EU elections: Latest across Europe

EU get-out-the-vote advert. Brussels International, April 2014. [Joel Schalit]

Nationals of the UK and the Netherlands stated voting today (22nd May) in the European elections. The UK holds combined local and European elections. On 23 May, EU elections will be held in Ireland and will also hold local elections. On Saturday, Latvians, Maltese and Slovaks will vote, as well as the French citizens from overseas territories.



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@ United Alliance

To compare the British Businessman Paul Sykes and UKIP with the far right Nazi party is incorrect, inaccurate and just a little stupid.

As a matter of interest I seem to to remember Hitler led the National Socialist Party which was how he gained so much popularity so quickly in bad times.

It wouldn't surprise me if you drove a 'peoples' (Volkswagen) car.

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I saw the interview with Farage where he defended his "alliance" with amongst others the Lega Nord whose leaders had defended the children murderer Brevik. Farage denied the (approving) comments that the leader of the Lega Nord made with respect to Brevik despite the fact that these are on record. This says all you need to know about the Lega Nord, UKIP and its leader. Both appear to subscribe to the views of a mass murderer of children.

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George Mc
OF course YES!
But you can ignore it !
For me it's as long as wide !

Not only him but other "nazionalistic tax-evaders like him who sponsors money to such parties as FN Golden Dawn and AFD or former NSDAP and so on.
That's how always shitty things always happen when people get's frustrated !

The Problem by Hitler leader of NSDAP after having been elected by "naively" people Then Adolph's fuse blew away and holocaust-ed one countries after another.But not him alone . even today merely and preeminently kind of such party Leaders, a fuse blow occurs , when gaining popularity.
If you think they have good intentions then forget that !

Do you like to be forced by SS's (if not willing then be killed)for a time to teach languages in NSDAP schools ??

GeorgeMC I know that history well but unfortunately some people (liking?)ignore the history and have to feel their cruelty again before understanding again !

Sorry but I'm more for united feelings than self interested one!
Americans knows the sense of the Unity !

OR pay again for national cruelty! So simple !

No i never drove a VW but Japanese's or American's ;-)

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@ United Alliance

My point is very simple. you should not brand politicians or a political party like UKIP as Nazi just because you disagree with their politics or point of view.

Some of the other parties that you mention may be inclined to extremism but please explain or supply links to why you have said this about UKIP and referred to them as NAZI.

Europhiles are very guilty of using extreme language when they are unable to justify their argument to others. You should also stop using the argument that because the USA is a federal state that it follows that Europe should follow.

That is the sort of rubbish we expect from 'an european'. The United States was born out of the UK and the English Language.
The EU has at least 24 languages with god knows how many different cultures. Putting that lot together into one state could make the USSR and Yugoslavia look like a good idea.

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Mr Mc I have made the point that UKIP works with parties that appear to support the views of a person that murders children & then attempts to say that the party that they are allied with did not make those comments - when in fact (& on record) they did. I'll give Toad of Toad hall the benefit of the doubt - he does not support the (mass) murder of children - what it does show is that he is incapable of judgement or indeed common sense. He is - a pub entertainer - pity he did not stay there.