Cameron: Juncker wasn’t in the ballot papers

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British Prime Minister David Cameron today (13 June) used what appears to be his strongest argument against the procedure to elect the next Commission President, saying that Jean-Claude Juncker, the leading candidate of the largest party following the European elections, was “nowhere on the ballot”.

Cameron does not want Juncker to get the job as he views him as too much of an old-style federalist who will obstruct his push to reform the European Union and persuade British voters of the merits of staying within the 28-nation bloc.

Cameron has promised to renegotiate Britain's ties with Brussels, ahead of holding an in/out referendum on the country's EU membership by 2017, if he wins a national election next year.

While he has made his opposition to Juncker clear, repeatedly saying the job should go to someone more reform-minded, he has largely shied away from referring to Juncker by name.

On Friday, the prime minister warned against the suggestion of some in the European Parliament that the job should go to the candidate put forward by the party which won the most seats. Juncker has the support of the European People's Party, the largest centre-right political grouping in the parliament.

"It is not an attack on Mr Juncker, an experienced European politician, to say this is nonsense. Most Europeans did not vote in the European Parliament elections. Turnout declined in the majority of member states. Nowhere was Mr Juncker on the ballot paper," Cameron wrote in an article which his office said would be published in several European newspapers on Friday.

Cameron said that even in Germany, where the concept of the lead candidates was most well publicised, only 15% of voters knew Juncker was in the running.

"He did not visit some member states. Those who voted did so to choose their MEP not the Commission president. Mr Juncker did not stand anywhere and was not elected by anyone," he said.

EU leaders are expected to decide on their candidate for the presidency of the EU executive - a job with major influence over policy affecting 500 million Europeans - by a summit at the end of this month.

To accept that Juncker had been chosen by European voters would set a dangerous precedent, Cameron said.

"It would politicise the European Commission," he wrote. "It would be a green light for those who want to breach the EU's rules by the backdoor. Rules that have been ratified by our national parliaments and laid down in international law."

Cameron, whose objection to Juncker has put him at odds with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been trying to rally support among other European leaders to block the former Luxembourg prime minister from getting the job.

He held talks in Sweden earlier this week with Merkel, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Dutch premier Mark Rutte, and has also called Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

"Now is the time for Europe's national leaders to have the courage of their convictions by standing up for their place in the EU and what is right for Europe's future," Cameron wrote. "Now is the time to propose a candidate who will convince Europe's voters we are acting upon their concerns."

According to information obtained by EurActiv, Cameron is warming up to the idea that Juncker would become Commission President, and tries to obtain maximum powers for the British Commissioner Andrew Lansley [read more].

  • 26-27 June: EU leaders to meet for the regular summit;
  • 15 or 16 July: Possible vote in Parliament for Juncker as Commission President.


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i am Alberto Rodrigues an economical and digital science researcher if you make a strategic calculations you will see that is much better to let Mr Juncker take the job and then you will present millions of reasons why he can not lead the European commission For this purpose is enough to see millions of problems that Luxemboug had left after more than 19 years of Mr Juncker leadership
So you can adopt a strategy to let him get the jobs and them start a mediatic ofensive Like this you will force him to resign and get more political advantages Using this strategy you will have support because at that time democracy rules will be respected and a resign procedure is something normal ut right now he can not resign because he did not get yet the jobs and any atctions which can be taken will be contrary democracy rules and you will have no enough mass ,media and political support Bacause of this you have to try to be patient until November 2014 Up them you can prepare economics arguments ,as ,alternatives for banking secrecy issues ,Pojects to reduce Luxembourg citizens panics which suposed to be done in Luxembourg since 2009 when Switzerland had been hited by a banking secrecy scandal which had destroyed his traditional banking businesses Until then everybody know that billios of euros are going out from EU economies and millions of people are loosing their jobs because banking secrecy contests and one of the person who suppose to had done what must be since 2009 ,in order to motivate investors to keep investing their money in Luxembourg , EU is the same who will lead the European Commission Apart of this despite Luxembourg is an important banking and financial market for more than 25 -35 years ,but Mr Juncker had created a University in his country just in 2004Given than know how transfer industries is the major economic domain which can help Europe Union go get a fantastic economic Growth and crete millions of well paid jobs and all this in less than 7 months you have a great argument to force him to resign but after November 2014

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Dear Mr Cameron, your arguments fly in the face of democracy and really disappoint me from the country which I still take as a democracy champion. Let's take them one by one.

People did not know they were 'voting for Juncker'?
Mr Juncker - as well as its competitors - has been campaigning across Europe for the election. You may not have noticed it because the party that stands for you in the European Parliament decided NOT TO TAKE PART in the debates, not even nominating a possible candidate.
Also, UK electors, including your family, were deprived from viewing or listening to the debates issued by the European Broadcasting Union because major UK channels like BBC and UKIB members did not air them* !!!
It is a little bit thick to claim an election is not valid because electors in UK or in other countries did not know who they voted for. I guess a similar poll of UK electors would score low on the names of candidates elected by UKIP voters.

Juncker is not legitimate because voting turnout was low (NoA at 43%)?
Would he suggest the UK vote is not valid because turnout in UK, at 35%, was even lower than the already low EU average?
Would he dismantle the Welsh assembly where the turnout in 2011 was 42%, as low as the one for the #EP2014 elections?
Would he consider not legitimate the US congress that voted for the 2003 Irak war, because turnout in 2002 was at 41%?

Juncker is not legitimate because the deal was not explicit?
I understand many commentators, after the 2011 UK election, complained on the formation of a Conservative-LibDem government because that deal was not explicitly put forward in the campaign you led for the Tories.
According to your line of reasoning, would invalidate your own government. When voting for you in 2011, your electors did not vote for LibDem to also be in power, as this never happened before your government. So you should resign.

You quipped last week that the choice of Mr Juncker, would “push UK out of the EU”. My understanding is that with your statements, your posture of ‘us against them’, your promise for a referendum YOU are responsible for this. And I sincerely regret it as UK represents the open and liberal soul of the EU. One much needed component as many Continental Europeans retrench in a fearful withdrawal from world competition.

These are my personal views and do not represent in any views those of my employer.

*If I were a UK citizen I would formally protest for this misuse of my taxes. BBC paid for the organisation of the debate (as a UEB member), but eventually did not show it!

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I am Alberto Rodrigues As an economic and digital science researcher i can tell you that Ukip have no brigh solutions to solve what they have been talking about
After Conservatives and Mr Cameron will suceed with this strategy they will organize know how transfer events ,which will be combined with special touristic products
By this occassion Conservatives professionals will teach world wild political leader what they can do to make a National ,extremist party to loose credibility
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Because of this i will present you a strategy you can use in order to make them Ukip and his leader to loose credibility
For this purpose in the first step Conservatives can

consider that UKIP had put a diagnosis and identify serious problems which are affecting Europe Union and Great Britain As we are living in a fair play country in a world cup contests we conservatives we want to tank UKIP

for the jobs they had done and consider that they are creating a big political competition which will be usefull for UK democracy and for the benefit of the people because like this we conservatives and Labourist will work hard to find solutions to solve UK citizens problems

but this is not all because Ukip will hel us also to force the neew Bruxelles admnistrations to make radical changes

By this occasion Conservatives will agree with UKIP leader that Europe Union had different stupid rules ,ideas, projects which must be changed but in order to force them it must exist stong voices as UKIP

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By this occasini UKIP will be in a great dificulty

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Mean while Conservaties will continue with a campaign saying people that WKIP are not bringing solutions and because of this investors are leaving EU and people are loosing their jobs and because of this they will coe to Great Britain to take citizens jobs

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This is what we call clasping at straws, just pretending you just don't understand what's happening and cannot make any sense of it. And of course this whole 'democracy' thing is just as dangerous as hell to mr. Cameron. How much more of this kind of show do we have to endure before he will really spell out what he wants and nominate Tony Blair for the job?

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don't know if Cameron has watched the debatesor has a TV in England but at all price Cameron is trying to breach the democracy of Europe !
the unability to accept some decision but i think we don't need this dictator in Europe dictating others for it's interests
I hope Cameron no i wish now and immediately a Brexit like never before !