Central Europe

Poland unveils new cabinet line-up

Grzegorz Schetyna, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland

Poland masterminds gas trading hub for Central Europe

Poland: Will Ewa Kopacz be an Iron Lady or a Tusk puppet?

Ewa Kopacz

‘Golden political couple’ to be missed in Warsaw

Bulgaria’s interim government sets up ‘energy board’

A power line in Bulgaria [Georgi Gotev]

Fixing Europe’s Orbán problem

Viktor Orbán [European People's Party/Flickr]

Official report: Russia is a threat to Bulgaria



Thorsten Benner and Wolfgang H. Reinicke, Director and President, Global Public Policy Institute
Adrian Maniutiu, Entrepreneur, TV producer, Romania
Jana Hainsworth, Secretary-General, Eurochild
Almut Möller, Head, Alfred von Oppenheim Centre for European Policy Studies at the German Council on Foreign Relations
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