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Europe dumps or incinerates 60% of waste: NGO report

efficacité énergétique

Sustainable Dev. 12-05-2016

Commission warmly welcomes benefits of industrial insulation

Industrial insulation could bring massive cost and emissions savings, industry-funded research has found, with energy efficient investments earning back their cost in two years at most.
Sustainable Dev. 29-04-2016

Commission delays ecodesign strategy for fear of offending UK businesses

Central to the Circular Economy Package, the 2015-2017 ecodesign strategy will not be presented by the Commission until autumn 2016. Some see this as an attempt not to upset UK businesses. EurActiv France reports.

The EU needs to raise its climate ambition to secure investment in the future

The European Union must wake up to a new post-Paris Agreement reality. It needs an ambitious climate action plan to regain its credibility as a “climate leader” and send the right signals to investors, argues Hans-Josef Fell.
Energy 20-04-2016

Why the EU’s electricity market design proposal actually matters

The European Commission’s vision of an Energy Union with citizens at its core, where consumers take ownership of the energy transition, is to be applauded but needs to be followed up with genuine policy change, writes Jonathan Gaventa.
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Sustainable Dev. 25-03-2014

Towards a Resource Efficient Europe - EPR for packaging waste

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is reviewing European Waste legislation in line with the EU Resource Efficiency objectives. This review includes a revision of the waste management targets and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as one key policy tool to achieve existing and higher recycling and recovery targets for packaging waste.
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Sustainable Dev. 25-03-2014

Waste sector calls for fair competition and ‘no grey zones’

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Industry leaders united around a call for fair, transparent and universal minimum extended producer responsibility (EPR) requirements in an ongoing review of EU waste management targets, at a Brussels conference last week. 
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Sustainable Dev. 24-03-2014

EU predicts ‘waste tsunami’ if world fails to cut down trash

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is preparing new policy proposals to reduce waste and reach greater recycling rates, in order to move towards a zero-refuse economy.
Sustainable Dev. 24-01-2014

More consumption not necessary for human well-being, says UN report

Greater food system efficiency and curbs to the expansion of cropland are necessary to prevent the collapse of global ecosystems, says a report presented today (24 January) by the UN at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Sustainable Dev. 13-12-2013

EU resource efficiency improves but trend remains ‘volatile’

The European Union generates €1.60 of economic value for each kilogramme of material consumed, compared to €1.34 a decade ago, but progress towards resource efficiency remains “volatile”, according to the EU’s statistics office.
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Agriculture & Food 06-12-2013

Brussels: reducing waste first piece in food resource puzzle

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / To tackle pollution and climate change, policy-makers, NGOs and industry alike support more vegetables in Europeans' diets, while insisting on better use of resources and waste-management.
Sustainable Dev. 14-11-2013

Ecolabels are part of the drive for a more resource-efficient Europe

The message that the EU is facing a resource crisis must finally be getting through, if the extensive media coverage of the Commission's adoption of Ecolabel criteria for toilets and urinals is to be believed. Sadly not, as many media simply saw a stick with which they could try to bash the EU with erroneous headlines about regulating toilet flushing or standardising toilets, writes Janez Poto?nik.
Sustainable Dev. 03-10-2013

The Green economy is Europe's ticket to the post-crisis world

The European crisis-management was at each turn at best accidental and the challenges facing the EU five years down the road are great. But European leaders could turn this ever-threatening crisis into a meaningful transition if they focus on developing a 'green economy', writes Éloi Laurent.

Sustainable Dev. 01-10-2013

People must pay the full cost of water, says EEA

As the UN marks the anniversary of the decision to make the right to water legally binding, the European Environment Agency has called for governments to charge the full price for water, to cut down waste.
Sustainable Dev. 13-09-2013

EU lawmakers back ‘intellectual property rights’ over biodiversity

The European Parliament has agreed to rules that would prevent EU companies, particularly in the pharmaceuticals sector, from exploiting the natural resources of the world's indigenous communities by recognising their 'intellectual property rights' over local biodiversity.
Sustainable Dev. 20-08-2013

Natural resource use ‘in the red’ for 2013

Today (August 20) humanity’s use of renewable natural resources has already “overshot” the amount the planet can produce in one year, say environmental NGOs.
Energy 17-07-2013

EU green buildings debate moves beyond energy efficiency

Green housing campaigners are excited by a new sustainable buildings debate the EU has kick-started, which aims to move certification schemes beyond the energy efficiency paradigm.
Sustainable Dev. 16-07-2013

EU group says a ‘product passport’ would open doors to eco-innovation

When the Talent 2 suburban trains used in the German city of Nürnberg, or Sweden’s Regina intercity railway wagons reach the end of their lives, more than 90% of the metals, plastics, glass and other materials could be melted down and turned into other products.
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Trade & Society 12-06-2013

Addressing human rights abuses from gold mining without stigmatisation

SPECIAL REPORT / Much attention has been paid over recent months to ways of cutting links between natural resources and the fuelling of unlawful armed conflict, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, writes Terry Heymann. But policies to address the issue might also have unintended consequences, he warns.
Sustainable Dev. 07-06-2013

EU businesses want to take heat out of dirty laundry

The soaps industry on Friday (7 June) launched a campaign to get Europeans to use a 30ºC washing cycle, saying just a 3º heat drop in a few countries would save enough energy to power the Italian city of Parma for a year.
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Sustainable Dev. 21-05-2013

EU waste rules could create half million jobs, says EU environment head

SPECIAL REPORT / If European Union countries implemented existing waste-management regulations, they could create some 400,000 jobs and save diminishing resources, a senior European Commission environment official has said.
Elections 11-03-2013

Greenland votes with mineral riches in the balance

Greenland’s general election on Tuesday (12 March) is effectively a referendum on how far the country wants to embrace international mining companies, energy giants, and foreign workers.
Sustainable Dev. 05-03-2013

Landfills continue to rule despite EU recycling target

Recycling and composting of waste grew in the last decade across Europe, but most countries still dump the bulk of their garbage despite their obligations to recycle half of trash by 2020, new EU statistics show.
Energy 27-02-2013

Press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' on green computers vote, say clean energy groups

MEPs will vote tomorrow (28 February) on proposals for binding energy efficiency standards for computers and servers, but clean energy groups say that without more ambitious targets the whole exercise could be a "waste of time".
Sustainable Dev. 14-02-2013

Europe dumps or incinerates 60% of waste: NGO report

Europe recycles only 25% of its municipal waste, a far-cry from the EU's promise of a resource-efficient economy, says a study released today (14 February) by Friends of the Earth Europe.