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  • Poland shakes off coal-dependency stereotypes

    News | Energy 23-11-2017

    Poland has been steadily growing its share of renewable energies in an effort to decarbonise its economy, challenging stereotypes that paint it as the coal-addict of Europe. However, the deployment of renewables appears to have come to a halt since the 2015 peak.

  • EU lighting up Africa with solar

    News | Development Policy 22-11-2017

    Nearly €340 billion of investment will be needed to achieve universal access to electricity across Africa by 2030, the World Energy Network forecasts. That is a tall order. The combined grid capacity of the 48 sub-Saharan African countries is around 70 gigawatts, roughly equivalent to that of Spain. While that €340 billion target is unlikely to …

  • Smart interconnectivity: towards a sustainable and integrated Europe

    Blog | Energy 22-11-2017

    In a blog about the new European Commission expert group report “Towards a sustainable and integrated Europe”, Michal Smyk calls for a change in the way we think about smart grid interconnectivity.

  • Brexit impact on energy markets could be ‘limited’, study says

    News 22-11-2017

    Brexit could have a limited effect on energy markets in both the United Kingdom and the European Union, according to a new study that is optimistic about the future of energy policy. But the Court of Auditors has warned that experimental energy research could suffer

  • Are we there yet? Current state of the smart home market

    Opinion | Energy 21-11-2017

    The smart home is capturing headlines with its futuristic possibilities of smart cars, fridges and thermostats all connected to each other. However, it is important to be realistic. The current state of the smart home is not even close to this vision, writes Paige Leuschner.

  • Industry urges Greek government to fix ‘distorted’ renewables market

    News 20-11-2017

    The leftist Greek government has clashed with the country's energy providers over the continuation of a special levy (ELAPE) imposed in order to balance the renewable energy sources account, which is a bailout obligation.