Greens back Farage in row over EU Parliament chairs

Nigel Farage. European Parliament, 2011. [EP/Flickr]

The European Greens have backed their arch-rival Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), in a row over the distribution of committee chairs in the European Parliament, saying his Eurosceptic group is being denied a chairmanship it deserves.

European Parliament committees will elect their chairpersons and vice-chairpersons next Monday in a vote that will see powerful posts distributed among the Parliament’s political groups.

But Farage’s Parliamentary faction, the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group, will not obtain the committee chair it is entitled to, the Greens warned.

This is because the posts are voted on by the committee members in a secret ballot and the main parties have struck an agreement among themselves to share the spoils.

Hermann Kelly, a spokesman for the EFDD, denounced "a behind closed-door coup” by the three main pro-European parties – the European People’s Party (EPP), the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

Although the Greens are convinced Europhiles, they protested against the move and gave their support to the Eurosceptic EFDD.

"Excluding any political group from a committee chairmanship to which it is due under the established system for fairly distributing these posts would be a blow to the democratic process in the EU Parliament,” said Margrete Auken, the Greens spokesperson on the Parliament’s petitions committee.

Under the D'Hondt system of appointment, committee posts are distributed among the political parties proportionate to the number of elected MEPs. The system is seen as a fair way of distributing key posts.

But the Greens said an agreement between the main political groups would mean the EFDD would lose the chair of the petitions committee, to which it is entitled under the D'Hondt system.

“This goes beyond petty politicking but to the heart of European democracy,” Auken said in an unexpected show of support for Farage.

“The candidate nominated by the EFDD group appears to have all the qualifications and the right approach to adequately exercise this duty. Against this background we strongly urge the other political groups not to go ahead with a coup against the D'Hondt system, which would jeopardise the necessary minimal cooperation that is needed to make this parliament work," Auken argued.

The EFDD's Kelly agreed and used the row to denounce the cosy pro-European backroom deals taking place in Parliament.

“If the big Europhile groups gang up to do the dirty concerning committee chairs then the flimsy facade of democracy, the pretence of the rule of law and any vestige of transparency will be washed away," he told EurActiv in emailed comments.

  • 7 July: European Parliament committees meet to elect their chairpersons and vice-chairpersons
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anders's picture

It is all about the censure motion that the Greens would table if the GMOs legislation went through?????

And again the 'revolutionary' tone of the last lines is not representative of the horsetrading that takes place at EP....

ge041075's picture

Why not Farage to replace Ashton? He is so diplomatic ! The best man to deal with the UKrainian crisis.

TeddyMcNabb's picture

Ashton who cant speak any languages, a consolation prize to labour in 2009, whose only "achievement" was slicing of the Crimea while being tea lady to Putin & Kerry :)

an european's picture

Europe is for Europeans not for Anti-Europeans !
By the way why do the Greens Backing Farage ?
The Greens could however colide with UKIP if they want !
Why are U.K. still remaining in the European Union !
I as an pro-european and because i love the Unity have no say about the British Union in Westminster !
Englanders complains now !??
That's undemocratic !

However the E.P. can form their coalition as the limit allowed if they want!

By the Way the Anti-European Parties have nothing to loose in Europe !
England should remain outside !

Ray Veysey's picture

Europe is for Europeans is correct, The EU is for Europeans who want a stasi like control over everything and will bring nothing but misery to it's members until the commission and it's acolytes create the soviet style of republic they want. Europe can be a
great union of free nations, cooperating as friends and neighbours, not a police state where an unelected kommisar can send troops into your country to quell "unrest". If you think I am exaggerating read this
It was published this week.

an european's picture

We are free !
"The EU is for Europeans who want a stasi like control over everything!"

Are you comparing where member-states have basically it's OWN competences the E.U. as an sowjet style communism !??

Your link is (unfortunately a little) Implementation of the solidarity clause - like in the United States !
Americans knows the values of Solidarity and the Unity help each other!


Europe should do the same!

El Pluribus Unum

ge041075's picture

Did you read the press realease? First it is the "Council" which "adopted a decision on the rules and procedures for the implementation
of the solidarity clause". Then the text says "Invoking the solidarity clause is a prerogative of the member state affected." Where do you read that Commission can decide to send troops? How the EC could create a soviet style system? Just for you information the European Council is an intergovernmental body composed of the 28 sovereign states (represented by the heads of states). The European Commission is indeed a supra-national executive but under the authority of the Council and the EP. USRR took the power by force. Member states decided to delegate some part of their powers to the EU (i.e. EC, EP and Council).

Gerry's picture

The Greens have probably felt disadvantaged by the same scheming in the past, that's why they react so sharply. But here it's the same as in any other government, the only way things will be right and fair is when they all hold each other to account and make them do the right thing. As a minor party or as independent you must find a way to make your voice heard and your position respected, otherwise the major parties will collude to get you out of the picture.

Eulover's picture

Why help people who very early are going to leave the European Union ?
Please Cameron, do your referendum asap, and farewell England.
Just hope that Scotland will follow the same path and leave the English Union - oops , sorry - the United Kingdom...

A Londoner's picture

I don't think you should take too much notice of the noise that UKIP makes - I suspect that the UK will be part of the EU for a long time to come. We may not love the institution and we may think the faux nationalism - flag, anthem and "Parliament" somewhat absurd. But when we come to an IN/OUT referendum we are going to think hard and count the euros. And on balance I suspect that we will vote IN.

The issue that might persuade us to exit is immigration but 1) on the whole the groups who have given us the biggest problems have come from outside the EEA. and 2) British politicians pressed for enlargement - so we should blame ourselves. Plus block future enlargement.

No we are a permanent fixture - grumbling and whingeing into the future.

an european's picture

@ A Londoner
I've a very different opinion about the Brexit !

"We may not love the institution and we may think the faux nationalism - flag, anthem and "Parliament" somewhat absurd."
Not every European is in accordance with this!

What about about your critic of Cam's . behavior! Have one?

Fact is that the promised Ref. from Cameron will come in 2017 and recently more than 50% of the british Union voted for an out !
And because the Eurozone will become a pan-european structure which doesn't taste most Brits (because they don't consider themself as european nor Scottish but Brits only) conclude logically the results of an Exit ! As long as Farage tells mudfall balls to british people letting them believe his own fart out the mouth then there will never more No In but unquestionnable a clearly Full OUT but again only if you vote Cameron or Maybe Farage ! but Farage like to spread colon cannonballs in the EP moreover i'm sure that in reality he won't leave the seat because of money-mandate and other stupidities !

If you're asking me i would immediately sign an exit clause for the british Union which most people are asking for !
Even a civil wars is not excluded but then that's Farage's or a British behavior problem!

evad666's picture

This latest duplicitous move by the three main cartel parties is symptomatic of the growing frustration with and dislike of the EU among the general public.
Its star spangled flag is emblematic of a something very nasty check out revelations.