Cameron tells leaders not to be ‘railroaded’ by EU election results


British Prime Minister David Cameron warned fellow European Union leaders today (27 May) not to be "railroaded" by the European Parliament into choosing a candidate to head up the next European Commission.

In a series of phone calls to leaders ahead of a summit in Brussels later on Tuesday, Cameron stressed they should choose who they want rather than be strong-armed into selecting a candidate backed by the European Parliament.

"We need to follow the correct procedure for that, which is that the European Council has the right to nominate, that we shouldn't be railroaded by the parliament," a spokeswoman for Cameron said, referring to the body which groups EU leaders.

The British Prime Minister conveyed the message in phone calls yesterday and today to 10 EU leaders. He also spoke with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

Under EU rules, leaders nominate a candidate for the top job, which has sweeping legislative powers, "taking into account" elections to the European Parliament. Whoever they choose must be approved by a simple majority in parliament.

But Cameron is concerned that one of the leading candidates is arguing that EU leaders should choose him based on the outcome of the European elections. Cameron wants leaders to first identify reform priorities and to then pick someone suitable, his spokeswoman said.

The Tory chief sees the candidate, former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, as being too federalist and likely to damage his hopes of reforming Britain's EU ties. Juncker has been chosen by the EU's main centre-right political group, the European People's Party, to be their candidate for the top job.



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Re-phrasing: UK PM Moron-Con (born to rule - unfit to govern (a chip shop) ) wants to:
a) ignore the Lisbon treaty
b) ignore EU voters
c)ignore the EP
d) pick somebody he likes (one supposes from his "class" or ideological persuasion.
The Guardian really does get it right in its cartoon - he is an inflated Durex - inflated with his own importance & lacking in any legitimacy - did not win an election yet wants to dictate to others.

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"that we shouldn't be railroaded by the parliament,"

What ??!!!

No, Mr Camoron ! If Leader are listen to you Then the European Union will be killed by bypassed the democracy of the parliament FOR YOU, Mr Cameron !!

@ Mr Cameron of england : Take your 7up's and go away and don't forget to take that damp Rag as well with you !