Outgoing Slovenian leader to join Juncker’s team as commissioner

Alenka Bratušek with Angela Merkel. Berlin, July 2013. [Wikimedia]

Outgoing Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek will be interviewed by Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker, his spokesperson confirmed yesterday (1 September).

Asked by EurActiv which of the three Slovenian candidates will be interviewed, Juncker spokesperson Natasha Bertaud mentioned only Bratušek's name.

Slovenia is the only country having proposed three names to Juncker for commissioner. Those were outgoing foreign minister Karl Erjavec and two women – PM Bratušek, as well as MEP Tanja Fajon, of the Socialists and Democrats group.

Early elections were held in Slovenia on 13 July, the surprise winner being center-left political novice Miro Cerar. His then-six-week-old SMC party won 34.8% of the vote, giving it 36 seats in the 90 seat parliament. That would provide the 50-year-old law professor the strong mandate his recent predecessors have lacked, potentially going some way towards restoring political stability after years of turbulence and weak government.

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Bratušek, a liberal politician, still holds the post of Prime Minister in a caretaker capacity, and represented her country at the recent 30-31 August EU summit. However, the formation of the new cabinet is imminent, and she will step down soon.

As Prime Minister, Bratušek was elected as President of the Positive Slovenia party, of liberal affiliation.

On 31 May 2014, she formed her own liberal party Alliance of Alenka Bratušek. This party obtained 4 seats in the July election, including one for her.

Bratušek was criticised by her centre-right opponents for having appeared at a public event where anti-capitalist and anti-EU statements were made. A video depicts her singing “Bandiera Rossa” - one of the most famous songs of the Italian labour movement.

  • 9 or 10 Sept. (expected): Junker to announce members and portfolios of the next Commission 
  • 1 Nov.: Mogherini to take on the role as the EU's High Representative.
  • 1 Dec.: Tusk to take on the role as Council President.
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SLOVENIA IS AGAINST ALENKA BRATUŠEK AS A CANDIDATE FOR THE COMMISSIONER! Alenka Bratušek is an outgoing Slovenian Prime Minister, who was ‘’very successful’’ in dismantling the economic and development potential of Slovenia in just one year. She as a Prime Minister has indebted Slovenia by € 12 billion in just one year!! Gross public debt per capita amounts to 14.000 € nowadays!! The unemployment is on a rise which pushes especially young highly educated people to search for job abroad. The economic growth is deteriorating and international competitiveness of Slovenia experienced a huge slump from the last year. In WEF (World Economic Forum) report (out today) competitiveness ranking (2014) Slovenia is on 70th position (out of 144 countries), which represents a fall by 8 positions in comparison to 2013. In short, economic, employment and well-being situation is Slovenia has deteriorated tremendously during the period of Alenka Bratušek as a Prime Minister of Slovenia.

And as a person Alenka Bratušek has no manners and no moral in climbing up the career and political ladder. Her English language is far from the proficiency level that is demanded for such a high post as a Commissioner’s. Her education is also not appropriate for any of posts she is interested in as a potential Commissioner (i.e. budget, regional, transport), namely her BA was in textile and her MSc in social science. Even more her Master thesis was prepared as a ‘’copy-paste’’, with no required citations; it was marked as ‘’ negligence’’. She represents a very bad role model for young people, especially young women how to succeed in a career: ruthlessness and backstabbing the opponents, using femininity instead of knowledge, arrogance and shamelessness (Alenka Bratušek put herself on a list of three candidates for Commissioner coming from Slovenia) instead of grace and respect.

In Slovenia there is a strong opposition to Alenka Bratušek as a candidate for the Commissioner coming from Slovenia. The petition against her you can find here (is in Slovenian language): http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/ustavimo-imenovanje-alenke-bratusek-z...

All honest, just, fair, hard working people of Slovenia don’t want ALENKA BRATUŠEK to be nominated as a Commissioner coming from Slovenia. STOP THAT WOMAN FOR THE GOOD OF THE WHOLE EU!