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The ever-evolving cyber threat to planes


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Digital 29-04-2016

Ex-DARPA chief: 'Innovation with no goals is not efficient'

SPECIAL REPORT / Ken Gabriel has dedicated his life to innovation and entrepreneurship at Google, and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). For Gabriel innovation boils down to “satisfying an unmet need”.
Digital 26-04-2016

Commission wants member states to trust each other more on cybersecurity

EU countries diluted new rules regulating information-sharing on cybersecurity breaches, a top European Commission official said today (26 April), which made it impossible to monitor hackers' assaults on member states' critical infrastructure.

New EU privacy rules will create 28,000 jobs, says industry group

Privacy experts are about to become very in demand. Europe will need an estimated 28,000 specialists under the newly minted EU data protection regulation, according to industry group IAPP.
Digital 12-04-2016

Lithuanian parliament under cyber attack

Lithuania’s parliamentary website came under cyber attack yesterday (11 April) just as a special session of the World Congress of Crimean Tartars was meeting to discuss mass violations of human Rights in Russian-occupied Crimea.
Digital 30-03-2016

EU cybersecurity agency slams calls for encryption backdoors

The EU cybersecurity agency ENISA has spoken out against creating backdoors for law enforcement agencies to access encrypted communication.
Digital 24-03-2016

Cash-strapped EU cybersecurity agency battles Greece to close expensive second office

The EU cybersecurity agency ENISA just won support from MEPs in a drawn-out battle with the Greek government over its costly division between two offices in Athens and Crete.
InterviewSpecial Report
Digital 23-02-2016

Ansip: 'I am strongly against any backdoor to encrypted systems'

SPECIAL REPORT / Exclusive / European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip supports Apple’s decision to refuse unblocking the iPhone of a terrorist, as requested by US authorities.
Digital 26-01-2016

Commission gears up for driverless cars in push to compete with tech giants

A new European Commission-led expert group on autonomous vehicles is meeting today (26 January) for the first time, marking the executive's latest push to develop driverless cars in the EU.
Transport 21-01-2016

EU accelerates to catch up on connected cars

The European Commission, which plans a strategy on connected vehicles later this year, has released a report outlining how to "catch up" on connected vehicles as other countries?like the US and Japan?speed ahead.
Digital 19-01-2016

Kaja Kallas: Digital Single Market 'is all about time'

The European Parliament will adopt its position on the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy today (19 January). In an interview with EurActiv, rapporteur Kaja Kallas warned that it would be a “mess” if the European Commission does not come up with its proposals in a timely manner.
Digital 15-01-2016

Cyberspace: The new transatlantic frontier

Through history, when Europe and the United States have failed to take coordinated action, crises have presented themselves. Cyberspace is a policy area in which transatlantic leadership can be grown and cultivated, writes Sinan Ülgen. 
Digital 08-01-2016

High time to unlock the potential of the Digital Single Market

The Digital Single Market is an opportunity not only to revitalise the European economy, but to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our society, including poverty, unemployment and security, argues Emilian Pavel.

Digital 08-12-2015

EU lawmakers, countries agree on cybersecurity law

EU lawmakers and member states on Monday (7 November) struck a deal on the bloc's first broad cybersecurity law to affect multiple industry sectors.
Development Policy 17-11-2015

Cameron earmarks half of UK aid budget for fragile states

At least half of the UK’s £12 billion (€17 billion) aid budget will be spent on supporting fragile and failing states, Prime Minister David Cameron has said ahead of the spending review in a major foreign policy speech at the lord mayor’s banquet.

Europol reform - but who polices the police?

A Europol reform is on the cards – confidential documents have shown that Europol's internet surveillance capacity could be greatly expanded. EurActiv's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Digital 10-11-2015

Oettinger: Deal on cybersecurity directive close

EU Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger said yesterday (9 November) that an agreement on new, long-awaited cybersecurity legislation is only “days or weeks” away.
Digital 26-10-2015

EU agency hones in on cybersecurity and connected cars

The European cybersecurity agency ENISA is putting together a team of experts to start working on connected cars next year.
Digital 15-10-2015

Nuclear power stations underestimate risk of cyber attack

Protecting nuclear installations may appear to be a largely physical issue, but Chatham House has published a report highlighting the growing cyber threat to the nuclear industry. Journal de l'Environnement reports
Digital 27-08-2015

EU officials exposed in Ashley Madison hack

EXCLUSIVE: European Union officials used their work email addresses to register with online adultery site Ashley Madison, EurActiv can reveal.
Digital 07-08-2015

New EU cybersecurity rules to hit US internet firms

Large US-based internet firms such as Cisco, Google and Amazon will be subject to a new EU cybersecurity law forcing them to adopt tough security measures and possibly report serious breaches to national authorities, according to a document seen by Reuters.

An incomplete European cybersecurity agenda

The EU is starting to pay more attention to cybersecurity, but it still lacks a process to make it easier for police to share information across borders, writes Paul Rosenzweig.
Digital 31-07-2015

EU cybersecurity agency lacks funds for research on major tech issues

EXCLUSIVE / Europe's cybersecurity agency has admitted it is unprepared for the advent of the internet of things, lacking the money and expertise to meet the challenges posed by the much hyped move towards digitally connected devices.
Digital 24-06-2015

Germany's digital security disparity 'remains striking'

Germany shows significant discrepancies among private users with regard to protection against cyber attacks, a recent study shows, with internet users growing increasingly uneasy despite an improved security situation. EurActiv Germany reports.
Transport 18-06-2015

The ever-evolving cyber threat to planes

Hackers and cyber-terrorists present an ever-evolving threat to airlines, with experts constantly testing for new vulnerabilities - including the fear that drones could be used to throw a plane off course.