the EU, similar to those recently held by Prime Minister David Cameron.But Le Pen will ask much more than Cameron did.

She wants the re-establishment of national borders, a new currency for France, French laws to be put above European directives and freedom from EU budget constraints.

If elected, she would demand that all of these changes – which would be almost impossible for the EU to agree – be reflec ted in radically transformed EU treaties.

If her demands were met, she would campaign for France to stay in the EU. If not, she would go for a “Frexit”, using the same protocol that Britain will, if voters plump for Brexit in June.

Daniela Vincenti 24/02/201607:52

Gove: EU reforms ‘not legally binding’

David Cameron’s EU reforms are not legally binding and could be overturned by European judges, Justice Secretary Michael Gove has told the BBC. Gove – one of five cabinet ministers campaigning for the UK to quit the EU – told the BBC the European Court of Justice was “not bound” by the PM’s agreement until treaties are changed.

The PM has said the package is “already legally binding and irreversible”. It could only be overturned by all EU states including the UK, he says.

Gove, a close friend of the PM, told BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg “the facts are that the European Court of Justice is not bound by this agreement until treaties are changed and we don’t know when that will be”.

He added: Cameron was “absolutely right that this is a deal between 28 nations all of whom believe it”, adding: “But the whole point about the European Court of Justice is that it stands above the nation states.”

Cameron has “not been misleading anyone”, Gove went on, but he added: “I do think it’s important that people also realise that the European Court of Justice stands above every nation state, and ultimately it will decide on the basis of the treaties and this deal is not yet in the treaties.”

Daniela Vincenti 23/02/201617:24

EU solves one problem and creates another

The deal that was necessary to keep the United Kingdom in the EU has also opened the door for other members to use referendums — or more likely, the threat of referendums — as a negotiating tactic, writes Stratfor, the global intelligence company.

James Crisp 23/02/201616:23

James Crisp 23/02/201616:22

James Crisp 23/02/201616:20

The Czech prime minister said Tuesday he expects a debate on his country leaving the European Union if Britain chooses to quit the 28-member bloc in a June referendum.

Three-fifths of Czechs said they were unhappy with EU membership and 62% said they would vote against it in a referendum, according to an October 2015 poll by the STEM agency.

“If Britain leaves the EU, we can expect debates about leaving the EU in a few years too,” leftist Bohuslav Sobotka told the CTK news agency.

“The impact may be really huge,” he said, adding that a “Czexit” could trigger an economic and security downturn and a return to the Russian sphere of influence.

James Crisp 23/02/201612:38

The Commission’s Brexit boss Jonathan Faull today spoke with MEPs at the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

He admitted that the EU reform deal could be challenged by “clever lawyers” but denied it was a coup d’état, over the heads of the Parliament.

He said, “This is written by human beings, I hope clever human beings, but there are equally clever lawyers will want to look into text which will be translated into all our different languages.

“We think it is precise and lawful. I can’t rule out there won’t be arguments about what this word meant in that paragraph. That’s human nature.”

“This is not a new EU treaty and does not amend the EU treaties. It is a decision of the Council […] I don’t think it’s a coup d’etat. It was hard going because we didn’t sleep for a long-time but I don’t think it’s a coup d’ etat,” he added.

“It is simply to enshrine in a solemn way what is already possible under the current law.”

Do the other member states have a stake in process? Yes they do and I think the rest of the world does too…but the vote will be cast by those entitled to vote in the UK.

Responding to MEPs’ question he said, “Who votes in the referendum is a matter for the UK. I can’t vote in the referendum. I regret that but hey – I’ve been away too long.”

British born Faull has lived abroad for more than 15 years, making him ineligible to vote.

Commission’s British Brexit boss can’t vote in UK referendum

The British EU official in charge of the European Commission’s strategy on Brexit, will not be able to vote in the upcoming referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the bloc.

James Crisp 23/02/201611:59

Brexit still dominating UK press.

James Crisp 23/02/201611:57

European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs is debating the UK deal. You can watch it here.

James Crisp 23/02/201611:44

Vicky Ford MEP is campaigning for remain.

James Crisp 23/02/201611:26

From AFP.

The bosses of more than a third of Britain’s top companies on Tuesday urged voters to keep the country in the European Union, warning that a “Brexit” would threaten jobs.

Some 198 business leaders including Roger Carr, chairman of BAE Systems, BP CEO Bob Dudley and Ron Dennis, chief of F1 team McLaren, wrote a joint letter published in the Times, backing Prime Minister David Cameron’s deal to reform the EU.

“Following the prime minister’s renegotiation, we believe that Britain is better off staying in a reformed European Union,” they wrote, adding Cameron had secured important commitments to improve competitiveness within the bloc.

“We believe that leaving the EU would deter investment, threaten jobs and put the economy at risk,” wrote the business chiefs, who between them employ around 1.2 million people.

“Britain will be stronger, safer and better off remaining a member of the EU,” it concluded.

The letter comes as a timely boost for Cameron, who was rocked on Sunday by the decision of charismatic London mayor Boris Johnson to back a “Brexit”.

Chairmen or chief executives of 36 companies from key share index FTSE 100, including national giants such as Asda, BT, Marks & Spencer and Vodafone, all signed the letter.

However, critics pointed out that many large employers such as Tesco, RBS, Barclays and Sainsburys had not signed the letter and accused Cameron of “bullying” businesses into supporting his position.

“The truth is that despite the bullying of a prime minister who has no real business experience, it is other normal commercial factors which will determine the continued success of British businesses to invest and grow,” said Richard Tice, co-founder of pro-Brexit group Leave.EU.

“Brexit will reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens and cost on business, which can be used to invest in more jobs, not less,” he added.

Despite Cameron’s deal, bookmakers have slightly reduced the odds on Britain voting to leave while sterling sank to its lowest value against the dollar since 2009.

Rating agency Moody’s threatened to downgrade Britain’s AA1 rating to “negative outlook” if it voted to leave the EU.

James Crisp 23/02/201611:25

Standard Chartered has begun contingency planning for Britain’s potential exit from the European Union, Chief Executive Bill Winters said on Tuesday.

Winters, speaking to reporters on a conference call, said Britain’s vote in June on whether to stay in the EU or leave it should not have a huge impact on the bank one way or the other.

But he said: “We think Britain is best placed in Europe.”

Daniela Vincenti 23/02/201611:05

Brexit and the ongoing saga of the EU

What has emerged in the last two years is a European Union where member states pay attention to European regulations only when it suits them, and an EU leadership that does nothing about it, writes George Friedman.

Frédéric Simon 23/02/201608:18

Brexit worries send pound plunging near 7-year low

The pound plunged Monday (22 February) as Prime Minister David Cameron warned that a vote to leave the EU this year would risk Britain’s economic and national security.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201618:37

Cameron: Brexit is a risk for national security Prime Minister David Cameron warned Monday that a vote to leave the EU would risk Britain’s economic and national security, as uncertainty over the outcome of the June referendum sent the pound plunging, AFP reported.

In a speech to the House of Commons, the Conservative leader launched a barely-veiled attack on London mayor Boris Johnson, his long-term rival who has come out for a Brexit, accusing him of taking the position for political gain.

The pound fell to $1.4058 in early afternoon, its lowest level since March 2009, after Johnson on Sunday threw his weight behind the campaign for Brexit.

Cameron also warned repeatedly that the threats of terrorism and Russian aggression in Ukraine meant remaining in the 28-member club was more important than ever, saying: “This is no time to divide the West.”

“We are a great country and whatever choice we make, we will still be great,” Cameron said. “But I believe the choice is between being an even greater Britain inside a reformed EU or a great leap into the unknown.”

Security is shaping up to be one of the big issues of the campaign, with cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith warning this weekend that the inability to control its borders made Britain open to a Paris-style attack.

However, the director of the continent’s police agency Europol, Rob Wainwright, said the opposite was true.

Benefits of EU membership include “direct access to our database, the ability to involve itself into our intelligence projects and many other areas,” he said.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:51

Leaving EU a ‘leap in the dark’ says Cameron addressing members of Parliament. Follow the debate live

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:17

Top EU official: Cameron’s boast over EU superstate and army have no basis in deal, James Crisp reports.

There are no references to a European superstate or an EU Army in the deal struck by EU leaders on Friday night, senior EU officials has said.

After the agreement was sealed, UK Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters in Brussels, “Britain will be permanently out of ever closer union – never part of a European superstate.

“Likewise, we have established once and for all in international law that Britain’s national security is the sole responsibility of the British Government – so, for instance, we will never be part of a European Army.”

But there is no explicit reference exempting the UK from an EU army – an idea which Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker supports – or the superstate.

On page 18, the agreement does say existing EU treaties confirm that national security remains the sole responsibility of each member state.

But, it adds, “This does not constitute derogation from Union law and should therefore not be interpreted restrictively.

“The benefits of collective action on issues that affect the security of Member States are recognised.”

UK government sources said the reference to national security ensured Britain won’t be part of an EU army.

A section stating the UK is not committed to further political integration into the European Union was used to justify the superstate comment.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:16

Commission will not campaign for #. UKinEU

The European Commission said on Monday (22 February) that both the institution and its President Jean-Claude Juncker would not campaign for the UK to stay in the EU during the run-up to the 23 June referendum. James Crisp reports.

“The Commission will not be campaigning,” chief spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters in Brussels.

Before the Greek referendum, Junker gave an impassioned speech imploring the Greeks to vote yes to the bloc. They ignored him, voting for Oxi (No).

Schinas said the Commission had helped broker the deal struck on Friday after two days of marathon talks, and that was the end of their involvement until the vote was over.

British Commissioner Jonathan Hill would also not be campaigning in the run-up to the referendum.

Schinas refused to comment when asked if the decision not to back Remain was because any Commission support would make Brexit more likely.

EU sources said later that the Commission would continue to tell the British public about what it was doing, and to answer questions.

The special task force to handle the talks was not being dissolved either, sources said.

If voters pick Brexit, one senior source said, English would remain an official language of the European Union.

But the future of the British bureaucrats working in Brussels was less certain, the source said.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:14

The self-destruct button

Measures to cut benefit payments to EU migrants and their children will not become European law if British voters pick Brexit.

The deal struck on Friday (19 February) has a self-destruct button that will be triggered by a vote to leave the EU in June.

Countries such as Germany and Denmark back the curbs on benefits paid to migrants’ children living abroad. But Brexit will stop them from taking advantage of the changes.

EU sources said there were no plans at this stage to introduce the rules to adjust child benefits to the cost of living in the home country into EU law, apart from as part of the reform deal.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:08

The EU could improve if it’s run like a business

The EU should reform by restarting just like an ailing company would, writes Seán Meehan.

Seán Meehan is Professor of Marketing and Change Management at IMD.

The EU summit saw the collective energies of senior politicians across the European Union focused on renegotiating the United Kingdom’s terms of membership. This process has gone on for months. …

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:07

Blow for Cameron as Boris Johnson backs Brexit campaign

London’s mayor Boris Johnson on Sunday (21 February) threw his weight behind the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, in a blow for his old friend and rival Prime Minister David Cameron who had appealed for his backing.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:07

Cameron sets 23 June date for EU referendum

Britain will vote on its membership of the European Union on June 23, Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday (20 February) as he began the daunting challenge of persuading the country to stay in.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:06

Cameron clinches reform deal after benefits compromise

UK Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday night (19 February) said he would campaign for Britain to stay in a reformed EU, after securing promises of treaty change and compromising on his demands over benefits for EU migrants and their children.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:06

EU summit wrap-up: Cameron secures compromise deal

EU leaders meet Thursday and Friday (18-19 February) for a crucial summit to tackle the refugee crisis and avoid Britain’s possible exit from the European Union.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:06

Ever closer union: the surrealist Brexit summit

As Europe’s leaders bargained through the night on a deal to help Prime Minister David Cameron keep Britain in the EU, a “war room” of lawyers wrangled over how to reconcile diametrically opposite meanings of the same three words — “ever closer union”.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:05

Cameron's lose-lose strategy

This will go down in history as the losers’ European Council. David Cameron has fashioned a lose-lose  game plan in which both the UK and the EU will emerge weaker from his plebiscite politics, writes Denis MacShane.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:05

What a good EU-UK deal means for Europe

The UK’s new settlement offers the possibility of a new vision for Europe: a multitiered Europe that provides the flexibility the EU 28 needs to embrace the very real differences of its member states, but does not throw away its integrity, writes Tom Parker.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:04

Vimont: Brexit negotiations would be ‘terrible’

If the British vote to leave the EU, the negotiations with the rest of the Union for settling the divorce will be terrible and hugely complicated, analysts warned on Wednesday (17 November).

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:04

MEPs fear Brexit will trigger ‘perfect storm’ and EU breakup

Leading MEPs have expressed the view that a possible Brexit would trigger the collapse of the European Union, EurActiv has learned.

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:03

Merkel warns against gains for British banks under 'Brexit' deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a fair deal to help keep Britain in the European Union that avoids giving Britain’s financial sector an advantage over the eurozone

Daniela Vincenti 22/02/201617:03

Cameron fails to get EU Parliament assurances over emergency brake

UK Prime Minister David Cameron today (16 February) in Brussels failed to gain assurances from European Parliament leaders that they would pass unchanged the so-called emergency brake mechanism to stop new EU migrants to Britain claiming in-work benefits.