#EUCO wrapup: EU summit agrees on ‘Leaders agenda’ despite Brexit

Inside the European Council's Europa building. [European Council]

EU leaders wound up two days of high-level talks in Brussels on Friday (20 October), after having discussed the digital single market, migration, defence, but also Catalonia and Turkey. On Brexit, the leaders welcomed ‘some progress’ in the talks, but said it was not enough to move to phase two, postponing that assessment for December.

The leaders adopted a two-year agenda of high-level meetings aimed at setting the framework for dealing with a eurozone reform, migration crisis, internal security, trade and the future financing of the EU.

Read the summit conclusions on migration, digital Europe, security and defence, and external relations and conclusions on Article 50 (Brexit).


Zoran Radosavljevic 20/10/201715:53

The EU statesmen agree on a two-year ‘Leaders agenda’ that should pave the way for dealing with contentious issues like the future EU budget, eurozone reform, migration crisis.


Zoran Radosavljevic 20/10/201715:26

On Brexit, Donald Tusk says: “My impression is that the reports of the deadlock between the EU and UK have been exaggerated. And while progress is not sufficient, it doesn’t mean there is no progress at all.”


Samuel White 20/10/201714:59

Macron: “We debated Brexit as 27 and reaffirm the agreed method. One determination: unity to successfully conclude the negotiations.”

Samuel White 20/10/201714:52

Emmanuel Macron says “We are not half way there” on Brexit bill.

The French President added that “no-deal has never been part of the official Brexit discussions”.

Samuel White 20/10/201714:46

Donald Tusk says EU member states have given the go-ahead for internal preparation of phase two of Brexit talks. https://twitter.com/eucopresident/status/921308246127857664