Towards the post-Brexit relationship

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Article 50 has still not been triggered by the UK government, so EU-exit negotiations have still not begun. The UK is already trying to plan for life after the EU by courting possible trade deals with its G20 partners, which other EU members have frowned upon.

Theresa May replaced David Cameron as UK Prime Minister in July and then set up a new government department, to take responsibility for Brexit, to be headed by veteran Conservative MP and Leave campaigner David Davis. Former Secretary of Defence Liam Fox has been given the job of international trade minister and Boris Johnson is foreign secretary.

EURACTIV’s live coverage of the new UK government beginning to deal with the country’s exit from the EU unfolded like this…

  • 23 June UK votes to leave the European Union;
  • 24 June David Cameron announces intention to resign;
  • 13 July Theresa May officially takes over at Number 10.
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This is by no means the start of EURACTIV’s coverage, check out what happened over the last two weeks by reading through our previous live feed.

UK in political meltdown after Brexit vote

The British vote to leave the European Union has sparked a political crisis in the United Kingdom. These were the latest twists and turns.

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Stick ‘close to the EU’, Cameron tells May as he hands over power

Departing British Prime Minister David Cameron told his successor on Wednesday (13 July) to “be as close to the European Union as we can be”, as he handed over the reins of power to Theresa May.

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Brexit: What about the Northern Ireland Peace Process?

Shortly after the results came in, Sinn Fein declared it would seek a vote on Irish reunification. Consequently, by voting in favour of Brexit, British voters may have endangered the progress of the Northern Ireland Peace Process, writes Karlijn Jans.

Samuel Morgan 14/07/201610:46

Boris pick fires up UK press

Britain’s newspapers today (14 July) focused on new Prime Minister Theresa May’s challenge-laden in-tray, while her appointment of top Brexiteers, led by Boris Johnson, thrilled some, but alarmed others.

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What does Brexit mean for TTIP?

Far from killing off TTIP, Brexit may provide the boost of political will needed to drag the trade deal over the finish line, and could unleash a wave of economic liberalism across Europe, write Gabriel Siles-Brügge and Ferdi De Ville.

Samuel Morgan 14/07/201611:48

Michael Gove, whose leadership tilt stalled right when it mattered, has been sacked by Theresa May, leaving the Justice Minister post wide open. His leadership-backer, Nicky Morgan, has also been fired as Education Secretary. John Whittingdale has also been removed from his position as Culture Secretary.

Samuel Morgan 14/07/201612:25

Britain’s new Chancellor Philip Hammond today (14 July) ruled out an emergency budget in response to economic turbulence triggered by the referendum result, refuting what his predecessor, George Osborne suggested might happen.

Hammond told media that a budget would not be submitted before the Autumn, adding that London’s key financial sector must retain access to the EU Single Market following Brexit.

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@JamesCrisp6 and @MattTempest report on Theresa May’s new inner circle.

Who’s who in the Brexit government?

Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday announced six members of her cabinet, the nucleus of the ministerial team that will helm the negotiations to take the UK out of the European Union.

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Contrary to reports, one of the Conserative’s most divisive figures, Jeremy Hunt, has been spared the axe.

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Yesterday, the European Commission was asked to comment on a Facebook post penned by its First Vice-President Frans Timmermans in which he accused some people of “borderline racism”, widely interpreted to be a jibe at Boris Johnson. As it was a “personal post” by the Dutchman, journalists were told to address Timmermans directly on that medium. So one of ours did…

Alexander Winterstein, the Commission’s deputy-chief spokesperson, said, “I did not read the Facebook post, which as you have said yourself is the first vice-president’s post on which I cannot helpfully comment.

Bruno Waterfield, journalist, asked who he should address a question to if it was posted by Timmermans “the man” rather than his official post.

“It’s a Facebook post. Maybe you want to post a proposal to the Facebook page.”

Samuel Morgan 14/07/201616:16

A round-up of the cabinet positions we know so far and how they campaigned in the referendum:

– Chancellor of the Exchequer – Philip Hammond (Remain);

– Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson (Leave);

– Home Secretary – Amber Rudd (Remain);

– Defence Secretary – Michael Fallon (Remain);

– Health Secretary – Jeremy Hunt (Remain);

– Secretary of State for Exiting the EU – David Davis (Leave);

– Justice Secretary – Liz Truss (Remain);

– Education Secretary – Justine Greening (Remain);

– Secretary of State for International Trade – Liam Fox (Leave);

– Environment Secretary – Andrea Leadsom (Leave);

– Transport Secretary – Chris Grayling (Leave);

– Work and Pensions Secretary – Damian Green (Remain);

– Chief Whip – Gavin Williamson (Remain);

– Party chairman and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster – Patrick McLoughlin (Remain).

Samuel Morgan 14/07/201616:33

A round-up of the cabinet positions we know so far and how they campaigned in the referendum:

– Chancellor of the Exchequer – Philip Hammond (Remain);

– Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson (Leave);

– Home Secretary – Amber Rudd (Remain);

– Defence Secretary – Michael Fallon (Remain);

– Health Secretary – Jeremy Hunt (Remain);

– Secretary of State for Exiting the EU – David Davis (Leave);

– Justice Secretary – Liz Truss (Remain);

– Education Secretary – Justine Greening (Remain);

– Secretary of State for International Trade – Liam Fox (Leave);

– Environment Secretary – Andrea Leadsom (Leave);

– Transport Secretary – Chris Grayling (Leave);

– Work and Pensions Secretary – Damian Green (Remain);

– Chief Whip – Gavin Williamson (Remain);

– Party chairman and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster – Patrick McLoughlin (Remain);

– Northern Ireland Secretary – James Brokenshire (Remain).

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Samuel Morgan 14/07/201617:04

May’s 'Three Musketeers' to take on Europe and the world

Britain’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has wasted no time in telling Europe and the world that Britain wants to be somewhere else, writes Denis MacShane.

James Crisp 14/07/201617:24

UK Commissioner: After Brexit, resigning was the right thing to do

Britain’s outgoing Commissioner Jonathan Hill has said he resigned as a matter of principle after the UK’s vote to leave the European Union because the public feel that politicians do not take enough account of their opinions.

James Crisp 14/07/201617:40

Some reaction from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) to the appointment of Greg Clark as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the abolition of the department for Energy and Climate Change.

Richard Black, director of ECIU, said, “Greg Clark is an excellent appointment. He understands climate change, and has written influential papers on the benefits of Britain developing a low-carbon economy.

“Importantly, he sees that economic growth and tackling climate change are bedfellows not opponents – and he now has the opportunity to align British industry, energy and climate policy in a way that’s never been done before.”

“The disappearance of DECC as a stand-alone government department will of course raise concerns that the UK is going to ‘go soft’ on climate change.

“However, Theresa May has assured Conservative MPs that her government will continue to be an international leader on climate change, and it would be odd not to continue with that when all the most important new trading partners in our post-Brexit world, such as China, India and the United States, are themselves making massive investments in a clean energy transformation.

“The most pressing questions are domestic: what will the government do to restore the shot confidence of energy investors? They’re demanding consistency, transparency and long-term planning – and over the last year, they haven’t had it. And how can the economic advantages of a clean energy transformation such as jobs and export potential best be realised?

“Creating this new department opens up the exciting option of an innovation and industry strategy that enables companies in the clean energy supply chain, including steel, to expand and thrive together. But they’ll need a strong British market.

“Within the last few months, the National Infrastructure Commission and energy industry big cheeses, through Energy UK, have said that the UK should continue building a smart, flexible low-carbon grid – so there’s a clear pathway laid out for ministers, and the rationale for following it hasn’t changed a bit.”

Samuel Morgan 15/07/201610:55

New UK government urged to adopt 'common-sense' farming policies

More than 80 organisations have called on new UK Prime Minister Theresa May to pursue “common-sense” food, farming and fishing policies, in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. EURACTIV’s partner reports.

James Crisp 15/07/201612:46

Brexiteers in Brussels

New UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson will meet Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign affairs chief, for a “getting to know you” session, ahead of Monday’s meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels.

Andrea Leadsom, the new agriculture and environment minister, will also be in Brussels for a meeting of ministers on Monday (18 July).

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May suggests Article 50 will wait until full ‘UK approach’ agreed

Theresa May, the new British prime minister, suggested Friday (15 July) that Article 50, triggering Brexit, would not be filed until there was a full “UK approach and objectives” – suggesting Scotland would have a major say.

Samuel Morgan 18/07/201612:11

Boris Johnson: We are leaving the European Union, not Europe

“We have to give effect to the will of the people and leave the European Union, but that in no sense means that we are leaving Europe,” Britain’s new foreign minister Boris Johnson said upon his arrival at the European Council in Brussels on Monday (18 July).

Samuel Morgan 18/07/201612:11

There's silver lining in Brexit for the EU's climate and energy plans

A lot of good can come out of the Brexit vote if the European Commission makes it 100% clear that continued action on climate change and energy savings are crucial issues which transcend politics and pro or anti-EU sentiment, writes Brook Riley.

Samuel Morgan 18/07/201612:11

Brexiteer Johnson in first Brussels talks since becoming FM

Britain’s new foreign minister Boris Johnson was to meet with his European counterparts for the first time Monday (18 July), in what will likely be a fence-mending trip to Brussels for the outspoken politician who led the victorious Brexit campaign.

James Crisp 18/07/201618:35

Boris has left the building. This is what he said on the way out.

A long productive day. Obviously I was making the crucial point from the UK’s perspective, which is we must give effect to the will of the people and Brexit means Brexit but that in no sense means the end of Britain’s commitment, participation in Europe and our support for all sorts of European ventures, particularly on the foreign policy field. We talked a lot about Nice and what we can do to help the French, back them in some of their counter-terrorism operations around the world.

We talked about Turkey, trying to strike a balance there between disapproval there of some of the things that have happening under the Erdoğan administration but also reflecting the obvious truth that there has been a violent and a bloody coup.

We talked about the European global strategy that High Representative Federica Mogherini is pushing forward now. The point I was making there is we are very keen to seen the EU develop and go forward. All we would say is that we need to make sure there are kind of docking stations and doorways open for further UK involvement down the track.

How was your reception?

Very good.

James Crisp 18/07/201618:37

Samuel Morgan 19/07/201610:18

UK parliament votes to update nuclear arsenal

The new British Prime Minister Theresa May won her first parliamentary victory on Monday night (18 July), as MPs voted overwhelmingly to update the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Samuel Morgan 19/07/201610:26

Boris Johnson on his best behaviour as he enters EU lions' den

Britain’s Boris Johnson, who made his name as a Brussels-bashing journalist in the 1990s, was determined to avoid making headlines when he returned to his old stamping ground on Monday (18 July).

Samuel Morgan 19/07/201616:15

Britain will not begin its formal divorce from the European Union by invoking Article 50 this year, a government lawyer told the UK’s High Court today.

Lawyer Jason Coppell said: “The current position is that notification will not occur before the end of 2016.” However, Coppell also added that the government’s position could change.

New Prime Minister Theresa May has already said it should not be triggered this year.

Coppell was speaking at the start of the first of a series of lawsuits brought by individuals to demand that Westminster win legislative approval from parliament before triggering Article 50.

Reuters reports.

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Angela Merkel will welcome Theresa May at the German Chancellery later today, with a joint press conference scheduled for 6:15. Merkel, who has been in office for 11 years, and May, who has been in the job for a week, will sit down to dinner, where the two leaders are not expected to exchange anything more than pleasantries and the lightest of discussion topics. The chancellor has already indicated that she is willing to be patient with the UK as it debates when to trigger Article 50 and May has said that it is unlikely to be invoked in 2016.

James Crisp 20/07/201613:03

May to thrash out Brexit roadmap in Berlin, Paris talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May is heading to Berlin on Wednesday and Paris on Thursday (21 July) to start thrashing out the roadmap for Britain’s departure from the EU.

James Crisp 20/07/201613:04

UK 'too busy' with Brexit to hold EU presidency, claims May

Britain will no longer take on the rotating EU presidency as planned next year, surrendering the role in the wake of the Brexit vote, Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said Wednesday (20 July).

Samuel Morgan 20/07/201616:02

Referendum on Irish reunification is a 'possibility' after Brexit

Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister, said on Sunday (18 July) that Northern Ireland could vote to become part of a united Ireland if they want to stay in the European Union. But the topic is highly divisive.  EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.

Samuel Morgan 20/07/201616:04

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Now updated with recent developments:

UK 'too busy' with Brexit to hold EU presidency, claims May

Britain will no longer take on the rotating EU presidency as planned next year, surrendering the role in the wake of the Brexit vote, Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said Wednesday (20 July).

Samuel Morgan 22/07/201611:17

Merkel grants May until new year to trigger Article 50

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave her opposite number Theresa May breathing space to come up with a Brexit negotiation position on Wednesday (20 July), concurring with the new British PM that London will not trigger Article 50 until the New Year.

Samuel Morgan 22/07/201611:17

Corbyn: Brexit vote must be respected

British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Thursday (21 July) that the result of last month’s vote to leave the European Union should be respected, putting him at odds with the lawmaker who is challenging him for his job.

Samuel Morgan 22/07/201614:19

Samuel Morgan 25/07/201610:44

The UK’s new prime minister travels to Northern Ireland today to make assurances that Brexit will not lead to the reintroduction of a “hard border” with the Republic of Ireland. Theresa May will also argue that the UK’s decision to the leave the EU will not harm the Peace Process. Like Scotland, Northern Ireland overall voted to remain the EU. May will meet with the First Minister, Arlene Foster, and her deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Samuel Morgan 25/07/201612:14

Boris Johnson is back and could prevent Brexit

The Brexit deal is likely to leave both ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’ unsatisfied. But it is possible that Boris Johnson, the man who backed Brexit to advance his career, could switch sides again to save his own skin, writes Guy Edwards.

Samuel Morgan 25/07/201612:14

Brexit is risk to global growth, says G20

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union heightens risks for the world economy, finance chiefs from the G20 group of leading countries said Sunday (24 July), vowing to use “all policy tools” to boost growth.

Daniela Vincenti 26/07/201607:16

May rules out Irish ‘hard border’, as Sturgeon mulls second independence poll

Theresa May has pledged there will be no return to a ‘hard border’ between a post-Brexit Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was now taking “preparatory steps” towards a second independence referendum in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Daniela Vincenti 26/07/201607:34

BBC reports: Ryanair is cutting the capacity and frequency of flights to and from Stansted Airport in Essex following the Brexit referendum result.

But the firm said that no routes would be closed. The airline said it would “pivot” growth away from UK airports and instead focus on European Union (EU) airports. Ryanair said the decision by Britain to quit the European Union was “a surprise and a disappointment”. The low-cost airline said there could be further implications of the vote to leave the EU if the UK is unable to negotiate access to the single market and the open skies regulatory framework currently in place across the EU.

Daniela Vincenti 27/07/201606:52

Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, has said he expects the issue of Britain’s relations with the EU to be resolved by 2020, the date of the next election, the Guardian reported.

He suggested the UK would not trigger Article 50, which starts the clock on the UK’s negotiations to withdraw from the EU, until early in the new year, and said he did not expect the UK to join a customs union with the EU.

Daniela Vincenti 27/07/201606:55

Britain faces a post-referendum surge in migration as EU nationals enter the country before tighter immigration rules are imposed, a Commons committee will warned on Tuesday (26 July). The Home Affairs Committee urged the government to state an “effective cut-off date” for when EU citizens in the UK would be granted the right to stay. It added there could be fresh delays and backlogs in the immigration system if more people tried to enter the UK. Ministers said it would be “wrong” to set out details before exit talks.

The government has confirmed it will seek curbs on free movement rules that currently give EU nationals the right to live and work in other member states.

Samuel White 27/07/201608:05

Estonia to take over UK presidency in 2017

Estonia will take over the rotating EU presidency from the United Kingdom in late 2017 after London pulled out to focus on negotiations to leave the bloc, diplomats agreed on Tuesday (26 July).

Samuel Morgan 27/07/201612:16

Reporting by @JamesCrisp6

Barnier, battler of British bankers, is Commission’s new Brexit boss

Michel Barnier, the former financial services Commissioner with a testy relationship with the City of London, will lead the Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom, the European Commission announced today (27 July).

Also available in German and Spanish.

Samuel Morgan 27/07/201613:56

George Soros: 'We need an EU that the UK would want to be a part of'

Business magnate George Soros is convinced that the EU needs to reinvent itself. In an interview with EURACTIV’s partner WirtschaftsWoche, he explained how Europe should deal with Brexit.

Daniela Vincenti 28/07/201606:48

May cautious on route to Brexit as Rome urges clear timeline

UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday (27 July) said Britain would take the time needed to steer its way towards the EU exit as Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi urged a clear timeline to deliver Brexit.

Daniela Vincenti 28/07/201606:54

Irish exporters see Brexit hurting sector -survey

Nine out of 10 Irish exporters see Britain’s vote to leave the European Union hurting businesses with more than half of those firms planning to diversify into different markets as a result, a survey showed on Thursday.

Ireland’s fast growing economy is considered more vulnerable than any other in the EU to Brexit with its exporters first to suffer after a significant weakening of the pound against the euro made their euro-priced goods more expensive.

In a survey conducted in the two weeks following the June 23 vote, the Irish Exporters Association (IEA) said 92 percent of members felt the decision by its neighbour and major trade partner to quit the EU would have a harmful effect on the sector.

Daniela Vincenti 28/07/201607:31

Mr Johnson goes to Paris British foreign minister Boris Johnson will meet his French counterpart in Paris on Thursday two weeks after Jean-Marc Ayrault called him a liar over his role in Britain’s vote last month to leave the European Union.

“This first trip to France by the British foreign secretary will offer an opportunity to discuss the most important international issues of the day on which we work closely with the United Kingdom, as well as our bilateral relationship, particularly in the areas of defence, counter-terrorism and border control,” a French foreign ministry statement said.

Daniela Vincenti 28/07/201607:46

Brexit shockwaves hit UK consumers, wages and construction

Shockwaves from Britain’s vote to leave the European Union are reverberating through the economy with surveys published on Thursday (28 July) showing a sharp dive in consumer confidence and a slowdown in the construction sector.

Samuel Morgan 28/07/201610:29

Brexit: The Northern Ireland conundrum

The implications for Northern Ireland of the UK leaving the EU are more complex and potentially more dangerous than those facing any other region of the UK, writes Dick Roche.

Samuel Morgan 28/07/201615:22

Boris Johnson and Jean-Marc Ayrault’s much-anticipated meeting will not be followed by a question and answer session. At his last high profile press conference, with US Secretary of State John Kerry, the new British foreign minister was grilled by American journalists about comments Johnson had made in the past about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Instead, the two ministers will issue a joint statement.

James Crisp 28/07/201616:40

Boris Johnson meets French foreign minister who called him a liar

Boris Johnson, the new British foreign secretary, today (28 July) met his French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault, the man who branded him a “liar with his back to the wall” after the referendum campaign on the UK’s membership of the EU.

James Crisp 28/07/201618:28

Britain wants bespoke Brexit that deals with immigration

Britain wants a bespoke model for its future ties with the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday (28 July), adding that its exit deal must address British voters’ concerns over immigration.

Daniela Vincenti 29/07/201606:58

British PM seeks to reassure Poles in UK post-Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to Warsaw on Thursday (28 July) in a bid to reassure the Polish government that the hundreds of thousands of Poles living in Britain still had a post-Brexit future there.

Daniela Vincenti 29/07/201607:25

The huge Irish diaspora in the UK means Ireland is the biggest focus of these efforts: anyone with a grandparent born in Ireland is entitled to claim Irish citizenship, and the numbers entitled to that status in Britain may exceed the entire population of Ireland, the Irish Times reports.

James Crisp 29/07/201613:02

Italy and Spain lead the fight to conquer UK-based EU agencies

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, Rome and Madrid are leading the race to gain the right to host influential EU agencies, while Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Slovakia could remain empty-handed.

James Crisp 29/07/201613:03

Barnier and Brexit: Bad mood before the holidays

One month on from the Brexit vote, the decision to appoint Michel Barnier as chief Brexit negotiator is ill-fated, writes Daniel Guéguen.

James Crisp 29/07/201613:03

UK to reconsider controversial nuclear energy plans

Britain’s government has said it will launch a new review into a controversial project to build two new nuclear reactors led by French utility EDF, the country’s first new nuclear plant in decades.

James Crisp 29/07/201613:06

The UK government’s surprise decision to reconsider the Hinkley Point nuclear plant expansion, could send a worrying signal about the country’s attitude to inward investment, some observers have said. Such messages could prove problematic with many companies hanging fire on investment after the Brexit vote, until the future becomes more certain.

UK to reconsider controversial nuclear energy plans

Britain’s government has said it will launch a new review into a controversial project to build two new nuclear reactors led by French utility EDF, the country’s first new nuclear plant in decades.

Daniela Vincenti 01/08/201606:55

UK business morale plunged after EU vote – survey

British business confidence plunged in the immediate aftermath of the June 23 vote to leave the European Union, regained a little ground later, but was still down sharply compared with last quarter, an industry body said on Monday.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) said its business confidence index fell to -27.7 for the period June 24 to July 20, compared with -0.7 from April 27 through to the June 23 referendum.

The survey of 1,000 chartered accountants showed that the construction, property and transport sectors suffered the sharpest declines in confidence.

Daniela Vincenti 02/08/201607:29

Prime Minister May to set course for 'made in Britain' revival

Prime Minister Theresa May will on Tuesday (2 August) outline her bid to reshape the British economy for a post-Brexit world, reviving the once unfashionable concept of industrial policy 30 years after Margaret Thatcher killed it off.

James Crisp 02/08/201610:44

Juncker names new UK Commissioner as EU anti-terror boss

Great Britain’s new Commissioner will likely head up the European Union’s anti-terror strategy, after Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today (2 August) put forward Sir Julian King for the role.

James Crisp 03/08/201616:48

City of London urges courting of 'old' friends like US, Japan after Brexit

Deepening ties with European companies and “old friends” like the United States and Japan would help Britain preserve its global role in finance after leaving the EU, an industry body said on Wednesday (3 August).

James Crisp 03/08/201616:48

UKIP in chaos after leadership favourite barred from contest

Britain’s anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) was plunged into disarray Wednesday (3 August) after the favourite to take over its leadership was barred from the race for submitting his application 17 minutes late.

Catherine Stupp 03/08/201617:36

UK recession more likely as services sector shrinks

Activity in Britain’s crucial services sector sank in July following the vote to leave the EU, a survey by the research Markit group showed today (3 August), making a recession more likely.

Daniela Vincenti 04/08/201606:42

Cash handouts are best way to boost growth, say economists Direct cash handouts to households would be a better way of boosting Britain’s flagging economy than the interest-rate cuts expected from the Bank of England onThursday, according to a group of progressive economists sent to the Guardian. In a letter to the chancellor, 35 economists have urged Philip Hammond to ditch the approach that has been followed by the government since the recession of 2008-09 and give the Bank the right to try more radical options. The letter, printed in Thursday’s Guardian, suggests that the Bank should be allowed to create money to fund key infrastructure projects. Alternatively, the group says the Bank could pay for tax cuts or direct payments to households.

The letter states: “A fiscal stimulus financed by central bank money creation could be used to fund essential investment in infrastructure projects – boosting the incomes of businesses and households, and increasing the public sector’s productive assets in the process. Alternatively, the money could be used to fund either a tax cut or direct cash transfers to households, resulting in an immediate increase of household disposable incomes.”

James Crisp 04/08/201615:48

Bank of England cuts rates to record low after Brexit vote

The Bank of England on Thursday slashed interest rates to a record low 0.25 percent and announced a vast stimulus package to combat economic fallout from Britain’s looming EU exit.

James Crisp 05/08/201608:07

Labour leadership candidates battle for future of UK's opposition party

Britain’s embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was accused last night (4 August) of failing to provide a credible opposition to the government as he clashed with the man hoping to unseat him in the first debate of a bitter contest.

Daniela Vincenti 08/08/201620:04

Daniela Vincenti 08/08/201620:05

Daniela Vincenti 09/08/201607:27

UK consumers carry on spending despite Brexit fears

British retail spending bounced back in July as sales promotions and good weather outweighed any immediate concern about the consequences of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, a survey showed on Tuesday (8 August).

Daniela Vincenti 09/08/201615:20

Roderick Abbott, a former EU ambassador to the World Trade Organisation, told the Guardian that the UK might conclude a trade deal with Brussels in 24 months – a faster timetable than estimated by some European leaders, who have warned of talks stretching on for five years or more.

The UK could strike a trade deal with the EU within two years but will struggle to win concessions on free movement of labour, according to one of Britain’s most experienced trade negotiators.

“The EU is in my judgment not going to yield on the free movement of people, which matters very much to some of the newer member states.”

Daniela Vincenti 10/08/201607:09

Norway may block UK return to European Free Trade Association Norway could block any UK attempt to rejoin the European Free Trade Association, the small club of nations that has access to the European single market without being part of the EU. Senior Norwegian government members are to hold talks with David Davis, the Brexit minister, in the next few weeks.

Norway’s European affairs minister, Elisabeth Vik Aspaker, reflecting a growing debate in the country following the Brexit vote in the UK, told the Aftenposten newspaper: “It’s not certain that it would be a good idea to let a big country into this organisation. It would shift the balance, which is not necessarily in Norway’s interests.”

She also confirmed that the UK could only join if there were unanimous agreement, thereby providing Norway with a veto. Aspaker said she did not know the UK’s plans.

Daniela Vincenti 10/08/201607:11

Study: Western Europe hit hardest by Brexit vote

Western European countries are expected to suffer more from the Brexit vote than Europe’s East, a new study has found.

Daniela Vincenti 10/08/201607:45

Putin and May agree to meet in ‘the near future’

Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Theresa May have agreed to meet in “the near future”, the Kremlin said yesterday (9 August).

Daniela Vincenti 15/08/201604:26

UK vows to match EU funds, farm subsidies after Brexit

The British government pledged Saturday to match European Union funding for farmers, universities and infrastructure projects following Brexit, as it sought to allay fears over key sectors.

The commitment, intended to address uncertainty arising from the June 23 vote to quit the bloc, could cost £4.5 billion (5.2 billion euros) a year, finance minister Philip Hammond said.

The vow applies to agricultural funds until 2020, structural and investment projects signed before the government’s budget update this autumn, and university bids won under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Daniela Vincenti 15/08/201604:26

Brexit could be delayed to late-2019

Britain’s exit from the European Union could be delayed until at least late 2019 because the government was too “chaotic” to start the two-year process early next year, the Sunday Times reported, citing sources it said were briefed by ministers.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:26

'Brexit discount' makes London property cheaper for some

Price cuts of nearly 20%, and a drop in the value of the pound have created “Brexit discount” bargains on some of the most expensive homes in central London — if you have millions of pounds to spare.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:27

UK consumers begin to feel post-Brexit pinch

From computers and cars to carpets and food, Britain’s decision to leave the EU is beginning to hit consumers in the pocket, having already spread uncertainty through the property market.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:27

Britons eye ancestry, love to secure post-Brexit rights

From looking up their European ancestry to seeking out a continental soulmate, some Britons are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to keep ties with Europe after the nation’s vote to leave the union.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:27

Brexit: The lost generation

Research conducted after the Brexit vote has tended to highlight a generation gap, with young people failing to turn out on voting day and feeling let down by the older ones. The research was later contradicted but if there is such a gap, what is the solution? asks Melanie Sully.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:28

UK retail sales rebound after Brexit vote due to warm weather, fall in pound

Retail sales in Britain, a key driver of the economy, rebounded 1.4 percent in July from June’s drop, official data showed Thursday (18 August), indicating no immediate fallout from Brexit but analysts warn of a tough year ahead.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:28

Frankfurt woos London banks after Brexit vote

A German politician said on Thursday (18 August) he was trying to persuade foreign banks to make Frankfurt their home after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, and outlined how Europe’s biggest economy wants to bolster its financial capital at London’s expense.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:29

UK aid minister promises to keep 0.7% target post-Brexit

The UK’s new aid minister has promised to keep the country’s aid target of 0.7% of GDP, despite herself once campaigning for the Department for International Development (DfID) to be shut down.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:29

‘Forget Commonwealth, target US & China’, economist warns Brexit trade team

Theresa May’s new Brexit team of trade ministers should ignore the former Commonwealth and concentrate on the US and China, according to a new report from a former Bank of England economist.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:33

London mayor slams Corbyn

Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan delivered a blow on Sunday (20 August) by declaring his support for MP Owen Smith to replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain’s Labour party.

“Jeremy’s personal ratings are the worst of any opposition leader on record and the Labour party is suffering badly as a result,” Khan wrote in the Observer, the Sunday version of the centre-left Guardian newspaper.

“Jeremy has already proved that he is unable to organise an effective team and has failed to win the trust and respect of the British people,” he added.

Smith appears to be targeting pacifist Corbyn’s grassroots base, causing controversy by calling for the British government to “get round the table” with the Islamic State group.

Daniela Vincenti 22/08/201607:34

Voting begins in bitter Labour leader contest in UK

Voting will begin Monday (22 August) to decide if veteran leftist Jeremy Corbyn will remain leader of Britain’s Labour party, with an ill-tempered campaign deepening divisions that threaten the party’s future.

Ballots and online voting forms were due to be sent to party members, who will have until September 21 to decide whether to replace Corbyn with MP Owen Smith, previously little know outside Westminster.

The 46-year-old triggered the election by declaring his candidacy last month, warning that Corbyn’s leadership was making the possibility of a split in the party “dangerously real”.

Smith, a former member of Corbyn’s top team, is also targeting voters to the left of the party, promising a “socialist revolution”.

“Not some misty-eyed, romantic notion of a revolution where we are going to overthrow capitalism and return to a socialist nirvana… but a cold-eyed, practical socialist revolution where we build a better Britain,” he said last month.

Corbyn, 67, is favourite to stay as leader, retaining the support of most trade unions and many who signed up last year to propel him to a shock win in the leadership election called following the party’s thrashing in the general election.

But he has failed to win over many of the party’s MPs, 80 percent of whom backed a recent vote of no-confidence in their leader.

Matthew Tempest 25/08/201612:16

Brexit delivers blow to Swiss EU hopes

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery. But it is doubtful if anyone in Switzerland is thanking the City and big bank spin doctors who have come up with the idea that London should seek a Swiss-style relationship with Europe once Brexit is fully consummated, writes Denis MacShane.

Matthew Tempest 25/08/201612:16

Brexit casts doubt over Uganda development project on lung disease

The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has come at a crucial moment in the development of an international medical project that throws into sharp relief the state of flux Brexit has cast over collaborative research, says Jack Barton.

Matthew Tempest 25/08/201612:17

Nigel Farage addresses Trump rally, bashes Clinton

Nigel Farage lent his support to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday (24 August), saying Trump represented the same type of anti-establishment movement that he masterminded in his own country.

Matthew Tempest 25/08/201616:55

German firms see Brexit clouds approaching

Germany is waking up to the threat of Brexit and could see weaker growth in 2017, analysts said on Thursday (25 August), after a key business confidence survey showed a sharp decline.

Matthew Tempest 26/08/201615:11

British economy escapes Brexit 'bomb', for now

Britain’s high streets are heaving with shoppers despite June’s shock vote to leave the European Union, big companies have reported few signs of distress and some tabloid newspapers are even talking about a post-Brexit economic boom.

Samuel Morgan 29/08/201610:09

May demands Brexit ‘action plans’ at Chequers meeting this week

British Prime Minister Theresa May will demand Brexit ‘action plans’ from her ministers, at a meeting to be held at Chequers, her official country residence, later this week.

Samuel Morgan 29/08/201610:10

Germany, Poland and France revive ‘Weimar Triangle’ in wake of Brexit vote

The German, French and Polish foreign ministers vowed Sunday (28 August) to increase ties between their countries when Britain leaves the EU to secure a safer and more effective union.

Samuel Morgan 29/08/201616:11

Our partner Wirtschaftswoche reports on Japanese fears about the EU’s planned FTA in the wake of Brexit.

Brexit fuels Japanese worries over planned trade deal

The prospect of Brexit is giving Japan serious cause for concern as its government fears dwindling interest in a planned free trade agreement with the EU. EURACTIV’s partner Wirtschaftswoche reports.

Matthew Tempest 30/08/201607:50

Experts float blueprint for post-Brexit EU-UK relations

A senior German lawmaker, an adviser to the French prime minister and a former deputy head of the Bank of England have proposed that a post-Brexit Britain form a new “continental partnership” with the EU that could one day be extended to other countries such as Turkey and Ukraine.

Samuel Morgan 30/08/201617:10

Samuel Morgan 30/08/201617:11

Samuel Morgan 31/08/201609:52

The silver lining to the Brexit cloud

After a fairly restless summer, the mood on Brexit has shifted in Brussels. Initial disbelief that the UK could have voted to leave is now replaced by acceptance that, “Brexit means Brexit”, writes Andrew Duff.

Daniela Vincenti 31/08/201610:59

Divisions emerge as Whitehall draws up Brexit scenarios

The Guardian reports: Civil servants have been asked to assess the impact of a wide range of Brexit scenarios, from full membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) to a system under which some Europeans would need visas just to holiday in Britain. Theresa May gathers her cabinet at Chequers on Wednesday with Brexit at the top of the agenda, and the scenarios exercise has already started to expose potential divisions in government.

Samuel Morgan 31/08/201617:27

UK rules out ‘staying in EU by the back door’

In her first major statement on the EU since the summer, British Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out any second referendum, or any attempt “to sort of stay in the EU by the back door.”

Samuel Morgan 31/08/201617:27

French business leaders fear Brexit uncertainty

French business leaders are afraid that Brexit, and the current uncertainty surrounding the UK’s future, will undermine the EU’s fragile economic recovery. EURACTIV France reports.

Samuel Morgan 01/09/201612:43

Poll: British public heavily in favour of burqa ban

Twice as many British people support a ban on women wearing a burqa than oppose one, with a majority also in favour of outlawing the burkini, according to a poll published Thursday (31 August).

Samuel Morgan 01/09/201612:43

Timmermans tells Brits to 'get their act together'

Britain’s political leaders should “get their act together” and tell the EU what they want from their divorce, European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said in an interview with AFP.

Samuel Morgan 01/09/201613:48

Samuel Morgan 01/09/201613:54

Snappily named Exiting the EU Department launches its equally catchy twitter handle, @DExEUgov

Samuel Morgan 02/09/201609:28

France seeks renewed ‘legitimacy’ for EU farm policy post-Brexit

In light of an unprecedented farming crisis, EU agriculture ministers will gather in France today (2 September) to exchange views on the future role of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after Britain’s decision to leave the 28-country bloc.

Samuel Morgan 02/09/201609:28

Van Rompuy: Brexit will take 'years and years'

No need to panic, the UK was on its way out of the EU years ago. This was the view shared by Herman Van Rompuy and the EU foreign affairs ministers who met in Paris on Thursday (1 September). EURACTIV France reports.

Samuel White 02/09/201616:10

Reuters reports

At a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Bratislava on Friday (2 September), UK Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson said, “The British government, under Theresa May, is absolutely committed to participation in European foreign policy cooperation and European defence and security co-operation.”

EU’s foreign ministers are discussing the bloc’s strained ties with Turkey, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, where the so-called Minsk peace accord for the east of the country has stalled.

“The events in Ukraine are still very worrying, and it’s important I think that we continue to keep pressure up on Russia and we see progress based on the Minsk Agreement,” Johnson said.

Samuel Morgan 05/09/201610:46

Poland to make urgent UK visit following post-Brexit attacks

Poland yesterday (4 September) announced three ministers would make an urgent visit to London following attacks on its nationals in Britain, including a murder which may have been a hate crime.

Samuel Morgan 05/09/201610:46

UK to set out plans on post-Brexit ties with EU in coming week

The British government will set out in the coming week how it plans to shape its relationship with the European Union upon leaving the bloc, Prime Minister Theresa May said in an interview broadcast yesterday (4 September).

Samuel Morgan 07/09/201616:09

Brexit minister jeered in parliament

Britain’s Brexit minister was jeered in parliament yesterday (5 September) as he attempted to explain the government’s negotiating position on what exiting the EU would entail.

Samuel Morgan 07/09/201616:10

The Somme, Verdun and Brexit

Brexit was the point at which two narratives about 20th century European history collided. The 21st century has seen Europe begin to turn once again toward nationalism. Fritz Groothues warns there is much to be done to reverse this trend.

Samuel Morgan 07/09/201617:15

Germany warns UK not to jump the gun on trade talks

Germany has warned Britain against negotiating free trade deals with non-EU member states before it quits the bloc, after Prime Minister Theresa May sought to drum up commerce agreements during a G20 summit in China.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201609:11

Brexit pushes EU towards multiple unions

As the EU enters a period of reflection after the UK referendum, some of its members seem to be moving towards a more variable geometry under which they seek to align by regional affinity.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201610:50

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201611:06

MEPs to grill new UK Commissioner late into the night

Sir Julian King, most likely the UK’s last European Commissioner, will be questioned by MEPs in Strasbourg next Monday (12 September). The meeting starts at 7pm and three hours has been allotted for it in the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties’ draft agenda.

King, replacing Jonathan Hill, has been provisionally given the security portfolio by Jean-Claude Juncker, but the European Parliament has to first approve his appointment.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201611:37

Commission Vice-President says Brexit will hit City hard

European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis said in a newspaper interview published today that if the UK decided to leave the European internal market, it would hit the City of London hard.

“If (the British government) decides to leave the European internal market as well as the European Union, it would have serious effects for the City of London,” he told German newspaper Handelsblatt.

“At the moment, British banks only need a licence for one EU state to be able to be active in all member countries. The banks would lose this EU passport if Britain no longer wants to completely respect the rights and duties of the European internal market after it has left the EU,” Lithuania’s Commissioner said.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201611:38

Barnier is back…

'Scourge of the City' to return to Brussels in October

Michel Barnier will return to Brussels on 1 October to take up his new position as the EU’s “negotiator-in-chief” with the United Kingdom. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201614:52

More on that news that Tusk wants May to hurry up with activating Article 50, by @MattTempest

Tusk tells May: Start Brexit talks ‘as soon as possible’

EU President Donald Tusk called for Brexit talks to start as soon as possible as he met British Prime Minister Theresa May in London on Thursday (8 September), following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201616:40

Verhofstadt enters the fray

The Brexit negotiations just got a little bit more interesting with the European Parliament’s announcement it will be dispatching Guy Verhofstadt as its lead Brexit man.

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201616:41

Samuel Morgan 08/09/201617:01

More on the Verhofstadt story, by @JamesCrisp6

Farage slams ‘insulting’ choice of Verhofstadt as Brexit boss

Guy Verhofstadt was today (8 September) chosen as the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on Brexit, an appointment immediately slammed by Nigel Farage as “insulting”.

Samuel Morgan 09/09/201614:55

Of course, whether the UK will be in the EU to miss the 2020 targets is still a question on the tip of everyone’s tongue…

UK set to miss EU renewable energy targets

Britain is set to miss its 2020 European renewable energy targets, a parliamentary committee report said on Friday (9 September), setting a poor example for less wealthy countries as the world tries to rein in global warming.

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201609:21

Pan-European tax on the table after Brexit

Delegates from around the EU met in Brussels last week to discuss the possibilities for budget reform, an issue previously blocked by the United Kingdom. EURACTIV France reports.

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201611:06

Post-Brexit attacks

UK Prime Minister Theresa May rang her Polish counterpart, Beata Szydło, Friday afternoon (9 September) in order to express her regret at the spate of attacks carried out against Polish nationals recently. May assured Szydło that hate crime has no place in British society.

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201611:44

Westminster urged to speed up decision-making

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has today urged the UK government to act quicker on big infrastructure projects in order to help the country’s economy ride out the slowdown caused by its decision to the leave the EU.

Acting BCC director Adam Marshall said that Westminster needs to finally make firm decisions on a new airport runway, new nuclear investment, and road and rail schemes.

However, Chancellor Philip Hammond said last week that big infrastructure projects would take too long to have an economic impact and, as such, would not feature in budget plans to be announced in November.

The chances of a Brexit-instigated recession have fallen in the past month, after economic data for August showed that consumer confidence had recovered slightly.

The BCC has estimated that business investment will fall by 2.2% this year and a further 3.4% in 2017. This contrasts heavily with its pre-Brexit forecasts of 4.5% and 7.4%, respectively.

Reporting by Reuters

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201615:55

Brexit could cost poorest countries €378m a year, warn economists

The world’s poorest countries could lose more than €378m per year if their existing trade agreements with the UK market are not maintained in the event of Brexit, a new series of essays published by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the UK Trade Policy Observatory has warned.

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201616:10

Irish PM tells Westminster no cherry-picking

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has warned the UK government that it will not have access to the single market without allowing free movement of people.

Speaking to Irish radio, Kenny said that it “is an issue that will not be given in on” by the European Council and that it had been “very directly addressed” in talks with London.

Westminster’s Brexit chief, David Davis, has indicated that he wants a “unique” deal with the EU, which would reduce immigration while at the same time boosting trade.

Kenny said that the UK did not appear to have a clear position on what kind of split the country is actually trying to achieve.

Reporting by Reuters.

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201616:19

Cameron RESIGNS (again)

The UK’s former prime minister, David Cameron, has resigned as an MP.

Cameron, who resigned as prime minister following his failure to secure a remain vote in the country’s referendum on EU membership, will be stepping down as member of parliament for Witney with immediate effect.

He said that he did not want to be a “distraction or diversion” and that serving as a back bench MP would “not be possible” if Theresa May is to “do what is needed for our country”.

Cameron thanked his constituency in West Oxfordshire and said that he would now “start to build a life outside of Westminster”.

Samuel Morgan 12/09/201617:31

Samuel Morgan 13/09/201609:14

UK Brexit minister promises public guidelines for EU exit talks

Britain will make public its guidelines for talks on leaving the European Union by the time it triggers the exit process known as Article 50, Brexit minister David Davis said on Monday (12 September) as he faced a grilling by Members of Parliament about the government’s EU strategy.

Samuel Morgan 13/09/201609:14

Germany and France seek stronger EU defence after Brexit

Germany and France have outlined plans to deepen European military cooperation, a document showed on Monday (12 September), as Britain’s exit from the European Union removes one of the biggest obstacles to stronger EU defence in tandem with NATO.

Samuel Morgan 13/09/201609:15

The UK’s Commissioner-in-waiting, Sir Julian King, faced MEP questioning last night. Here are the main points from the Strasbourg meeting, by @JamesCrisp6

My loyalty will be to the EU, UK's 'last Commissioner' tells MEPs

Sir Julian King, the man likely to be the United Kingdom’s final European Commissioner, insisted tonight (12 September) that if MEPs confirmed him in the post his loyalty would be to the European Union rather than Great Britain.

Samuel Morgan 13/09/201613:15

Verhofstadt wants UK gone by 2019

Guy Verhofstadt, the recently announced chief Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, has indicated that the UK should have formally left the EU by 2019 and that the country should formally start divorce proceedings as soon as possible.

He echoed Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s view that the UK will only retain access to the single market if it accepts the “inseparable” principle of freedom of movement.

At a presser in Strasbourg ahead of the State of the Union address, the former prime minister of Belgium said “I cannot imagine that we start the next legislative cycle without agreement and that we enter a new cycle without agreement.”

The three main European institutions have now all unveiled their representatives to take part in the Brexit negotiators: the Parliament’s Verhofstadt will sit alongside the Commission’s Michel Barnier and the European Council’s Didier Seeuws across the table from the UK’s David Davis.

Reporting by AFP.

Samuel Morgan 13/09/201613:21

King endorsed by Parliament committee

A European Parliament committee endorsed Julian King on Tuesday as Britain’s new member of the European Commission with responsibility for security, the committee chairman said.

King’s confirmation in office would now go to party leaders and be put to a parliamentary vote on Thursday (15 September), Claude Moraes, chair of the civil liberties committee told reporters. Lawmakers expect him to be accepted by a clear majority.

King, a diplomat and former Commission staffer, had impressed the committee with his grasp on the security portfolio, Moraes said.

Romanian president backs EU anti-terror agency

Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, has added his voice to the growing number of calls to establish a European anti-terror agency, after meeting the leaders of Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Samuel Morgan 13/09/201614:13

UK parliament must approve Article 50 decision

The House of Lords’ Select Committee on the Constitution has published its report on the invoking of Article 50, part of the EU treaty on formally leaving the bloc.

The report found that the parliament must assent and give approval to the decision to invoke Article 50.

The committee’s report also concluded that the UK parliament now has the responsibility of ensuring the government moves forward in negotiating the country’s withdrawal.

You can read the full report here.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201609:04

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will deliver his State of the Union speech today in Strasbourg, where the issue of Brexit may or may not feature. Things are about to get underway, so be sure to check out our live coverage.

Video: Juncker's full 2016 'State of the Union' address

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker gave his annual “State of the European Union” address in the European Parliament at 9.00am in Strasbourg this morning (14 Wednesday). Watch the full video here.

State of the Union: As it happened

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker kicked off his State of the European Union address at the European Parliament at 9am today (14 Wednesday). EURACTIV’s live feed brought breaking news, live video and analysis of the speech.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201609:15

Jean-Claude Juncker has said in Strasbourg that the EU “respects, but regrets Brexit” and that “the EU is not at risk”. He also called on the UK to start the withdrawal process as soon as possible. He reiterated what he and other EU leaders have said over the past few months that there can be no à la carte access to the single market.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201609:24

The Commission president has just made mention of Polish workers being “beaten up or even murdered in the streets of Essex”.

Poland to make urgent UK visit following post-Brexit attacks

Poland yesterday (4 September) announced three ministers would make an urgent visit to London following attacks on its nationals in Britain, including a murder which may have been a hate crime.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201610:31

Speaking at the SOTEU, Guy Verhofstadt turns to Brexit. “Brexit is not a liability, it is an opportunity. Fair enough that UK government wants to make it a success. We have a responsibility to make it a success for Europe, the citizens of Europe. Brexit is not a matter of punishment or revenge. It is in my opinion, a question of the sound relationship between the UK and Europe. On both sides of the channel, let’s put an end to our collective depression.”

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201611:43

Richard Corbett, speaking at the tail-end of the meeting in Strasbourg, criticises the UK government for not thinking Brexit through.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201611:48

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201612:23

Europe will never accept racist attacks in Brexit Britain, warns Juncker

Europeans will never accept its citizens being “harassed, beaten up or even murdered” in the streets of Brexit Britain, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said today (14 September) in his flagship State of the Union speech in Strasbourg.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201617:07

Brexit battlers Farage and Verhofstadt butt heads at State of the Union speech

The European Parliament’s Brexit point man Guy Verhofstadt today (14 September) clashed with UKIP leader Nigel Farage at the debate after Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union speech.

Samuel Morgan 14/09/201618:31

EU-27, still strong together

As Europe begins to think in earnest about life after the UK, the future of the EU remains very much obscured. In the week leading up to the Bratislava summit, a number of think tanks have outlined what they think the historic meeting will bring, continuing with Yves Bertoncini.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201609:17

Nigel Farage cedes power after realising Brexit dream

Having achieved his political ambition of a Brexit vote, Nigel Farage will leave the UK Independence Party (UKIP) that he co-founded in 1993 in a precarious position when he hands over the reins tomorrow (16 September).

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201609:18

Brexit will change UK role in Europe's space programmes, ESA says

Britain will stay in the European Space Agency when it leaves the EU, but will have to renegotiate terms to continue participating in certain projects, the ESA said Wednesday (14 September).

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201609:19

Significant news that the Commission has brought in another negotiator to join the already-announced Michel Barnier.

Sabine Weyand joins Barnier to lead Brexit negotiations

The European Commission named yesterday (14 September) a senior German trade negotiator to join France’s former EU finance Commissioner at the head of the team negotiating Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201611:22

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201612:16

The UK’s new and probably last Commissioner, Julian King, has been endorsed by the European Parliament… Just about

My loyalty will be to the EU, UK's 'last Commissioner' tells MEPs

Sir Julian King, the man likely to be the United Kingdom’s final European Commissioner, insisted tonight (12 September) that if MEPs confirmed him in the post his loyalty would be to the European Union rather than Great Britain.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201613:56

UK development minister challenged over ‘wasted aid’ claim

The new minister in charge of Britain’s overseas aid budget faced criticism on her first appearance before a Commons committee when she was unable to come up with a figure for the amount of aid that was being “wasted and stolen” – after publicly highlighting it as a significant problem.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201614:31

France and the UK as influential as Lithuania in the European Parliament

Germany, Italy and Poland have far more influence over EU legislation than France or the UK, which suffer from the lack of involvement of many of their MEPs. But three women preserve France’s dignity. EURACTIV France reports.