Pro-EU parties shut out Farage's EFDD from committees

UKIP's Nigel Farage has seen his group blocked from influential parliamentary posts. October 2013. [European Parliament/Flickr]

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage this evening (7 July) blasted the three main pro-European parties for blocking his Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy MEPs from influential positions in European Parliament committees.

At time of going to press (7 July), it appeared that the European People’s Party, the Socialists and Democrats and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe had teamed up to prevent the posts going to the EFDD.  

After a secret ballot this evening, they rejected Italian EFDD MEP Eleanora Evi as chairman of Committee on Petitions, 23 votes to eight, instead electing Swedish Liberal Cecilia Wikström.

They also blocked Evi, from Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement, from a vice-chairmanship. She said the move was “anti-democratic and immoral”.

EFDD sources said they had also been blocked from influential posts in the agricultural committee, which they blamed on the stitch-up between the three groups. The EFDD currently has no chairmanships or vice chairmanships in any committee.

Farage said, “The federalist fanatics have shown their true anti - democratic colours. They hate scrutiny and opposition and therefore hate the EFDD group with a passion - which I suppose, should make us proud.

“The Europhile groups have again demonstrated their fear of democracy, their hatred of minority views, and their clear rejection of transparency. EU federalists are a disgrace but the public should realise their views and their dirty dealing are emblematic of the European Parliament."

Parliament committees today elected their chairpersons and vice-chairpersons. Under the D'Hondt system of appointment, committee posts are distributed among the political parties proportionate to their number of elected MEPs. 

The system is seen as a fair way of distributing key posts. While it is not against EU Parliament rules to block such appointments, it is unusual and a breach of protocol.

The European Greens last week took the unusual decision to support the EFDD after rumours of the coup emerged. They said stopping Evi’s appointment would be undemocratic and that she had all the necessary qualifications to head the Parliament’s petitions department.

"Excluding any political group from a committee chairmanship to which it is due under the established system for fairly distributing these posts would be a blow to the democratic process in the EU Parliament,” said Margrete Auken, the Greens spokesperson on the committee.

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an european's picture

It's time the EP or the Council realize to finally scrutinize that little Ukip's little Englander's behavior which blames, makes money without commitment, spreading lies year after year to Scots, Welsh ,Irish all people and offending Europe in general! It 's not a disgrace but Graceful that finally Pro EU Federalists show their big balls to defend the REAL values against the misuse or lies of Farage 's "words" !
However Farage can drop his chalupa in the Palace of Westminster where he belongs !

Gerry's picture

And can you blame them? Despite what Farage says, it's UKIP etc who yet have to show their true colors. It's gonna take some time before anybody trusts them. But if he doesn't like the treatment, he can always go back to little old England.

Mike Parr's picture

What ever you think of UKIP (& my views are on record), this was unwise - the only thing it does is give them ammunition - to use back in the home countries.

Set against that the UKIP bunch plus allies were idiots at the opening of parliament - but this does not excuse the tit for tat actions.

Conrad Wallenrod's picture

Undemocratic? Farage was memeber of Fishery Committee in previous parliament and didn't bother to turn up for 3 years in a row. Why any seats should go to the people who either do not participate and influence or deliberatly disrupt like Bloom? It only proves that UKIP is isolated and alinated within EP. 5 Star Movement is going to learn very quickly that it was bad move to join EFDD.

Emanuele's picture

Well said. 5 Star Movement in reality joined for that exact reason: to gain sympathy for being victimised. They don't know how to do anything else.

Alberto_Rodrigues.'s picture

We have big coalision in Berlin Big coalision in Brulles The major scope is to kill democracy and to implment Germany ditactorship

A Londoner's picture

It is hard not to be suspicious about the European Parliament. I assume it is supposed to scrutinise the work of the Commission but there seems to a very strange and uncritical relationship where people move seamlessly from MEP to Commission or the other way. They seem happiest when combining to argue for more power for themselves. They are supposed to be stewards of European tax payers money but I see little evidence of that . The largest EP Committee (70 people?) is the one (Foreign Affairs) which offers the greatest chance of foreign travel.

With few exceptions it seems to be populated by euro-federalists whose religious belief in the Project seems to allow them to act in an amazingly partial way. There seems to be an incestuous relationship between certain civic groups and the Commission with the former being funded by the EU. In Putin's Russia that would be condemned but in Brussels it is accepted. Euronews seems to be a federalist mouthpiece with an opaque system of financial support. No problem!

I am one of those Brits who see the benefits of European co-operation but it is difficult to love the EP if you are not a True Believer.

evad666's picture

On joy democracy is alive and well in the EU. I have only ever had a response on EU matters from UKIP who say they are powerless to address my concerns and having had zero response from the Conservative group.
I continue to await communication from the commission about petitions on loosely worded treaty clauses in a number of areas.
But hey at the EU level its obvious no one works for the taxpayer now we have a President who is according to the press on record as saying its OK for officials to lie and hide things from the public in support of EU decisions.