INFOGRAPHIC: Where does EU aid go?

Congolese kids. Bambama Lefoutou, January 2014. [ jbdodane/flickr]

Together, EU institutions and their member states are the biggest contributor to development cooperation worldwide. In 2012 alone, more than $37 billion was donated in aid – not counting loans made by the European Investment Bank.

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I just love how these air heads love to throw our tax money around on projects that deliver poor returns and fail to help anyone except of course the corrupt political types in these countries and no doub't here.
If a man needs a tractor in Africa send him a tractor made in the EU. If a school need to be built then send them a prefab school thats made in the EU, with books printed in the EU. No cash money should be given out as I am sure most of it goes on weapons, private aircraft and limo's. The rest comes back to Europe but in the form of a Swiss Bank account!!