Development Policy Interviews



Tobias Bunde, Policy Analysists, Atlantic Council
Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Director, European Centre for International Political Economy (Ecipe)
Andrzej Ancygier, Research fellow, Hertie School of Governance
Mahmoud Mohieldin, Special Envoy for the President, World Bank


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Sue Lautze: South Sudan needs 'meaningful peace'

Sue Lautze at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's headquarters in Rome, Italy. [Alessia Pierdomenico/FAO].

Georgieva: ‘Travelling trouble’ could reach us

Kristalina Georgieva explains the 'belt of crisis' [photo Georgi Gotev]

Chizhov: 'Russia has never been isolated and cannot be isolated'

Vladimir Chizhov, photo Georgi Gotev

Jerzy Pomianowski: France could do more for human rights

Jerzy Pomianowski. [Georgi Gotev]