Economy & Jobs 28-03-2017

‘Harness young people’s inventiveness to refresh the economy’

With one in five under-25-year-olds unemployed in the eurozone, young people risk being excluded from political and economic life. What can the EU do about this? EURACTIV France spoke to two MEPs about new ways to engage young people.

Tajani wins
Economy & Jobs 18-01-2017

Antonio Tajani: European Parliament’s new president

European People’s Party (EPP) candidate Antonio Tajani has been elected as the European Parliament's new president. Tajani won the election by a slim 69 vote margin. In his acceptance speech, he dedicated his win to citizens in need.

Global Europe 17-01-2017

European Parliament presidential candidates outline their hopes for change

Each candidate gave a short speech before the European Parliament presidential election began. They summarised their plans, emphasising the importance of change and transparency. The election continues into a third round, with a result due this evening (17 January).

EU Primary elections 2019
Future EU 22-03-2016

Financing the EU primary elections 2019

Leading EU think tanks and European Political Parties came together to present their ideas regarding the financing of the European primary elections ahead of the next round in 2019.


Catalan rep: The EU should push Madrid towards a ‘more constructive stance’

'We would have already expected a more explicit invitation of encouragement by EU leaders and institutions to Madrid to engage in some kind of political discussion,” said Amadeu Altafaj, the Permanent Representative of Catalonia in Brussels.


Which European primary election system for citizens to connect better with the EU?

With lessons from the 2014 campaigns still fresh in people's minds, this is the perfect time to start the discussions within and among European political parties on how the system for the European elections in 2019 can be improved.


Sir Graham Watson: I’m trying to lay the basis of a supranational party

ALDE is the first political family in the EU to offer individual party membership, as an important step in the development of the European Liberal Democrats from a network of parties, into a fully-fledged European party.

Digital 31-10-2014

EU welcomes Orban’s scrapping of Internet tax

The European Commission on Friday welcomed Hungary's decision of scrapping plans to impose a tax on Internet traffic.

EU Elections 2014 31-10-2014

Thomas Tindemans: observations about the new Commission

Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Thomas Tindemans observes real change in the new Commission and a real need for clear communication to bring the public on board.

Health 02-09-2014

European Health Forum Gastein 2014

The European Parliament elections - the elections for the President of the European Commisison and the new college of Commissioners in 2014 will earmark an important year of European politics in general and for health policy in Europe in particular.

Agrifood 01-09-2014

Feeding the Debate

Learn more about FoodDrinkEurope's priorities for the new European Parliament: http://www.fooddrinkeurope.eu/


Major climate action needed to avert bleak scenario

Global warming is a big threat for life on earth, we investigate which gases contribute most to rising temperatures and the nations generating the most pollution.

EU Elections 2014 19-06-2014

To be or not to be a European Commissioner

That's the question. It Sounds like an important position. But what exactly is the role of a Commissioner? And who appoints them and how? A picture is worth 1000 words!


Mary Ritter: We need ‘a real open innovation ecosystem’

Speaking about Education and Business for Innovation at the 12th European Business Summit in Brussels, Climate-KIC CEO Mary Ritter said that the real challenge is to 'create a real open innovation ecosystem' between big corporates and SMEs.


Nani Beccalli: Europe is in danger of electing a non-European Parliament

Speaking at the 12th European Business Summit in Brussels about the upcoming European elections, GE Europe's President and CEO Nani Beccalli-Falco said that “the danger of this elections is that we are going to elect a non-European European Parliament.” “We should try and convince people to vote... for pro-European parties." Beccalli added.


Oliver Bell: “We need to recalibrate our focus from climate policy to competitiveness”

Speaking at the 12th European Business Summit in Brussels, Eurometaux President and Hydro Executive Vice-President Oliver Bell said that "we need to recalibrate our focus from climate policy to competitiveness."


Christian Morales: North America and Europe must show the way

Speaking about the current TTIP EU-US negotiations at the 12th European Business Summit in Brussels, Intel's Vice President and General Manager EMEA Christian Morales said that there is an opportunity for both Europe and the US to “remove barriers that still exist” and “keep on transforming our economies together so that we can have a worldwide golden standard."

EU Elections 2014 12-05-2014
Brexit 22-04-2014

Commission on UKIP Campaign Posters

The European Commission commented on UKIP's election campaign posters on Tuedsday, saying "in general, we urge all responsible politicians to stick to the facts rather than pander to peoples prejudices".

Entrepreneurship 05-03-2014

Alex is an entrepreneur. We want to help him create jobs.

You are about to see the ultimate machine for creating jobs. Alex.
Alex has a dream. He has an idea, and we want to help him make it true, so jobs and wealth will be created. We want to create the best conditions for his business.
By reducing regulation and administrative hurdles, because public administration must be an asset rather than a burden. Public administrations should spend taxpayers' money wisely as well as avoid red tape and excessive fiscal charges for companies.

EU Elections 2014 21-02-2014

Guy Verhofstadt speaking to protesters in Maidan Square, Kiev

Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD, Belgium), Liberal and Democrat Group Leader in the European Parliament, spoke to the protesters gathered in Maidan Square in Kiev about the sanctions EU put in place in order to stop the violence.
Verhofstadt was the first of the EU leaders to address those fighting for democracy in Ukraine, after the violent clashes of the last few days. He travelled to Kiev together with ALDE Group Vice-President, Marielle De Sarnez (Modem, France) and Hans van Baalen (VVD, Holland), President of Liberal International.

Euro & Finance 21-02-2014

Economy. Let’s get back to business.

The crisis hit Europe hard and, as you know, we're still dealing with the consequences today. What is the European Parliament doing to rebuild and protect our economy?